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How to make your trampoline bouncier?

 Are you interested how to make your trampoline bouncer? Welcome to our update article and get a new information. Probably, there is no such child who would not like to run, jump. Here are just moms and dads strongly oppose exercise on sofas, armchairs and beds.

There is only one way to prevent the destruction of home furniture – to purchase a small trampoline, which, no doubt, will help the child channel his energy into a more peaceful channel.

 Everyone knows that trampolines are a super cool invention not only for children but also for adults! But how to make your trampoline bouncier? Trampolines are a fun activity that lifts the mood of everyone who jumps on it. In addition to making the days brighter, it is also very useful as physical activity.

The trampoline is a fairly simple invention that has been known to people for a long time. Modern trampolines allow a variety of people to practice on them. They are especially recommended for people who have been diagnosed with joint diseases – physical activity on a trampoline relieves joint pain.

But it is also not worth using trampolines excessively. As with any other activity, everything is good in moderation. Due to the long use of trampolines, inelasticity and loss of plasticity of the trampoline mechanisms may develop, which may prevent them from being used normally.

 First, you should not constantly use a trampoline every day. Due to such frequent use, the bounce of the trampoline will be lower than when buying it and it will be less fun. 

Secondly, if you increase the declared load capacity, the elasticity of the springs will also decrease. 

Thirdly, the trampoline can lose its bounce due to rusty or old springs – this is unpleasant for both the trampoline and its owner. 

Well, in the end, but not the last in importance, there are worn-out areas on the jump mats. In this article, we list the most necessary things that you will need if you want to buy a trampoline or have already bought it. Enjoy reading it!

girl on the trampoline bouncer

A trampoline is not just a playground. This is, first of all, a good exercise machine, which has the most beneficial effect on the physical development of the baby. Jumping strengthens the musculoskeletal and muscular system, as well as strengthens the vestibular apparatus and improves balance skills.

Improve Your Trampoline’s Performance

Check the technical condition of the trampoline in time

As with any other sports equipment, it is important for trampolines to maintain them in optimal working conditions. This is important to ensure that your trampoline is in perfect condition for as long as possible and is as safe as possible when used. As with any sports equipment, parts of the trampoline can deteriorate over time, and to prevent this, the trampoline should be fully inspected and checked every month.

Such frequent checks allow you to find problems in the trampoline as quickly as possible and eliminate them immediately when they have not yet managed to harm the trampoline as a whole. What should I pay special attention to? On the wear of the jumping mat, on the wear of the springs, as well as not rust and corrosion of metal parts.

In addition, it is important to pay attention to how close the parts are located to each other. These are fairly simple rules to follow all the time. They will help to extend the service life of the trampoline and you will not have to buy a new trampoline.

children on the trampoline bouncerchildren on the trampoline bouncer


Both children and their parents should familiarize themselves with the basic rules of being on a trampoline even before jumping:

  •  before jumping, you need to do a little warm-up – run around the house, do a few exercises ordnance – otherwise, you can injure the ligaments;
  • there should be absolutely no foreign objects on the trampoline, otherwise, any, even the smallest element, may pierce the trampoline or fall under the foot of the crumbs;
  • it is strictly forbidden to eat on the trampoline – make sure that the child does not start jumping with chewing gum or cookies in his mouth – he may choke while jumping;
  • carefully watch the situation around the trampoline – make sure that pets do not run under the jumping surface and do not roll up sharp or hard toys;
  • observe the maximum load – even if friends came to you and all the kids wanted to jump, organize them so that the maximum number of jumpers does not exceed two, and then – under your strict supervision;
  • before children enter the trampoline, check the integrity of the structure and the stability of the supports – take such a check, as a rule, even the smallest scratch or rupture can cause quite serious injuries and damage.

            You can simply add more springs (Not suitable for all trampolines)

Usually, additional installation of trampoline sources is not provided, some trampolines, as a rule, can still be installed as many springs as possible. Yes, it will be a little more expensive than just buying a trampoline, but you will be one hundred percent satisfied with it.

To do this, you will need to purchase another high-quality trampoline, springs, and then hire a specially added Cs master to install them. The main role in the installation of the CS is played by it, since the wear resistance of the new springs on the trampoline depends on their work. Choose a competent specialist for this job.

 It is important that the addition of springs to the trampoline is not possible on all models of trampolines – you should clarify this about your trampoline before buying springs. Sometimes their installation is completely impossible due to the design.

Just replace the trampoline parts with better and newer ones

If you are already a happy owner of a trampoline, you should think about how long it has already served you. This is important because springs tend to wear out. We noticed this in the previous paragraphs. Always check your springs in time if you have a trampoline for a long time. Springs can lose their elasticity or simply stretch.

With such springs, the trampoline will be less convenient to use and you will have less pleasure from jumping on such a trampoline. To reduce the likelihood of rapid stretching of the springs, keep an eye on the weather and remove the trampoline from the rain and wind in time. Rain can cause the springs to rust, and the wind can bring sand into them. If the springs on your trampoline are already rusted, then you should take care of changing them.

Drawings made of springs

If all goes well with mars springs, non-corrosion is damaged and the bin is stretched, and it is impossible to put extra springs on your trampoline, so you can pull the springs crosswise. This would increase their stress and increase the symbol of the trampoline, which would be ideal for a saltire on it.

Place springs for options there are like these: a-shaped-v-shaped and w-shaped. Both of these options are based on a special type of positioning of the springs so that they form a pattern. You can install the springs yourself, install the master pro or you can call in a way that i do everything professionally.

children jump on the trampoline bouncerman jump on the trampoline bouncer

How to improve the spring rebound?

We strongly recommend that you take strong springs for trampolines. Yes, they may cost a little more than usual, but believe me, they are worth it. They will spring just perfectly and they will have a perfect rebound – such springs are used mainly in trampolines for gymnastics and just for professional trampolines.

Such a choice means that these are really high-quality products. Also pay attention to the frost-resistant properties of the trampoline, because this is important if you will place it outside.

To sum up

In conclusion, it is important to summarize. It is important to use strong, high-quality springs that will serve you longer than usual. Also, you should not save on a master for installing springs – he will do everything as professionally as possible and you will not have to waste your time.

In addition, the place where you jump is also important: it is best to jump in the middle if your trampoline is round. It’s great that you decided to read this article – now you know more about springs and how to take care of them.

This will help you spend less money on caring for trampolines! This is much safer and the rebound will be stronger. In order to maintain the elasticity of the trampoline, it is not recommended to expose the trampoline to loads from a weight not intended for it, this can lead to stretching of the springs. By following these simple rules, you will enjoy your trampoline for many years to come!

guy jump on the trampoline bouncer

There are several guidelines to consider when deciding to buy

Jumping surface area. If you buy an installation for one child, then a trampoline with a diameter of up to 140 cm is quite enough, and if there are two or more children, then it is better to give preference to models with a size of 3 meters.

Carrying capacity. Each trampoline has its own custom characteristics, for one kid you can choose a model that can withstand up to 50 kg, for two – at least 100 kg.

If you buy a mesh trampoline, then you should pay special attention to the number of springs – the minimum number should be 24, and the maximum should be 110.

If you want to know more entertainment information for your children, you can go to our articles and read about it.


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