The Best Juicer Under $100 – Ultimate Guide

Anyone who knows about a healthy lifestyle firsthand will tell you with confidence that fresh juice is a useful and necessary thing. And it doesn’t matter what kind of juice we are talking about: orange or celery juice. If you want to maintain a healthy lifestyle, while saving your budget, then your kitchen just needs juicers. We have tried to find for you those that will cost you within a hundred dollars.

More juicers in the budget range will be centrifugal, as this is cost-effective. The centrifugal juicer is less difficult to produce than other varieties and models, which makes them affordable, but not bad at all.

We conducted tests that we’re able to show that the best juicer under $100 range is the Breville BE200XL model, which costs a little less than a hundred dollars and is equipped with an excellent water engine, a fuse, a wide juice supply tube and a proprietary filter made in Italy, with a modern microgrip, which allows you to get more juice at the output than usual, which means Here’s a complete list of great juicers that won’t waste your finances too much.

The 7 Best Juicers Under $100

Breville BJE200XL


·        It is easy to learn how to use and easy to clean after use;

·        The engine is powerful enough for this price and you can load a lot of fruits and vegetables into the chute, which makes it very productive;

·        The pulp retainer is large enough and the pulp is dry enough after pressing;

·        Juice comes out much more than in other juicers for the same price

·        The age of its short-term, as with frequent use, some parts begin to leak and need to be replaced


The juicer of this best juicer under $100 combines power and compactness, which is rarely found in this price range. It contains a 700-watt motor that drives the Central blade of the knife, accelerating its rotation speed to fourteen thousand revolutions per minute. This will allow you to get as much juice as possible from the fruit you add, while a bulky enough pulp storage container will be able to hold almost two liters of pulp while juicing. This machine is able to squeeze thirty percent more useful juice than the average centrifugal analog, which makes it desirable to buy.

Place your vegetables and fruits in a wide feeding tube that has a diameter of three inches. It is cleaned after use quite easily, however, as well as the entire juicer as a whole. Thanks to the safety lever, you don’t need to constantly think about safety during juicer cleaning or operation. The brevil simply refuses to start and start working if the lid is not firmly attached to the device or is not in the desired position.

Hamilton Beach Juice Machine Big Mouth


·        According to the manufacturers, cleaning takes only five minutes of your time;

·        The motor is quite powerful;

·        Anyone can figure out how it works;

·        Parts that can be safely washed in the dishwasher without fear of damaging it;

·        BPA is absolutely free

·        You must hold it while using it to be able to stop the device from moving

This best juicer under $100 is designed to work with whole fruits and vegetables and will be a great choice for you if you are looking for the best juicer at a reasonably low price. Its large mouth, which is conventionally called a huge loading chute, equal to three inches in diameter, is able to absorb whole fruits and vegetables. You can simply send an entire apple or orange to the store to get the final result in the form of juice. You will surprisingly save a lot of time by slicing vegetables and fruits into pieces, instead, you can just squeeze the right amount of juice for your healthy diet continuously.

When you finish making the nutritious juice, the device is easy to clean. All parts are easy to remove, and you can just throw them in the dishwasher without fear of damaging expensive equipment. The engine has a solid power of eight hundred watts, which allows you to turn into juice even quite strong fruits and vegetables.

Mueller Austria Ultra Juicer


·        It is able to squeeze a decent amount of juice, which will allow you to save your budget on fruits and vegetables;

·        Works quietly so as not to Wake your household in the morning;

·        You can quickly prepare the juice without much effort

·        Cleaning takes a considerable amount of time compared to other analogs presented in our article


You can use a large enough loading chute on this best juicer under $100 to put large chunks of vegetables and fruits in it. You don’t have to worry about slicing food into small pieces or cleaning them thoroughly to get the pulp. This machine is designed specifically to ensure that you get a normal amount of juice and dry pulp, thanks to a specially designed mechanism that rotates at a speed of sixty revolutions per minute.

