How to Fix LED Shoes – Best Guide For You 2021

If the glow sneakers do not light up and do not work even after charging, then most likely you have a broken led lights, which is the basis for them. Usually when the LED lights breaks, only one part of the sneaker glows, or it stops glowing completely. If the problem is really with the LED lights, alas, you cannot replace it. It is inside the sole. And by hand you are unlikely to be able to tear off the sole and glue it back on.

Sometimes it happens that the color of some parts of the sneaker. Then the problem again lies in the LED lights – it is damaged. The only thing that can be affected if the glow sneakers broke – it is a mechanism with a chip under the sole. It can be replaced. How to fix led shoes?

LED Shoes – A Trend Of The Season

Led shoes – a simple and cheap way to stand out from the crowd in any atmosphere. In the dark, it’s your “ace up your sleeve” to attract the attention of the opposite sex and smile at passersby. They are comfortable for dancing, doing sports and driving. And most importantly, they withstand all weather and are suitable for seasonal to fix led shoes

At the origin of the creation of led shoes is a designer from Britain – Yifan Wan. He was inspired by a scene from the movie “Step forward 3D”, where the main character’s shoes “glowed” at one point. Especially for this movie led shoes were developed. Yifan Wan picked up the idea and released its sneakers with backlighting under the Simulation brand.

How Does It Work

It’s simple! In the sole of led shoes around the perimeter is LED strip, which is powered by a miniature rechargeable battery. It lasts for 8-10 hours of continuous use, and charging takes 2-3 hours. Backlighting is made by 1 color of illumination of the possible choice, as there is an automatic mode for sequential color switching.

All control is done with a button sewn into the side-internal part of the sneaker. Thanks to a special design you do not feel the wire and do not feel discomfort.

How To Fix Led Shoes

If your led shoes stop working, don’t despair. We will give you some tips on how to solve this to fix led shoes

Problems with such a shoe can be reduced to the following reasons:

  • Connector wiring came off
  • Defective backlight control unit – replacement of the unit.
  • Non-functioning battery – replace the battery compartment. Need to re-solder the battery compartment connection to the wiring.

Breakage of contacts in the wiring or the LED strip itself. The most unpleasant breakage. Due to the peculiarities of production led strip cannot be repaired, so it is easier to replace the led shoes for new ones.

What to Do If The LED Shoes Do Not Shine

Probably broke the contact from the battery in transit or after active dancing / running on rough to fix led shoes

Remove the inner insole, get to the battery compartment and disconnect it. Just in case, blow out the contacts and reconnect the wires to the battery.

After that, charge the battery for 4 full hours. If the problem disappeared to me, then you need to change the backlight control unit or the luminous sneakers do not turn on. Here is the video that will help you to understand how to fix LED shoes.

Useful Tips: How to Repair the LED Shoes

This video is about how to repair the LED shoes. You will learn what you can try yourself to fix your LED shoes.

If your led shoes do not turn on, then try the following:

  • Disconnect and reconnect the LED light control unit to the battery.
  • Plug in the USB charger and charge your sneakers for 4 hours. Quality models of glow-in-the-dark sneakers should flash red when charging. Afterwards, press the power button for 30 seconds. This trick should help, otherwise, buy new sneakers.

This is not a problem! This is often encountered when using led shoes immediately after purchase. First you need to charge the led shoes for a full 4 hours. If you want the led shoes to glow for longer, then switch and glow mode in green, red or blue. These colors use the least amount of electricity. White light – consumes the most battery because 3 LEDs are used at the same time to create the white glow.

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Recommendations On How to Wash LED Shoes

How to wash led shoes, because over time, any shoe gets dirty and needs to be washed? If you bought yourself or your child led shoes that light up, with time there will be a question – but whether they can be washed in the machine, as well as how to care for such a shoe?how to fix led shoes

After all, moisture after excessive care sneakers can lead to the fact that the sole will not shine. In this case, from today’s fashionable sneakers will remain only the name. So how to care for this model of shoes, so as not to violate the luminous properties?

Why You Shouldn’t Wash LED Shoes In The Machine

Shoes with luminous soles require more painstaking cleaning. Why does this happen?

There are several explanations for this:

  • These sneakers can stop working because they get a lot of water in them.
  • The soles of luminous shoes have a difficult pattern, as well as a lot of treads – this means that they accumulate a lot of dirt and sand, which can significantly aggravate the functioning of the washing machine. And, as you know, it is not possible to completely wash out such dirt before washing.

Some glow placed on the led shoes do not work from sunlight, but from a special charger. Therefore, if you moisten this device shoes, it will instantly stop working.

