How to release freon from car air conditioner / Best Tips 2021

How to release freon from car air conditioner

An air conditioner  creates and preserves a predetermined microclimate in the vehicle. Car air conditioning, we may compare it with any other hardware, requires timely maintenance.

That is why, in order to maintain it in working order, periodic refueling of the conditioner, cleansing the air conditioner, and a number of some procedures are required to prevent its failure.

Air conditioning in a car is undoubtedly a great convenience. With moderate and skillful use of it, you can achieve a comfortable microclimate in the cabin without earning a disease like sore throat. But it is especially valuable that even in very damp weather the air conditioner does not fog up the windows during heavy city traffic, the driver must have the high visibility.

Fundamentally, the air conditioner requires virtually no handling. It is sufficient to control the condition and tension of the drive belt and make up for the natural losses of cooler, which is freon.

Those car owners who often turn on air conditioning have most likely visited service centers for its maintenance more than once, paying a certain amount of money. 

How to release freon from car air conditioner / Best in 2021


Freon is a volatile substance (liquefied gas) that can penetrate through microscopic gaps at the joints of pipes or through compressor seals.

The norm of annual freon miss is 15%, and it is worth looking for a cooler leak just if the air conditioner has stopped working normally for a short period of time for example, for a day or even hours.

You can find a freon leak in an auto air conditioner using an electronic detector (leak detector). But in small car services, an ultraviolet (or just blue LED) lamp is commonly used for this purpose, when the air conditioner is on.

How To Release Freon From Car Air Conditioner At Home

Since in a garage it is not possible to detect the exact quantity of cooler, it is much lighter to determine how much freon is needed to replenish a machine air conditioner according to the readings of a pressure gauge.

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In the table of the quantity of freon in a machine air conditioner, there are numbers and oil filling rates, but few people know how to top up it, and why. Some drivers, when they refuel a car air conditioner, advise to always top up oil. But after all, an excess of lubricant often leads to a breakdown of a reciprocating compressor, since oil, passing through the unit together with the gaseous refrigerant, burns up on the components. So what about this situation?

The answer is very simple: to replenish a car air conditioner, it is better to use freon with the supplement of oil (such infor is indicated on the refrigerant bottle), since it is already dosed there. But if, nevertheless, a separate grease filling is provided, then polyalkylene glycol oil PAG should be used. Oil is poured into the compressor through the crankcase.

The Safety Procedure To Remove Freon From Car

Before you start replenishing the air conditioner in the car manually, in order for the operation to be successful, it is advisable to understand the device and the principle of its operation. The system has three main sections:




The process of conditioning happens the following way:

Freon goes about in a shut loop, passing through all 3 sections.

The refrigerant (already hot and under pressure) goes into the condenser, where it is cooled and condensed (becomes liquid).

After that, freon goes into the high pressure circuit and is supplied to the expansion flap, where it is sprayed and comes in the evaporator.

It is in the evaporator that the cooling process takes place, since there the cooler is evaporated, heat is removed from the air, and it is cooled.

In shutting the circuit, freon again enters the compressor (in the form of cold gas) on the low pressure side, and there the process recurs itself.

When the freon leak is more than normal, then:

the pipes of the air conditioner have lost their tightness due to mechanical corrosion damage;

or corrosive processes have appeared inside the condenser.

You should take the essential safety precautions when extracting freon from your vehicle. You should also keep in mind that freon is a gaseous cooler. Thus, your expedient safety is of paramount importance.

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Don’t just exempt freon from your car’s air conditioner. Essential safety stages demand everything you do in your car.

You should wear gloves and safety glasses before you do something.

Check the freon content in the car.

Ask an assistant to do this. So you have to remember it.

After removing the freon from the car’s air conditioner, free the compressor.

Check to see if the car is not on.

How to release freon from car air conditioner / Best in 2021

Step 1: Find The Low-Pressure Service Port

The first stage is to detect a small pressure service connection. You may do that by first joining the service hoses to the air conditioner service port. You should adhere the hose and tubing assembly through the back of the compressor to the cylindrical accumulator, to detect the low pressure service port.

You will detect a low-pressure service conncetion at the back of the compressor, because the small pressure line is usually there.

The high pressure service connection has a smaller connection between the capacitor and the firewall. Do not confuse the two ports.

In this case we will focus on finding a low pressure service connection. This is what we need to exempt the freon out of the car air conditioner.

After identifying the small pressure service port, use a wrench to close the low pressure service valve. Check the valve and see if you need a wrench or hex wrench.

Step 2: Wind Up The Recovery Machine

We hope you retrieve the low pressure service connection and may unite the recovery mechanism to the air conditioning service connections.

Extract all freon or cooler from your car’s air conditioner. If you unite the Schrader valves from the cooler manifold to the air conditioner, a vacuum is created and absorbs all of the freon out of the car’s air conditioner.

Now you should just wind up the recovery mechanism and it will extract freon fumes and non-condensable gases from the car air conditioner. 

Step 3: Disconnect Recovery machine

Before you sever it, make sure the service pipe valve is closed. Several models of vehicles, mostly models which use R-12 cooler, demand you to shut the flaps on the hose.

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Newer samples of cars that use R-134a freon, perform a fast excision to avoid loss of cooler.

Please pay attention that the recovery machine must be extracted immediately. So, extract it fast and focus on it.

If aid is needed, ask a friend for some help. Ask anyone to be with you before starting the entire operation.

Vacuuming the car air conditioner

When less than 50% of the cooler remains in the car air conditioner, then airing and moisture ingress is inevitable. Naturally, the mechanism will be able to work, although not to its full potential, but, most likely, the compressor will fail, and corrosion will form on the pipes of the system, and then repair will be much more expensive than evacuation. A vacuum pump is required to remove atmospheric air and moisture steam from the air conditioner.

To evacuate the air conditioner manually, you should:

Switch on the heater and warm up the car so that humidity devaporates in the evaporator;

Connect the vacuum pump to the compressor connection, and then, after unscrewing the nipple, turn the tap under it (counterclockwise);

Turn on the pump for 15 minutes, then close the valves and turn it off. Repeat the procedure several times.

After completing the procedure, you need to wait 2-3 hours, and after you can replenish the car’s air conditioner.

Can I Remove Refrigerant From Car AC?

If you want to extract cooler or add cooler to the air conditioning system, it should be done carefully. Even an ordinary quantity of extra cooler in the air conditioner may induce issues like car shocks and more. 

Regular diagnostics and replenishing of the car air conditioner will extend the service life of the autoclimate and protect the air conditioner from sudden breakdowns. In particular, timely replenishing can reduce the load and enlarge the resource of such a high-priced thing as an air conditioning compressor.

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