Thanks to a special anti-drip assembly, you can easily clean after the juicer is running. However, you should also know one more feature of this model: it is made to make you feel safe during its operation. A special safety sensor will stop the device from working if it has the slightest problem, so you will never risk injury when working with it.

Homeleader Juice Extractor


·        Included with the juicer are containers for juice and pulp;

·        All parts of the machine are made of a special material that makes it easy to clean after use;

·        It doesn’t take up much space in your kitchen and is easily digested by anyone

·        If you produce a lot of juice at one time, you might be better off considering other options to purchase


Like the other juicers we are considering in this article, the best juicer under $100 has a fairly wide feed chute in which you can place a whole Apple or a scattering of smaller fruits and vegetables. You will save quite a lot of time on making juice with a small but powerful 600-watt motor that will do all the necessary work. Before you start, you can set the speed at which the blade will work, producing healthy juice for your healthy lifestyle.

When you’re done squeezing the juice, you can easily take the machine apart to clean it thoroughly. While making delicious juice, the device will not allow you to start working without the lid locked, as the locking lever will lock it until the lid is placed in the correct closed position.

Joerid Juicer

·        Easy to take apart and wash;

·        It is even used for making juice from hard vegetables, such as beans or peas;

·        It looks simple and modern, perfectly matches the design of your kitchen

·        A very small cup for juice, which will not allow you to squeeze it in large quantities


The juicer of this best juicer under $100 allows you to choose one of two available speeds to work with in order to squeeze products of different degrees of hardness. You can easily adjust the speed to set the work according to your requests, the blades can work from thirteen to sixteen thousand revolutions per minute, squeezing juice for you. Simply place all the necessary vegetables and fruits in the spacious loading chute, which is made of a material that prevents any leaks.

All parts of the juicer can be easily and safely washed, with the exception of the motor. This will make the cleaning process much easier, while the built-in safety guard and comfortable non-slip rubber feet can provide the necessary safety during the operation of the device. You can safely start the machine and leave the kitchen for the rest of your household chores, without fear of leaving the juicer unstable. If the device has even a small problem, it automatically shuts down.

Black + Decker: JE2200B


·        Excellent locking mechanism that prevents the juicer from working if it was assembled incorrectly;

·        Works well by squeezing the juice, both in soft fruits and hard ones;

·        It is quite convenient to use and is ideal for getting juice in the morning;

·        Absolutely safe to use

·        The feeding tube is quite small in diameter and curved, so it is difficult to produce juice in large quantities


This is a well-known brand for those who are interested in this niche of the market, so the juicer from this company is well-known. This model includes a well-designed strainer along with strong stainless steel blades that easily separate unnecessary pulp, while the delicious and nutritious juice is squeezed and filtered into a specially prepared jug at the bottom of the juicer. This juicer only has a four-hundred-watt motor, but you can still effectively squeeze the juice in the morning for a daily cup of healthy drink.

The specially designed juice cup is designed to measure the flow of juice with ease and accuracy. After use, you can send both the cup and all the parts of this juicer to the dishwasher for efficient cleaning, without fear of damaging the equipment.

Baguette Compact Juice Extractor


·        Easy to assemble and clean;

·        Compact and easy to fit even in small spaces with limited space;

·        Effectively gets rid of the pulp while working on squeezing the juice

·        When using leafy vegetables, it may be difficult and take longer to get the juice


This juicer is made of high-quality food-grade stainless steel and has a convenient timer and thermostat that can be adjusted to 165 degrees Fahrenheit. Most products can now be prepared without preheating the oven, but simply by placing them there. The set includes six food trays, a mesh screen, a fruit roll sheet, a book of healthy recipes, and a tempting two-year warranty.

Why Buy a Juicer For $ 100?

Helps Those Who Follow a Healthy Diet

You will be able to lead a healthy lifestyle, maintaining a balance in food, and eat every day the number of vegetables and fruits that are recommended for a healthy diet for the average American.