But it is still necessary to care and clean the sole and the base of the shoe. If you have purchased sneakers that charge, it is necessary to purchase special cleaning chemical compositions (preferably in the form of foam), which will quickly clean the inside of the shoe and will not harm the backlighting.

Take care of your athletic shoes this way every week with regular wear, and then they will always be clean. The sole in this case is washed with plain water and a rag, but you should do it very carefully.

How to Take Care of LED Shoes

In this case, the case is much easier, because this backlighting will not do anything if you wash the shoes in the washing machine. However, in order for the glow surface to work accurately, there are some rules to consider before installing the to fix led shoes

These include:

  • Wash your led shoes no more than once a week;
  • It is important to choose a high-quality detergent for washing. In addition, it is desirable that it is intended only for colored things – this will preserve the brightness of sneakers;
  • The water temperature should be 30 degrees, as boiling water can damage the luminous elements. In addition, when setting this temperature, the drum spins a little less often, which ensures a better and safer washing;
  • Thanks to special materials, moisture does not penetrate the luminous elements, which contributes to their long life. Therefore, after washing you can, without fear, rinse the shoes, which is also carried out in the washing machine.
  • In addition to using powder, you can also wash with laundry soap, which not only washes things well, but also destroys harmful microorganisms.

Following these tips, it will be possible to wash sneakers well, without ruining the luminous qualities (we wash them no more than once a week).

If a woman washed correctly light up shoes, their integrity and “functionality” will remain for a long time.

Ultra-Fashionable, Homemade Shoes With LED Lighting

Children, teenagers and even adults are happy to wear luminous sneakers. It’s fashionable, beautiful and comfortable. In addition, such shoes make walking on dark evening streets much safer, because the driver sees the pedestrian, which such to fix led shoes

Many shoe manufacturers offer customers such models. True, they are usually quite expensive. But you can get out of the situation without much damage to your own purse. About how to make luminous sneakers, we will talk in our article.

Before you make glowing sneakers at home, think about why you need them:

  • for safety;
  • for fashion;
  • want to combine fashion and safety.

The way of making luminous sneakers depends entirely on the purpose. You can use:

  • any reflectors;
  • luminous laces;
  • LED lights.

How to make led lights shoes if you do not want to bother with a soldering iron, but you need the drivers to see you? In this case, and do not need to do something. It’s enough to buy two reflective tapes at the auto parts store. They roll up and hold quite firmly.

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You put them on your ankles and go. Quick, cheap and without much trouble!

Important: This option has some disadvantages:

  • The ribbons are not attached and can get lost;
  • Only the ring around the ankle glows – very primitive.

But in the same store you can find other reflective elements – stars, flowers, short and long strips. This already gives an opportunity to be creative. Very often these elements have an adhesive layer, so the procedure is very simple:

  • Separate one element from the sheet.
  • Remove the protective film from it.
  • Glue it to the sneakers.

Important: Do the same with the other elements. You can glue them in any order, but nothing prevents you from composing intricate compositions. This method has a disadvantage – the glue layer is not reliable enough, and in wet weather the shining stars rather quickly unglued.

Decorated with reflective details sneakers can be beautiful and original, but they cannot be called luminous, because they just reflect the rays that fall on them from the lamps or car headlights. But if you install, for example, a neon wire – you get something completely different. True, this will have to work hard and have in advance to get some tools and materials.

Electroluminescent wire – a thin wire coated with phosphor. The phosphor begins to glow if you give it an alternating current. The battery, on the other hand, gives direct current. So you need a converter, i.e. an inverter.

Important! The choice of inverter is a very important moment. It must match the wire, that is, its power must be enough to work with a wire of a certain length.

But it should not be too powerful:

  • With a weak inverter, the light becomes dim;
  • too strong – it can damage the wire or even sneakers.

Before you make glowing sneakers with your own hands, take care to have the right materials on hand:

  • fishing line;
  • textile Velcro;
  • additional wires;
  • charger if you use LiPo batteries;
  • shrink tubing;
  • connectors;
  • solder;
  • a wide rubber band.

Before you connect the wire to the sneakers, it must be prepared, that is, solder the inverter to it.

Important: soldering neon has its own peculiarities, they must be taken into account.

Once the inverter is in place, the wire will need to connect to the sneakers:

  • Make a hole in the right place with an awl.
  • Widen it with a screwdriver.
  • Insert the wire there – the procedure will go very easily.
  • Thread the fishing line through the needle with a wide eye.
  • Sew the wire with a few stitches – it is not necessary to do it over the entire length, you can fix a few fragments, the wire itself is quite rigid and will not sag.
  • Disassemble the inverter.
  • Solder the battery wires to its circuit board – the battery is lithium polymer.
  • Cut a hole in the body of the inverter for the wire.
  • Cover the inverter with the cover.
  • Secure the inverter with Velcro.
  • Secure the wires and battery with Velcro.

