How to Remove Juniper Bushes / 10 The Best Options 2021

How to Remove Juniper Bushes 2021

Do you know how to remove juniper bushes? They give the sward a wealth feel. Is preservation necessary? They are nature’s reaction to barbed wire. Junipers look like large fishery nets, catching the wind for debris, foliage, and corpses of any animal. In addition, for a long time they have been a real historical monument, a vestige of the region sedimentary rocks. 

How to Remove Juniper Bushes

Short 5-Steps instruction for How to Remove Juniper Bushes

Briefly how-to remove juniper bushes.

Step 1

Clip all the boughs of the juniper shrub. Make cuttings along the barrel. Cut the twigs into small parts so you may take them with you. Don’t put junipers in your yard compost if you think they are dead or have a fungal infection.

Step 2

Pour the earth around the juniper shrub. Delve a 2 feet trench around the tree stub. The higher the shrub, the more you will dig the trench. If you’re digging a 6 feet tall juniper stub, make a trench 3 feet from the root.

Step 3

Apply additional water to the place to reveal the original system. Use a shovel to remove any debris coating the source. Push the land board under the bush and also roughly press it, lifting the cluster from beneath.

Step 4

Use a pruning saw to prune the roots, which will keep the shrub from disappearing. Raise the shrub and lay it on its side. Carve the roots into parts and remove them.

Step 5

Strain the dust with your hands to remove any residue. Water the site to unfold the roots hidden in the mud. Fold the dirt right into the hole.

How to Remove Juniper Bushes

Juniper bushes are striking landscape herbs for the styling of edges or centerpieces. Till juniper can be of a high grade for the garden, in several moments it must be discarded for cosmetology or security reasons. Juniper shrubs that are in fact sick with an ailment must be removed or their fungal maladies can infect other lawn plants. 

How to properly care for junipers so that they do not get sick and die? First of all, it is necessary to follow the well-known rules of agricultural technology when planting. 

  • Plant the plants in a sunny place, in non-waterlogged and light soils (if any, you should lighten the soil by adding washed sand to it). 
  • Use rooters when planting. 
  • Do not apply fertilizer at the root in the year of planting, only foliar dressing is permissible. 
  • Mulch the root circle with large pine bark. 
  • Do not allow the coma to dry out for a long time.
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It should be remembered that diseases develop best in small, closed yards with high fences, where there is no good air circulation. In such areas, the plants overheat, and good watering leads to compaction of the soil and increased air humidity, at which infections develop well. All in all, large juniper bushes can become objects of infection.

Care, proper farming practices and attention to the possible appearance of pests and diseases will make your junipers healthy and beautiful.

 shovel in the ground


  • Hoe or pick-axe.
  • Chainsaw or handsaw.
  • Axe.
  • Crowbar.
  • Eye defense.
  • Chain Mail.
  • Hand-wear covers.
  • 2 cups of grain alcohol (for congratulatory aims only, or you may anytime go the arson along with your shrubs).

So How to Remove Juniper Bushes?

Step One: Damned Needles Away!

Step one: get rid of the cursed needles!

First, I slipped under those bastard shrubs and removed many sticks. I used the cute small chainsaw that I took from Uncle Don:

(If you don’t have Uncle Don, I would advise you gain one).

The section of the work totally depicted spheres. I looked like I was fighting a hedgehog. Selfsame, the stubs near the base were at leastwise 12 inches. That`s why it was hard to cut with a mini chainsaw.

I abhor those frigged dots.

Step Two: What Kind Of Car?

Various men have told me that one may drag a juniper stub out of the land by simply wrapping it in a circuit and hanging it on the back of a lorry. These guys are idiots.

I took pains and learned that I had chains and my adhesion was almost worn out. And all this time, this fucking bush didn’t even shift. Maybe it’s because my juniper shrubs are over 50 years old and huge.

They could also be extended to a row of concrete block supports that were built up ages ago (earnestly, see the picture below). But rather, I think people who claim one can remove juniper bush with a car are inwardly making an attempt to madden me (kidding about you guys! I was reckless before the madness was incredible).

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Green bush near house

Step Three: Stop.

What the fuck am I expected to do, hunt up the stubs?

It seems difficult and incredibly long. Good, I tried. How much is it worth to remove juniper bushes` stumps? $ 500?! Are you kidding me?!!

Can’t we move?

In fact, I really don’t like that cursed work.


Phone 811 to make sure you don’t risk hitting a pipeline or more inferior (e.g. C.H.U.D.) They will definitely refer guys to register your garden for water, cables, electricity, and gas. However, they will NOT send a staff member to tag your sewer or sprinkler.

If you know, then you’re cleverer than me (no lawn sprinkler, of course, but I didn’t think about the sewage). I’m still shocked I missed the line and didn’t set a sewage geyser in my court. But that’s why they call me “Lucky”.
Wait, they name me “Twofer”, right?

In order not to be distracted, nevertheless, I imagine 811 as the stupid little brother of 911. When you call they answer, “If you try to call 911, ring off immediately and redial the number.”

It seems that no one intentionally calls 811. Unhappy, wheezy, trombone-playing 811. He is looking up at his lover, who plays soccer, older brother with short hair. I suspect 911 was totally dating a student when he was in high school and now looks like a firefighter or someone else.

Step Five: Stocky Joe as well as the Tool.

I would advise using a chainsaw, axe, or handsaw and removing juniper bushes` sticks that you have forsaken to get to the bottom of the stump is much better. I truly didn’t do it at once because I was almost always annoyed about protruding branches that pushed or obstructed the excavation.

I used a hoe to dig a ditch around the base of the stump and a crowbar to excavate the small protrusions.

If I had good roots, I would go with an axe.

Step Six: Stir it Up Before Removing Juniper Bushes.

Go about the stub once, settle a leash, and rock it back and forth. If it wobbles, you’ve almost done it!

If it doesn’t waver, you are a bad luck. Back to work.

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Step Seven: Peck Deeper.

When I reached about 6 inches down I began moving inward and used a hoe and crowbar to delve under the tree stump.

Every moment I touched the large root, I clipped it with an axe. After sanding, I used a crowbar under this root to be convinced I could get through and to lift this base off the land.

Following each large root, I did the wobble check to see if I succeeded (unfortunately, I hadn’t made any progress).

Step Eight: Suicide.

Hours passed. Hot. They were completely overtaken by a tree. I offer that if there is one thing a person should do, it is murder the cursed tree. This is nearly what sets us apart from the rest of the animals.

If you can’t do without a T-shirt, you’re not a man.

Step Nine: Widen A Set.

Okay, you had a small mishap. The guys in the locality saw you curl up weeping. It’s time to take a seat behind you. Now let’s go out and show this bush who an employer is!

I think the main thing is to try to dig under the stump, not straight ahead. Keep processing in circles, doing a shake check every time you carve the root.

Over time the stub will tremble slightly. At this juncture I have applied the decision of a vagabond sneaking down the path. We took turns climbing the stub and rocking it back and forth while others used the lever below to block the stub. In a few minutes the beast was murdered!

I paid the tramp the apple core and the rope for his troubles.

That`s how my crowbar looked like when I finished.

Step Ten: Devour the Blood of Your Foe.

In this case, you may only drink a fifth of the gin.

Congratulations, you just beat a bad bush.

This time you might have spent while watching the representatives of A-Team:

I had 4 shrubs of different sizes. It took everyone about an hour to remove juniper bush`s sticks, then one to four hours at a time to move away the stubs.

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