The Best Smartwatch Under $100 Of 2021: Comparison Review

We’ve heard ( and actually seen with our own eyes) how fast the world has been advancing in the last years. We barely moved from the floor clocks to the ones hanging on the wall – and the very next second everyone is wearing smartwatches! To think about it, with all the features these watches offer – with built-in GPS, applications notification, heart rate, fitness tracking, and many more – they have become an inseparable part of our everyday life. In this article we will tell you about best smartwatch under $100.

best smartwatch

But all these high-tech hype pieces cost fortunes, especially the ones combining all the possible features in them. If you need a specific number to give you an impression of the market, let’s say, starting $300. Recently, though, we have got good news for those who always dreamt of possession of such technology miracle, since the producers with no such prestigious names got their hands on the technology and started producing smartwatches in their own price range, lower than the market’s one, and keeping as many of the features as possible. The functions range may vary slightly, however, we want to highlight that comparing with the smartwatches running on Android software, these pieces can make a significant competition.

We scooped out the best pieces on the web that we could find, bearing in mind to maintain the highly meaningful features, like GPS tracking, heart rate measurement, waterproofing, and some others, that would cost you trice as little as an average brand smartwatch piece. Introducing to you, our list of the best smart watches under $100.

MyKronoz ZeRound3



One could think, the MyKronoz ZeRound3 would feel heavy on the wrist, having 2 ounces in weight for its 1.22 inches. However, this smartwatch compensates for any inconvenience of wearing with its broad underside bridges and soft silicone strap.

MyKronoz represents a wonderful collection of functions that producers put in premium smartwatches; among these, you will find access to emails and calls through Bluetooth, custom alerts, and a trustworthy fitness tracker that would monitor and keep track of your calories consumption, steps you took throughout the day, the distance walked and the quality of sleep. MyKronoz displays a proprietary OS with a distinguishable addressability on a TFT 240×240 pixel face, that could definitely let you tell the difference in resolution between MyKronoz and other smartwatches. Not to mention, that this piece can tolerate going underwater up to 3 feet for half an hour thanks to its IP67 rating, and has a battery life of 3 days on a full charge.

MyKronoz is not perfect, however, and now we’ll tell you why. The base model of MyKronoz does not include a standard feature for its league of smartwatches – a heart-rate monitor, which we find relatively disappointing. The choice of design for this smartwatch is quite particular and a part of the bottom dial interferes with the layout. Also, some users reported issues when connecting the watch to the iPhone’s contact list, however, there was no such problem for Android.

All in all, MyKronoz ZeRound3 is a has a great set of premium features at a pretty budget price of $69.99, which won it the title of best smartwatch under $100.

Sony Smartwatch

best smartwatchBUY NOW

The first try of Sony into the smartwatch industry – the first Sony’s smartwatch generation – turn out a success. It was equipped with such features as the weather app, music player, fitness tracker, remote camera, and many other ones, all displayed on a 1.3 inch OLED touch screen.

This best smartwatch under $100 can be connected through Wifi or NFC with other devices; for instance, if you connect one with your smartphone, it provides consolidated notifications, call handling, messaging, and other essentials, becoming an extension of your phone. Various watch faces are available to download via Sony’s Smartwatch store, so you would hardly get bored with this one.

As for the downsides, well, people did not seem to like the design the smartwatch was made with, referring to it as boring and dull. But really, for $70 and a full set of all essential features, the lack of design inputs is justifiable.

Fitbit Charge HR Wireless

best smartwatch


If you are into fitness and workouts, this little guy is just for you: with particularly accurate heart-rate monitoring and activity tracking, backed by extensive sub-features, this best smartwatch under $100 is necessary when hitting the gym. All the relevant data is displayed in the OLED screen display in the front, while extremely sensible sensors monitor your life parameters.

Besides acting like a pretty good fitness bracelet, Fitbit Charge HR Wireless can also wake you up with its silent alarm that would let your partner continue sleeping next to you undisturbed, and have auto sleep and Caller ID functions. Your health stats can be synchronized with your computer or Fitbit-compatible smartphone; you can also upload them to the Fitbit leaderboard and earn achievements if a little competition is what keeps you motivated.

Fitbit Charge HR Wireless comes at the price of $99.95.

Amazfit Bip

best smartwatchBUY NOW

With the aesthetic of Apple Watch and a set of premium features, Amazfit Bip makes a strong competition to the premium smartwatches, coming to the market with as little as 1/5 of the prise of these.

For $69.99 producers are providing you with a trend-perfect smartwatch with a touch screen, workout tracking with GLONASS, GPS, connectivity to the smartphone for receiving notifications, and a fairly reliable built-in heart rate monitor – a feature not too common for budget smartwatches.

Not to mention that Amazfit Bip has quite decent battery life: with all the features and tracking being turned on and constantly in use daily, it takes it two weeks to consume over half of the battery’s life. Now, we would like to remind you that this best smartwatch under $100 presents the data on an always-on 1.28-inch color screen, that is capable of draining any smartwatch’s battery in several days; now the battery life of Amazfit Bip sounds even more impressive, isn’t it?

As much as we would like to keep your hopes up, we have bad news about the Amazfit Bip too. Unlike many first-party providers, like Apple, or Samsung, the Amazfit Bip does not have a native app store to download external apps. This one, however, was the only one we could find for this best smartwatch under $100.

Pebble Time Smart Watch

best smartwatch



We should admit, Pebble is our top pick; read a bit more about it, and so it would become yours too.

Ever since it started as a Kickstarter project in 2012, Pebble led the smartwatch industry, selling millions of smartwatches in the market and breaking record after record. It found its success in proprietory OS and peculiar look, and Pebble Time did not come as an exception. With a smooth and slim body, made mostly of matte plastic, and metal bezel, all curved into round corners come together as quite a smart yet casual look, that is just right.

Like other smartwatches, this best smartwatch under $100 can be synced with a smartphone to enable the watch to display notifications, including event reminders, text notifications, calls, emails, and many others. For instance, among the rest, it can also monitor activity throughout the day and your sleep quality.

The Pebble Time Smart Watch uses a 1.25-inch ePaper display and has a color screen. Pebble Time is also equipped with the Pebble App Store with over 8000 apps of various range in its library, form customized alarms to the weather forecast and fitness tracking.

As for the downsides, the Pebble Time was not provided with either GPS feature or heart-monitoring. Also, the ePaper display still makes no competition to OLED or LCD image quality, even with all the amazing contrast provided. We believe though, these downsides are fully compensated for with all the features provided for as little as $81.99.

best smartwatch


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