Important! If you’re thinking about how to make glow sneakers, this is the only way, as the others require a thick sole.

Neon wire, of course, is good, but much more spectacular will look illumination with LEDs. Not only do they burn, but they also twinkle when you walk. To make such fancy shoes, you will need:

  • LED strip;
  • wire;
  • disk battery;
  • micro contact.

For a micro contact you need a notch. It is located under the insole, in the heel. Many models of modern shoes already have a cavity in this place. The top of the micro contact is closed insole.

A flat wire is suitable as a wire; you can take it from old headphones.

It is better to estimate the length of the tape in advance – this will allow you to understand how many disc batteries you need to take.

All the elements you have on hand, now you need to assemble your creative model:

  • Remove the insole.
  • If there is a notch in the heel, you can use it, and if not, make it with a sharp knife.
  • Solder or connect the wires with tin contacts, connecting the batteries to the switch with a metal plate, observing the polarity.
  • Fix the whole construction in the notch (it is better to use thermal glue) so that the contacts of the switch close when the heel is pressed.

Important: On the insole in the heel area, fix the insert, which is a thin plate of hard plastic, or insert a thin metal supinator across the width and length of the heel.

This is necessary so that the heel does not fall into the notch.

  • Lead the wires to the holes of the laces, preferably under the lining, if there is one.
  • With a stiff steel thin wire make a puncture in the inner lining of the sneakers, then the wire is pushed under the lining to the notch in the heel.
  • When the wire shows out, twist the end of the contact wire.
  • The wire is then pulled back and the contact wire is dragged along.

Important: The contacts are moved outwards from the eyelets or tongue area. This design will not cause the shoe to chafe on the foot.

  • Reinsert the insole.
  • Attach the LED strip to the outside of the sneaker.
  • Solder the contact wires to the LED strip.
  • Protect the soldering area with tape or varnish.
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Mounting a neon wire or LED strip requires some knowledge of electrical engineering as well as the ability to work with a soldering iron. If you do not have these skills, you can try to get out of the situation in a simpler way. For example, make glow cords.

In this case, you will have to work a little with the soldering iron. You will need not only two strips of fabric, but also tubes, liquid silicone and LEDs.

The tubes need to fit through the holes for the cords, so they need to be the right thickness:

  • First, measure and cut the tubes – they should be the same length as the regular shoelaces.
  • Fill the tubes with liquid silicone with a syringe.
  • Attach small batteries to the bulbs.
  • Insert the bulbs into the tubes.

Important: If you choose to use silicone tubes the laces will be quite difficult to use – they will become more of an ornament than an object with a very definite practical meaning.

You can also dye the laces with a special luminous paint that contains phosphorus. It can be bought in a stationery store; it is sold where they sell LED devices.

Important: The paint comes with instructions, which should be carefully read.

  • The pigment is usually diluted with water. The thicker the solution, the richer the color will be.
  • Water can be not added at all. In this case, the laces are painted with a soft brush, for example, watercolor.
  • After work the strips of fabric should be spread on a table or window sill, with something that absorbs water well, and dried in the sun.
  • Take into consideration that objects painted with phosphate paints should be exposed to the sun, and then they will last longer.

You can make glow lanyards at home with LED. You will also need:

  • laundry detergent;
  • hydrogen peroxide;

Important: the laces will glow due to LED – a special compound, invented in Germany at the beginning of the last century. Get it is not so easy, but you should keep in mind that LED is the technical name of the pharmacy luminal, a sleeping pill, which is sometimes sold.

How to make glow sneakers this way?

  • Mix 1 tbsp. of laundry detergent, 10 ml of hydrogen peroxide and 250 g of water.
  • Add 20 ml of LED solution.
  • Grind the manganese thoroughly in a mortar.
  • Add it to the solution.
  • Place the shoelaces in the solution and hold for about half an hour.
  • Before you make the cords, you have to prepare the neon wire:
  • Spread it out on a table.
  • Measure and find the middle.
  • Cut it in half.
  • Attach an inverter to one piece.
  • Do the same with the other pair.
  • Connect the batteries to the inverters in the same way as when making sneakers.

The cords are ready and you can even adjust the brightness. All that’s left is to attach the inverters and batteries to the outside of the led shoes.

Important! There is another way – quite expensive, you can transplant the top from the old led shoes to a new transparent platform with LEDs and batteries already built into it.

In this article, you learned a few ways to make led shoes and how to fix led shoes. Choose the one that suits your purposes best, and the new look of your shoes is guaranteed!



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