  • Three cups of vegetable juice
  • Two glasses of fruit juice

Many people are simply not able to add this amount of vegetables and fruits to their daily diet. There is a way to avoid spending a lot of time on this – just buy a juicer to make the cooking process easier. You can simply take the amount of fruit and vegetables you need, get a nutritious juice from them, and just drink it throughout your day. It’s much easier to follow a healthy lifestyle.

Cheaper Than a Fancy Big Juicer

For most users, purchasing a juicer is pretty scary on a budget. When many of you think about buying this device, you immediately imagine the image of a juicer that costs a fabulous price. Believe me, this is far from the truth. As you have already seen above, it is quite possible to find an inexpensive juicer that can meet all your needs. You will lead a healthy diet, while not spending a lot of money.

An Ideal Purchase For a Single Person

Centrifugal juicers are great for people who want to get a wide variety of juices on a huge scale. If you live alone and you do not have a very large appetite, you will not need a juicer designed for mass production of juice. That is why the option that costs less than a hundred dollars, will fit perfectly into your life as a single person, because they take up less space than expensive counterparts, and small portions of juice to meet your needs, they are able to give out surprisingly productive.

Features to Consider

No matter how much money you are going to spend on a new juicer, you are still investing money that you hope will last you long enough. In fact, the juicers we present are smaller and can’t offer the variety of features that their expensive older brothers provide. But you will still find the necessary set of useful features that they are able to offer you. They will bring you all the necessary benefits and meet your basic requirements for producing delicious juice at home.

How Well It Extracts Juice

Although this is quite obvious at first glance, some people pay close attention to other features of the device and lose sight of this one. You should think about a fruit juicer that will be able to produce juice at the desired speed and efficiency in large quantities. Some devices are equipped with a wide enough chute to give out a huge amount of juice at once.

The Best Juicer
The Best Juicer

But some models suffer from problems with squeezing a large amount of juice and instead leave you filled with juice pulp, without extracting it completely. Look for a juicer that produces a lot of juice in the end, without leaving it in the device itself.

How Quickly It Operates

If you are always on the move and often late for important events, speed will be an important factor that you should not forget when buying a juicer. Some models are able to squeeze the juice quickly enough, and some are able to steal your precious time, which is so little. How do I find a quick option? Very simple, you just need to look at the amount of energy that the juicer consumes, so you can easily calculate the model with the best functionality.

We can advise you to pay attention to engines from seven hundred to a thousand watts of power. As a practice and research shows, they provide the best indicators of turnover. At the same time, do not forget to look for a juicer that has enough strength and will not break after several uses.

How Simple it is to Clean

One of the most tedious and long parts of your day after making juice is trying to clear the juicer when you get the desired amount of juice. You already have to spend a lot of time to prepare vegetables and fruits by slicing, and then you also need to clean up the resulting mess. This means that the time spent on cleaning the juicer itself can ruin your time even more.

That is why the manufacturers of many juicers take care to limit you from unnecessary stress by adding a special cleaning brush to the kit, with which it becomes easy and simple to clean the machine. Other companies simply initially produce juicers from such material and shape of parts, so that you do not have to bother and just throw them in the dishwasher, while not causing damage to it.


Juice squeezed from fresh fruit retains all its useful properties only for the first 10 minutes. The longer it is stored, the fewer vitamins it will contain. Those who are committed to a healthy lifestyle, families with small children, and just lovers of fresh drinks should buy a juicer for home. And if you understand the characteristics of this useful household appliance in advance, you will save time, nerves, and even money.

Juicing provides many great health benefits, however, as with everything, there are a few things you should look out for when juicing.

As you can see, to choose a good juicer, you will have to pay attention to a huge number of factors. Just sit and think about what functions you need for the perfect juicer, without missing out on details such as how easy it is to clean after use, the amount of juice you want to get out, and how fast you want to cook it. As soon as you are sure of the answers to all these questions, you will immediately choose a cheap juicer with excellent performance that will satisfy all your desires.



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