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How to paint double hung windows

Most apartments have plastic windows and balcony doors, even in summer cottages, in country houses they have replaced wooden ones. But there are still connoisseurs of naturalness, exquisite antiquity and special chic, who decide to leave the windows made of wood. To maintain their presentable appearance and comfort, painting of window frames is periodically required. So that you do not have to do this every year, or even more often, you should approach this matter with responsibility and seriousness. We will tell you how to paint double-hung windows in this article.

How to paint double hung windowsHow to paint double hung windows

General Rule to Paint Double Hung Window:

It’s no secret that in home repair, wooden frames are one of the most labor-intensive and time-consuming areas. Do-it-yourself painting of windows requires strong nerves and a little effort, but it costs less than the work of professionals. Wood is a rather capricious material.

Outdoors, wooden products are exposed to the negative effects of sunlight, moisture in the form of rain and snow, and indoors, dry air and condensation pose a threat to it. Among other things, fungus or mold can appear on the tree. All this spoils the appearance and quality of window frames. To avoid all sorts of troubles associated with the operation of wooden window frames, it is important to properly care for them and paint them according to the rules.

How to paint double hung windows


Correct painting of windows begins with the cross bars that support the glass. Apply the material first to the horizontal strips and then to the vertical strips.

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Tip: It is recommended to apply the paint along the grain of the wood. So it lays down in a smooth, even layer. The corners should be painted over with neat short strokes, not pressing hard on the brush.

After the slats, go to the upper and lower frames, which are located at the top and bottom of the window sashes, in them there are grooves that hold the glass. Try to put a very thin layer of paint between the glass and the frame. This will allow the filler or other material that fills these grooves to be protected and not dry out. It will also help keep your home warm.

Then start painting the frame itself. Paint over any hard-to-reach areas first. Apply the paint in broad strokes along the wood fibers, paint over the corners and joints with point brush strokes perpendicular to the surface. Apply paint to the surface of the frame from top to bottom. If you have a double frame, paint the inside first, and after it dries, move on to the outside of the window frame.

The last areas for painting are the ends and the window frame. It is necessary to paint them only after the window frame has completely dried.

Once the paint dries, apply a second coat of paint. The second and subsequent layers of paint should be much thicker than the first. This will help to avoid unevenness, stains and smudges. Sills should be painted last, once the paint process is complete.


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To enhance the lifetime of wood sashes, the paint, and the glazing compound, paint must extend on to the glass, both inside and outside. This is the final seal that keeps moisture from reaching the wood. Avoiding paint on glass may result in a “neat” appearance, however it will allow moisture to seep behind the paint and rot the wood. It will also push the paint off from underneath.

Use masking tape (or other masking tools) on the glass, leaving a 1/32 strip of glass exposed, which will then be covered with paint. This is well worth the time and effort!

Use a scraper blade to remove excess paint from the glass on the outside of the putty knife, leaving the thickness of the putty knife of paint on the glass. Make sure the glass is free of dirt or you could scratch the glass with the scraper blade.

Hardware To Paint Double Hung Windows:

Paint process of wooden window frames begins with the preparation of the necessary hardware and tools for paint work. To paint a window, you will need:




putty knife;

masking tape;

newspapers or building film;




stepladder or stable stool;

hammer, screwdriver, nails;

mask, glasses, gloves, headdress.

Weather Stripping

If you want your work not to be in vain and after painting the frames are preserved as long as possible, first of all look at the weather forecast – it is important to choose the right time for paint work in exterior conditions. It is not recommended to paint on a hot sunny day or on a cold rainy day .

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Ideal conditions are a warm spring (autumn) day, slightly cloudy weather. Paint dries quickly and well at temperatures from + 5 ° C degrees to + 30 ° C degrees and at humidity up to 80%. Keep in mind – freshly painted frames will have to be left open to dry completely, so it is advisable to start work early in the morning so that they have time to dry out by night.

Painting Double Hung Windows 

It is important to remember to remove masking tape and newsprint from the glass before the paint is completely dry to prevent damage to the fresh paint coat.

After the last layer is completely dry, screw the handles and other elements back on and enjoy the exterior fruits of your labor. If you do everything correctly, then you will not need to repaint the surfaces of frames.


To paint double hung window efficiently and accurately, so that the painted surface after a while does not begin to bubble and crack, not everyone can. This work requires attention, patience, free time, as well as special knowledge.

Paint of wooden windows should be carried out in compliance with technological requirements, then you will get a really high-quality work, the result of which will last for a long time.

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