Hatchimals Colleggtibles Season 1-4: List of Characters Family (Checklist)

Colleggtibles Season 2 is here. These incredibly popular playthings had over 70 various types of hatchimals colleggtibles list in Season 1, and the Season 2 collection functions, hold your breath, over 100 kinds of Hatchimals Colleggtibles.

The Season 1 Hatchimals were from the already existing families in Hatchopia, as well as in Season 2, the variety of family members has enhanced with extra Colleggtibles from brand-new families like Wonderful Meadow, Snow Shire, Crystal Canyon, etc.

Hatchimals CollEGGtibles Season 2 and also Season 1 Overview (guide)

When the Hatchimals initially appeared, there was around the world panic.

Hang on not due to the Hatchimals themselves, yet because mothers across the world were unable to acquire Hatchimals for their youngsters, as they were might out all over. That was how preferred they were, and incredibly, they still are.

Along the road, the Hatchimals Glittering Yard appeared; after that, the Hatchimals Shock Twins came out. Also, there were smaller collectible Hatchimals called Hatchimals Colleggtibles that were released. These were much cheaper and also could be bought for as low as a couple of dollars, whereas the large-sized original Hatchimals were conveniently over 70 bucks each.

The Hatchimals Colleggtibles are no regular collectible playthings; they are THE collectible toys for youngsters. And when it is Xmas time, that is when the full power of the Hatchimals and the Hatchimals Colleggtibles gets released. Youngsters all over the globe go nuts for them, and also moms and dads, aunts, uncles, and even grandparents are anxiously purchasing them well in advance to make sure that they can present them on Xmas.

These Hatchimals Colleggtibles are straightforward versions of the Hatchimals. Yet, they are offered in a mind-boggling variety, from the first type of Hatchimals like Burtles and also Pengualas to Skunkles to Snailtails to Lamblets and much a lot more.

Kids love the Hatchimals Colleggtibles, as they can collect, share as well as exchange them. They start chatting and scoring points and everyone is keen to obtain a new one. Also, these little Colleggtibles have a bit of their own where you require to hatch them. There is no elaborate hatching procedure. However, hatching happens all the same.

Season 1 of Hatchimals Colleggtibles launched 70 various tiny animals; Season 2 has released over a 100 little Colleggtibles. There are several new family members and also new areas in Hatchopia where they live.

Season 1 households are Yard, Ranch, Meadow, Jungle, Woodland, Ocean, Savannah, Desert, River as the typical Colleggtibles. Then Lavender Lake, Polar Paradise as well as Laugh Grove as the Scandal Sheet Collectibles. As well as ultimately Cloud Cove as the Restricted Version Colleggtibles.

Season 2 of the Hatchimals Colleggtibles has a very extremely limited Golden Colleggtible, which are just a couple of hundred in number overall, actually precisely 250 of them exist. If you obtain a Golden Hatchimals Colleggtible, you will likewise win additional rewards.

The different areas in Hatchopia where the Season 2 CollEGGtibles hang out are Cloud Cove, Crystal Canyon, Wishing Celebrity Waterfall, Polar Heaven, Fabula Forest, Giggle Grove, Glittering Gardens, Relationship Ranch, Lavender Lake, Shimmering Sands and also Breezy Coastline.

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Season 2 family members are Forest, Sea, Savannah, Desert, Garden, Ranch, Meadow, Jungle, River as the usual Colleggtibles. Then Snowflake Shire and also Crystal Canyon as the Scandal Sheet Colleggtibles. As Well As Wonderful Meadow as the Limited Edition Colleggtibles.

Below is the whole family history of Hatchimals Colleggtibles Season 2:

hatchimals colleggtibles list

These are the Colleggtibles Season 2, which are a Target exclusive and also are all part of the Bearakeet household.

Colleggtibles Season 2

With the wonderful success of Hatchimals, Rotate Master, the developers of Hatchimals came up with these smaller sized (and much reduced priced) small variations of the original Hatchimals, called Colleggtibles, that are great for accumulating, playing, exchanging as well as communicating with good friends.


You’ll obtain quite a few alternatives to acquire Season 2 Hatchimals Colleggtibles. Below are a couple of excellent options for you, hand-selected by our in-house plaything fanatic.

Season 1 of the Hatchimals Colleggtibles was released on the first of May 2016, and immediately became an instantaneous hit with children. These small versions of the initial Hatchimals, which also hatch out from an egg, are available in a mindboggling range. One more cool thing about Hatchimals Colleggtibles is that they are always a surprise. The Colleggtibles are available in blind bags, as well as you don’t know what Colleggtible Hatchimal you are going to get till you hatch the egg or eggs inside.

