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How to remove blades from razors

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Each of us knows that the razor very quickly dupes the blade and needs to be changed, but how to do it? How to remove blades from razors? Now we will tell in this article. 

We all know how to change the blade in a reusable razor, but today we will tell, how to do this procedure in a disposable razor. We will present to you attention instruction, which will solve this problem. Let’s begin! 

Different types of razor blades

Each person chooses a razor that is convinient for him, but it’s worth remembering that each razor blade can hurm you. Be attentive and follow the reaction of your skin. 

So let’s take a look I prepared some intresting information for you. 

Safety razor with a replaceable head:

  • The most popular device nowadays. More and more people are using these razors in everyday life. 
  • Have bactericidal action and floating loads, so you save your health. 
  • Have srtips with emolient. 
  • Smooth skin. Girls love smooth skin, do you agree? 
  • Clean without facial cuts. I think no one needs extra cuts. 

Safety razor with several blades:

  • Convinient for uses, you’ve got to make sure. 
  • Smooth skin, everyone want to have it. 
  • Don’t worry about hurming. Save! 
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Single blade safety razor:

  • Returns to any angle. It’s a very good option, do you agree? 
  • Shave very quickly. For a few minutes. 
  • Easily to hurm yourself. (disadvantage) 

We already know several options for how to replace the blade. Another variety to change the blade is remove one side of your razor (top layer) and after that (bottom layer). Easy! 

How to remove blades from razors

The order of removing razor blade:

If you want to replace a blade you have to use a fire, but don’t forget about safety. If you still burned, treat the wound. 

I checked this method on myself, so I advise you to be careful, because I tried to do everything little by little, but still injured and the wound healed for a long time. 

First step:

Do you have equipment? You will need:

  • Tweezer
  • Candle or matches 
  • And also razor 

Second step:

  • Make a flame
  • Hold your razor over the fire
  • Wait for about 20 seconds

Third step:

  • When the plastic has warmend take a tweezer
  • Grab the blade
  • Take it
  • Take out of all of blades (start with the top to the bottom) 

Shaving is a very important procedure for our skin, so you need to replace the blades, but be careful you can hurm yourself. But thanks to the replacement of the blades, shaving will become more pleasant for you and for your skin. 

What to do with a blade? 

If you have Rockwell Razor you can buy Rockwell Blade Safe. This is a special place, where you can save your use of blades. After that you can safely throw them. It’s doesn’t depend on the firm razor, you can throw razor blades of other firms, as a result we will save a planet, a liitle bit. 

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More and more companies are making containers for storing used blades. They believe that it will help the world and so we get a little closer to nature.


Replacing the razor blade is a very important mission to do regularly and carefully, care of your skin depends on it.

We have reviewed several types of razors and are very hope that our article will help you. We have considered several options for replacing blades and remind you that it can be very easy to break, so be careful. Safety razor key to your healthy health. Remove the blade from your razor and everything will be okay. 

Of course you can go to a professional, or just buy a new razor, but think about how much money it is and why spYou can always find a way out of the situationend so much if there is an alternative. You can always find a way out of the situation. Don’t forget about it!

If you have doubts about whether you understood everything correctly, we advise you to reread our article again. 

We know that the evolution of razor is not complete and people will come up with something new, but for now use our article and share it to your friends. It was helpful, wasn’t it? 

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