Toys R Us: Christmas Tree: commercial (video)

This is a commercial ad of Toys R Us. This commercial was released in October 2015 in the USA. Under the title of “Toys R Us Christmas Tree.”

Christmas tree

Toys R Us brings us a tale of vacation joy in this part of its “Awesome” campaign. After seeing that her next-door neighbor is celebrating the season alone, a little lady and also her siblings set up a Christmas tree in his lawn, hanging glowing lights on it and also covering the piece with a celebrity.

The next morning, the girl receives a note at the front door from the old man, thanking her for the tree. Quickly, the kids see the Christmas presents crowded around the tree, and the girl shares a smile with her neighbor once their eyes fulfill.

The commercial by Manufacturing Firm is MJZ and is guided by Fredrik Bond. Toys r us Christmas tree you can to read it here.

Christmas tree

This is so cute. I liked what the little girl did for this older man. I liked it a great deal, given that there are people who are mainly alone and could not have that decor for their house. I guess when you give something to other people; they are going to give something in return to you. This is most definitely the meaning of Christmas, the moment forgiving and also sharing the love to all.

I leave all the windows open
Let the light come through
Your breath light as a feather
Like little whispers in the room
The home where my heart is
Home my beginning and end

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The commercial tune is “Making All Things New” by Aaron Espe. For those of you who like this song “Making All Points New,” you can download it from iTunes.

At the same time, on Bandcamp, you can listen to a whole record before getting anything, and also you can briefly download it free.

Toys R Us: Christmas Tree
Client: Toys R Us
Geo: United States
Released: October 2015
Production Company: MJZ
Director: Fredrik Bond
Actors: Gregory Bach (older man), Zackary Arthur (little boy), and Zoe Gale (little girl)
Music: Making All Things New by Aaron Espe

Good movie, isn’t it?

Briefly about the Company Toys ” R ” Us

Toys ” R ” Us is an American company specializing in the retail trade of toys, clothing, and other goods for children. The company was founded in 1948 in Washington. Toys ” R ” Us has more than 850 stores in 38 countries.

toys r us christmas tree
Toys “R” Us

Toys “R” Us has expanded into a chain of stores, dominating its toy retail niche. Represented by cartoon mascot Giraffe Jeffrey since 1965, Toys “R” Us eventually launched Babies “R” Us stores and the now-defunct Kids “R” Us. Toys r us Christmas tree you can to read here.

The company filed for bankruptcy in the United States on September 18, 2017. It was decided that the company’s stores would continue to operate, but 382 stores were announced to be liquidated and closed, at least half of which are Babies “R” Us stores.

On 14 March 2018, it was announced that all Toys “R” Us stores in the UK would be closed. The next day, March 15, it was published that Toys “R” Us was officially going out of business and selling all 800 of its stores in the US. Also, all 1,758 Toys “R” Us stores worldwide will be sold or closed

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On January 20, 2019, the company emerged from bankruptcy as Tru Kids.

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