Colleggtibles Season 2 Egg with purple heart and wavy line for getting rid of egg covering and making a nest.

Hatchimals Colleggtibles

Children enjoy them for their multi-level surprise component, their collectability, and also the possibilities they produce to have fun with other children, by trading and building their collections. The Hatchimal 1 pack Collectible is available in a blind bag inside which you will find one egg. You will see colored speckles on the egg, which will aid you to guess which family the Hatchimal Colleggtible is from. The original Hatchimals are a lot larger and also the egg required to be having fun with, scrubbed and also involved with and even talked to, before the Hatchimal would hatch out.

The Colleggtibles additionally require some involvement to hatch. In the direction of the front of every little egg is a purple heart, you require to massage it till it transforms pink. When the heart turns pink, the Colleggtible prepares to hatch. At this point, you will undoubtedly need to crack the egg as well as eliminate the egg covering.

To break the egg, you need to push down on top of the heart as well as fracture the egg. After that, you have to eliminate the covering. When you remove the egg, you need to peel it right approximately the bumpy line near the bottom as well as transform it right into a nest for the Colleggtible. You have to look a little thoroughly for the wavy line. When the egg has been peeled off till the bumpy track, you have a wonderfully cute little nest for the Hatchimal Colleggtible.

The initial Hatchimals skyrocketed from 15 to 20 in number, and the brand-new Hatchimal Colleggtibles are over 70 in number. These belong to the Season 1 of Colleggtibles, and as Season 2 of Colleggtibles comes out, we are mosting likely to have much more.

The Hatchimals Colleggtibles are a mixed lot with all sorts of creatures from whales to zebras to kittens to unique and also adorable hybrid creatures. The excellent point is that each one of them has a set of glittery wings. In addition to being incredibly cute, these are the right size for being a collectible. One more fantastic thing for parents of children is that they are not at all costly. One Colleggtible is practically one-tenth the price of the original Hatchimals. They can be purchased with a kid’s spending money.

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The shock of discovering what will come out, the hatching, and then collecting all amount to a fantastic experience for youngsters everywhere. What makes them a lot more fascinating is that these Hatchimal Colleggtibles originate from numerous different households which stay in various sort of settings, from the water to the coastline to the grasslands to the clouds. There are many different family members to which these Hatchimal Collectibles belong. Each family member resides in a different environment.

Hatchimals Colleggtible

The base device for Colleggtibles is one egg in a blind bag, yet you additionally obtain them in packs of 4 eggs with one perk egg and boxes of 2 eggs with a new nest in it. With Colleggtibles Season 2, some more additions are on a method.

The Hatchimals Colleggtible are additionally rated in terms of rarity, with usual, rare, extremely, original as well as minimal edition Colleggtibles. When a Colleggtiblel egg hatches, you may wind up with a rare Hatchimal Colleggtible or a common one, you never know. The surprise component of finding a Hatchimal Colleggtible that is unusual is additionally an additional delight for kids.

These impressive Hatchimals Collectibles are certainly most likely to be the most popular toys this Christmas in addition to the Hatchimals shock. The original Hatchimals was the most prominent plaything for kids in 2016.

The Colleggtibles have a tale and also history. There charming creatures with glittery wings reside in a magical world called Hatchopia. This magical place has many smaller sized areas in them where all the different Colleggtible family members live. There are locations like Polar Heaven, Relationship Ranch, Breezy Coastline, Cloud Cove, Lavender Lake, Laugh Grove, Glittering Yard, and also numerous extra.


Considering that the Colleggtible that comes out of an egg is a shock, there can be surplus Colleggtible Hatchimals in your collection. So they can be exchanged with others to build your complete collection. Your youngster might even see the shade of the egg she or he already has and can, in fact, trade unopened eggs with others as well.

Having Colleggtibles from various households is, fantastic and then learning more about each private Colleggtible has a distinct personality is much more enjoyable. You can learn all about the characteristics and also the individuality of a Hatchimal Colleggtible from the Hatchimals Colleggtibles website.

These cute and lovable pet personalities with wings are a fantastic source of fun as well as hours of betting youngsters. One more positive thing about them for parents is that children will not merely play with them alone; they will certainly like to play with their buddies. The trading, as well as the entire collection, guarantees that they will play with others and also attempt to complete their collections.

