Robot dinosaur toys: The 5 best of 2022

Robot dinosaur toys for your child: The 5 best of 2022

There is no doubt that many young children love robot dinosaur toys. The mysterious world of huge lizards that inhabited our earth millions of years ago excites children’s minds and children’s imagination. Therefore, when a child begins to reach for knowledge, he begins to be interested in dinosaurs.

Not a single movie or cartoon has been made about these huge lizards-starting from the “Ice Age” and ending with “Jurassic Park”. Scales, size, huge jaws and a mysterious disappearance make children plunge deeper and deeper into the world of dinosaurs. They are even mentioned in cartoons: for example, one of the characters of “Peppa Pig” has a dinosaur as a favorite toy.

The years passed and the toys changed. If some 30 years ago toy dinosaurs were a small plastic toy, now they can boast of their size and their functions! Now robot dinosaur is becoming more and more realistic, which, of course, attracts children.

Modern toys have a very similar color to reality, detailed elaboration and much more. But the coolest thing is that they can move like real dinosaurs – with their hind and front limbs, and even make sounds like real dinosaurs. In general, modern dinosaur robots are as close to reality as possible. And this will only increase in the future.

If you are on this page, it means that you have decided to buy a dinosaur robot toy for your child. It doesn’t matter if it’s a boy or a girl, the fascination with dinosaurs can be of any gender.

It’s okay if you don’t know which toy to choose at all, because there are a great many of them on the market. In this article, we have selected for you only the most reliable, best and interesting models of dinosaur robots that are presented on the market. Enjoy your acquaintance!


1. Fistone RC Robot Dinosaur

When we say “fully functional” about this robotic dinosaur, we are not lying at all, because everything is contained in it: from changing the interface to responding to touch and voice. Therefore, with this dinosaur, there are almost an infinite number of ways to play with it. This will help to develop the child’s imagination by searching for a variety of ways to use one object.

He has, among other things, a few modes. In addition to the usual programming mode, it includes a dance mode and a militant mode. This allows it to be universal in almost all types of games with such a dinosaur. There is also the possibility of remote control using the remote control. The dinosaur is powered by a rechargeable battery, which is very eco-friendly.

You will not need to buy a separate charger for it, because the charger is in the box. The price of $ 66 is an excellent offer for such a robot with such functionality. In addition, most American parents like it – more than 500 positive reviews on Amazon!

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2. Sharper Image Robotosaur

At number two is a completely new robot dinosaur of our year of release. This model also has a large number of programming functions. This model is the best option for your child if you want to develop your child as much as possible. Here you can find everything from a simple game to the best ways of development for just a little more than $ 60. 

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There is no doubt that in order to interest your child, the robot dinosaur must be as realistic as possible from the tips of its paws to the eyes. Just in this model, the eyes can change color, so that the dinosaur can change its image. It also has built-in sensors that read the mood and a full range of emotions, so playing with it will be much more entertaining and curious.

Among other things, this robot dinosaur has motion detection sensors. They will help make the game much more fun with the help of several game modes. The dinosaur has a rechargeable battery and therefore it is very convenient to use.

Also included is a wire for charging the toy, so you do not have to worry about its availability. Also included is a remote control with which your child will be able to independently program the actions of the toy. 

This toy is filled with a huge number of functions that you can definitely expect for this money. In addition, it is an eco-friendly purchase, because it does not work from a battery, but from a rechargeable battery. The average score of this toy is 4 stars and more than 400 positive reviews from happy parents.

Sharper Image Robotosaur

3. WowWee Roboraptor

This particular model of the robot dinosaur is a re-release of the legendary Robotoraptor, with which, most likely, you and your brothers or sisters also played. If you want your child to play with the same toy as you, but in a modern look, then you should definitely stop your eyes on this model. I am ready to buy any toys like my children’s, even t rex robot toy!

 The size of wowwee dinosaur robot -32 inches in length will allow you to play with it not only at home but also when traveling. The robot also has paws, tail and head moving, which allows it to be as versatile as possible for the game.

The robot is programmed with a large number of live games that will be used by your child. If your son or your daughter is interested in artificial intelligence and programming, then the programming mode will appeal to him!

Among other things, the robot can be controlled using a remote control, which makes the game more diverse and versatile. Also, this model has both sound and touch sensors – the game will become more fun and interesting, because the toy will constantly use them.

 Summing up, it is important to say that this robot is almost the most multifunctional model among its kind. In addition, it will please the eyes of parents by increasing the feeling of nostalgia.

WowWee Roboraptor

4. WowWee Miposaur

In the fourth place, we have perhaps one of the simplest models of dinosaurs on the market. It was released several years ago and does not have the same set of functions as its counterparts. But in addition, it has a number of advantages and is popular among children who are fond of robotics because this toy is really a worthwhile instance. 

