How to get deck stain off vinyl siding / Best Recommendations 2023

How to get deck stain off vinyl siding ?

Gradually, over time, dirt and dust will settle on the facade of any house, regardless of the material with which it is faced, and this cannot be avoided. Of course, vinyl siding is almost not subject to these moments due to the very insignificant porosity of the surface, however, these vinyl siding panels will get dirty, especially in our dusty-dirty-gray-soot realities.

That’s why today, we tell you how to get deck stain off vinyl siding. 

How to get deck stain off vinyl siding / Best Tips 2021

Wood stain is currently one of the most difficult aspects of wood stain. To remove, but various products will remove wood stain from your vinyl siding without damaging it.

There are several main reasons:

Your home is close to the road, so dust and exhaust fumes are constantly deposited on the surface of the facade.

The house is located in an area of ​​high humidity.

Some of the walls were on the north side or in the shade of trees or other buildings. Due to the lack of sunlight and ventilation, mold will begin to form there over time. The siding will “turn green” and you will need to get the stain off vinyl siding.

To clean vinyl siding and preserve the aesthetic appearance of the house, you need to clean the cladding material from dust and dirt at least once a year, and then treat it with protective agents.

How to get deck stain off vinyl siding


It’s one thing if we wash the dust from surface, but it’s another thing if stains from paint, rust or something else appear on the vinyl siding. To remove the stain, you can locally use any chemical substances that do not contain aggressive solvents (such as acetone) and cleaners that do not contain abrasive additives.

Most often, cleaning products for electric ceramic stoves with low abrasive powders can be used as a siding cleaner. They can be used to remove deck stain and you can use the sponge.

Lighter stains on vinyl siding can be cleaned with oxygenated cleaners. These are ubiquitously sold in every household chemicals store.

Buy a long-handled floor mop with a soft cloth. They are great for cleaning vinyl siding. Once you’ve sprayed soapy water on the siding, dip a rag in a bucket of the same soapy water and wipe off the dirt with a left-right motion.

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Another effective way to clean vinyl siding is to use a pressure washer, although some manufacturers advise against this and other manufacturers recommend a limited amount of pressure. When using a pressure washer with clean water, remember to keep the flow at eye level and not at an angle. This way, you won’t be running water under the siding surface. Be careful when using a high pressure washer around openings: windows, doors and plumbing connections. 

Vinyl siding can also be washed with white spirit or liquids containing ammonia. Never use chlorine bleach (containing chlorine), chlorine will not only damage vinyl siding, but also make your vinyl siding brittle, as it will react with the lime and chalk it contains. If you have to use bleach to get rid of mold, use oxygen bleach. Oxygen bleach is non-toxic, odorless and oxygenates the soil.

How to get deck stain off vinyl siding

Dirt, soot, and chalk

Stubborn stains should be cleaned with water diluted with soap or dishwashing liquid. Dirty areas should be wiped off with a soft brush or sponge, then rinsed off thoroughly with clean water. In places where there is a risk of getting into a window opening, you need to work carefully.

Vinyl siding stain can be stubborn and require more serious cleaning than just cleaning with dishwashing detergent. In such cases, you can resort to using powder for washing. However, rubbing the place where the foam is applied with powder is not worth it, so as not to scratch the surface.


Vinyl siding is mildew resistant.

  • However, if dirty, mold can form on the contaminated surface, especially in warm climates with constantly high humidity.
  • Mix to remove: 1/3 cup detergent (such as Tide), 2/3 cup trisodium (such as SoilMax), one liter of 5% sodium hypochlorite (such as Clorox bleach) and three liters of water. (Caution: Higher concentrations can damage vinyl siding.)

How else can you remove deck stain, dirt or mildew from siding?

How to get deck stain off vinyl siding

A few more homemade ways to remove the stain we will list now. Let’s get started.

Soda and liquid soap

Baking soda and liquid soap remove deck stain quickly and safely. Use these components as follows:

·      Mix 1 tablespoon of baking soda and ½ spoon of liquid soap, bring the composition to a homogeneous consistency;

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·      Apply the product to the deck stain;

·      After 10 minutes, wipe the dirty area with a sponge or a soft bristled brush;

·      Remove the remnants of the product with clean water.

Baking soda and liquid soap is a safe way to get rid of rust. There are no restrictions on its use.

This composition will not damage or discolor the product. The effectiveness of the product is high.


You can use lemon juice to remove rust stains and not spoil the plastic. The acid contained in it removes dirt well. In small concentrations, it is not capable of spoiling the surface.

Mode of application:

·      Squeeze the required amount of juice out of the lemon.

·      Saturate white matter with it.

·      Apply a cloth to the stained area, leave for 1-3 hours.

·      After the specified time has elapsed, remove residues of the agent and rust with a clean, damp sponge. You can use a brush if necessary.

The effectiveness of this method is average. If the rust has not eaten deeply into the plastic, then it will be possible to get rid of it the first time. In other cases, the procedure will have to be repeated 2-3 times.

Acetic or oxalic acid

You can get rid of rust stains with vinegar or oxalic acid. These are quite effective formulations that help to cope even with wood stain.

Mode of application:

·      Put on gloves.

·      Soak any white matter with vinegar. If the stain is small, you can use a cotton pad.

·      Wipe off the contaminated surface. If the stain lends itself well to cleaning, then the treatment is continued until the desired result is achieved.

When rust is difficult to remove, the vinegar-soaked cloth is left on it in the form of a compress. Let it sit for 15-30 minutes.

After 30 minutes, the residues of vinegar and rust are removed with a clean, soft cloth.


·      Plastic defects can also be removed with chlorine bleach.

·      Bleach can be used to remove stain on vinyl from ink, juice, carbonated drinks, coffee, tea, tomato sauce and tomato paste, and all other types of food coloring.

·      Prepare a solution of warm water, bleach using one tablespoon of bleach per cup of warm water and mix it. Let it sit for a while.

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·      Once the stain is gone, wash, rinse and dry the containers thoroughly.


Alcohol neutralizes rust well, so you can even get rid of stubborn stain on vinyl siding with it. The higher its concentration, the more effective the procedure will be.


·      Apply alcohol or vodka to a cotton pad;

·      Wipe the stain;

·      Wipe the plastic with a clean, soft cloth.

There are no restrictions for this method. Alcohol is not capable of harming plastic, so it can be safely used on any surface.

How to Get Deck Stain off Vinyl Siding: FAQs

How do I remove stains from vinyl?

To remove the stains, dampen a paper towel or soft cloth with rubbing alcohol or isopropyl alcohol – work around the edges of the stain, little by little working your way towards the center of the stain. Vary the paper towel or rag often so you don’t spread the stain until it is removed.

How do I remove a brown stain away from vinyl siding?

Mix 4/5 cups of oxalic acid granules and 1 gallon of water. Apply the solution to the stain and let it sit for 5 minutes. Scrub the stain with a soft sponge and the wood stain is removed from the plastic.

Can you use a stain on vinyl siding?

The color of the vinyl siding is one of the primary profits of buying and it won’t fade. In fact, the colors were incorporated into the panel when the coating was made. In other words, the nuances are preserved under all facts. And if you don’t want to, you never have to paint or dye it.


Vinyl siding is generally a very subtle material, particularly if you have aluminum siding. It can stain very easily, especially if you have feces on the vinyl. Because of this, it is always ideal to turn to specialists in order to resolve this type of disadvantage. But if you want to do it on your own, you can follow our advice and make this project a success.

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