Hatchimals Colleggtibles Season 2 – List of Characters (Checklist)

Hatchimals Colleggtibles Season 2

hatchimals colleggtibles list


Hatchimals Colleggtibles Season 3 – List of Characters (Checklist)

hatchimals colleggtibles list
Hatchimals Colleggtibles Season 3 – Checklist List

hatchimals colleggtibles list



Over 100 adorable little friends to collect, in Season 3 of Hatchimals CollEGGtibles to hatch. You can find Friends (charming pals who connect), Doubles (2 Hatchimals CollEGGtibles in one egg), and also sweet Teams!

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To hatch their brand-new friends, your child warms up each egg until the purple heart transforms pink, then press down to crack the shell. Best of all, the tiny dimension of Hatchimals makes them ideal for playing with any time, anywhere!

Hatch Friends Permanently! Hatch and also uncover Best Friends 2 personalities from separate eggs that come together to develop specific postures! Piggybacks, murmuring tricks, Hatch-fives, and even more! For the very first time, you can also hatch out doubles 2 Hatchimals from one egg!

There more than 100 adorable Hatchimals CollEGGtibles to locate in Season 3! Inspect the color of your Hatchimals glittery wings to see if you’ve hatched a Typical, Unusual, Ultra Rare, or Limited Version Hatchimal!

Hatchimals Colleggtibles Season 3

Where are Hatchimals Colleggtibles from, as well as what are the antiques?

Where are the Colleggtibles from?

Hatchtopia is expanding! In Season Three, there more than 100 Hatchimals CollEGGtibles to hatch as well as care for! From Woodland, Farm, Forest, Yard, River, and extra, these fantastic brand-new buddies have sparkly wings and also adorable faces! Add them to your collection as well as experience all the hatching!

Kids crack open the rally by themselves; the features of exclusive egg covering products are the same as the initial Hatchimals do. Each egg features many tinted speckles, showing where they are from, consisting of the woodland, ranch, savannah, and also much more. Youngsters can rub the heart on the egg up until it is pink, and then pinch the egg open up to expose their bird-creature crossbreed with fantastic glittery wings.

Hatchimals Colleggtibles Season 4 – List of Characters (Checklist)

Hatchimals Colleggtibles



Snail Tail Pink
Snail Tail Green
Frowl Purple
Frowl Green
Caterpiper Hot pink
Caterpiper Green
Beebull Peach
Beebull Blue



Fireflwet Green
Fireflwet Pink
Donkemu Pink
Donkemu Yellow



Puppit Yellow
Puppit Pink
Farrow Blue
Farrow Pink



Draggle Blue
Draggle Navy
Cheetree Pink
Cheetree Lilac
Zebrush Blue
Zebrush Pink



Pandoo Purple
Pandoo Pink
Quokkoo Purple
Quokkoo Pink
Parroo Blue
Parroo Coral
Gorillabee Coral
Gorillabee Purple
Cameloon Yellow
Cameloon Blue
Tigrette Green
Tigrette Purple



Walwren Lilac
Walwren Pink
Sharkle Pink
Sharkle Blue
Seaspoon Yellow
Seaspoon Lime
Penguala Pink
Penguala Blue
Blooloo Pink
Blooloo Yellow
Belugull Lilac
Belugull Pink



Duckle Pink
Duckle Purple
Beaveery Green
Beaveery Pink
Alligoo Turquoise
Alligoo Pink



Turtuffin Pink
Turtuffin Purple
Sandsnake Lilac
Sandsnake Coral
Armadillark Pink
Armadillark Turquoise



Squirrlily Turquoise
Squirrlily Pink
Posswift Lilac
Posswift Blue
Lynx Lilac
Lynx Coral

hatchimals colleggtibles list



Hatch bright with Season 4 Hatchimals CollEGGtibles! When you place these little cuties on a light, they shine intensely! Utilize your love and also care to hatch your new buddies, and you might discover among five means to show how they radiate! With 80 to accumulate, there are so many adorable new Hatchimals to meet! Whom will you hatch?

Five Ways to Shine

There are five means to demonstrate how your Hatchimals radiate! Utilize your love as well as hatch your new good friends, and you might find: a glow-in-the-dark; metallic; crystal shine; radiating belly; or blurry translucent Hatchimal! Whom will you hatch?

Put on a Light as well as They’ll Beam Bright

Season 4 Hatchimals CollEGGtibles love to radiate intensely! To see your personality, radiance positions a light listed below! These vibrant translucent cuties will undoubtedly look a lot more vivid and adorable!

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