The beauty of this model is that it is fully adjustable using gestures. If your child is still young, it will be difficult for him to manage it in this way. Also, the dinosaur has six different game modes, among which the child will be able to choose the one that is most suitable for him.

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But the coolest feature is that if you already have a similar dinosaur from the same manufacturer of the same series, then your toys will be able to interact with each other. Therefore, it will be easy to occupy brothers and sisters. 

In conclusion, I would like to say that this robot is just perfect to introduce your child to the world of dinosaurs and the world of work equipment. It is autonomous, has a beautiful design, and also has a pedigree with other robot toys.

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5. Spin Master Krimson Red Zoomer Dino

The last fifth zoomer dinosaur toys is produced by an incredible brand that produces everything in the world! Not only dinosaurs but other animals that your children may like. 

This particular robot dinosaur can walk around the house by itself. Inside it there is a special balancing function, with which it can walk on its hind legs. A child can interact with this robot dinosaur toy in a variety of ways and thereby learn about the world.

He can pull the dinosaur by the tail or limbs, dance with him and watch him eat. This dinosaur is recharged using a regular charging wire that comes with the kit. But to use the remote control, you will still have to use additional batteries. 

You can also buy a robot t rex toy from a similar series! This robot dinosaur zoomer is quite a budget but at the same time an interesting gift option for your son or daughter! Personally it is my choice for my daughter! It seems to me really interesting that I will buy it as a gift for my small brother.

Spin Master Krimson Red Zoomer Dino

Buying guide for robot dinosaur toys

If you are still not even approximately decided on the choice of a robot raptor toy  for your child, we provide you with this list of approximate recommendations on how best to choose a gift. Here are the main factors that you should pay attention to when buying. Only the factors are indicated here, because the pros and cons of each model are described in the description.


First, you need to pay attention to your child’s preference among robot trex toys. These can be tirexes, brontosaurs and other lizards. First you need to decide on this type. Then you need to start from the colorfulness of the model.

As a rule, boys choose less colorful models than girls. But there are exceptions, of course. You also need to start from the age of the child: younger children prefer simpler models, mostly colorful, while older children like the most realistic dinosaur robots.


Children are often impressed by the actions and in the case of interactive dinosaur toy, this is no exception. The more cool and packed with different functions of the model you choose, the better: children love it when their toys can behave as if they are alive. When they can scream, talk, chew, jerk their limbs and even dance.

Naturally, the dinosaur must walk! This is the coolest thing. And the more multifunctional a dinosaur is, the more realistic it looks and seems. And yet, you should start from the preferences of your child. If he likes dancing, then most likely he will like a dancing robot. If he likes to play fights, then a militant dinosaur will definitely be a good choice.

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Some toys have more interactive features than others. Think about whether your child needs it or not. Modern models of zoomer dinosaur toys can be programmed to respond to certain gestures or commands with a voice. This interactivity makes them more like a pet than an artificially created robot.

There are robots whose functionality is very limited. They can only walk or only move their limbs. There are also robots that can show emotions, and other types of robots are able to perform tricks. You should carefully study the full functionality of robots before buying a gift.


You should choose the most seriously made dinosaur truck toy, because children, as a rule, play with toys quite cruelly. Therefore, it is important that the dinosaur is made of the most wear-resistant material that will withstand any falls, bumps, and so on.

Small parts

This question worries many parents when buying toys. Many robot dinosaurs have an age limit of 3+ and this is not just like that. It’s just that after 3-4 years, the child stops pulling into his mouth everything that he meets on his way and games with such toys with a large number of small details become possible.

Therefore, you should start from the age of your child. If he is under 3 years old, then you should look for a toy that will not have so many small parts for safety reasons. If your child is 5-9 years old, then you can safely take any of the presented robot dinosaurs.

Downloadable App

Many modern models of robot dinosaur have a mobile application included. If your child is still too young to use a phone or tablet, then you should think about the need for such a function in a toy in general.

If your baby has already reached the age when he can use the phone, then you can safely entrust him with a device for playing with a dinosaur and fork out for a dinosaur robot toy with such a function.


It is worth recalling the special note on the packaging and on the website, which refers to the age restriction. Most toy robots are designed for use at the age of 6-8 years or more. At the age when the child can already think independently about his actions. For younger children, there are simpler robot trex toy that have less functionality, but at the same time are safer for kids.

Final thoughts

We hope that with the help of these small recommendations, you will be able to choose the perfect dinosaurs robots gift for your child. a good toy robot in the form of a dinosaur will not only awaken your child’s interest in the prehistoric periods of our planet, but also with the help of its functionality will help develop your child’s imagination and imagination. Therefore, it is most important to choose the best copy from the entire market.

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