Anti-Squirrel Slinky on Bird Feeder: it Really Works!

Slinky against squirrels! It works!

You want to know aboutdiy squirrel proof bird feeder slinky – stay here. Recently we came across such an article: “Slinky against squirrels…” Let’s try to convey its meaning to you briefly. Maybe it’ll help. In this article we will tell you about diy squirrel proof bird feeder slinky.

It has been almost two years currently since I have heard the information regarding correctly how Kentucky granny removed the squirrels by affixing slinky to bird feeder pole. In her very own words, she has been evaluating different squirrel proofing tactics for time, and lastly, ended that slinky on bird feeder offers by far the most effective homemade squirrel proofing results.

diy squirrel proof bird feeder slinky
Slinky against squirrels

Being truthful (as grannies generally are), she also included that slinky is not specifically 100% efficient versus the squirrels.

But think what? I did my research as well as I have actually discovered where she failed, and also I am most likely to share that with you.

They are aiding slinky vs. squirrels.

What you see to the left is the real picture of gran’s bird feeder with the squirrel attempting to climb up the pole up and also versus the slinky that’s pushing the squirrel down. At the first appearance, everything appears to be in place below. But something is very incorrect, indeed. Can you presume what?
It’s the feeder itself.

diy squirrel proof bird feeder slinky
DIY squirrel proof bird feeder slinky

Did you see just how close the feeder is to the tree? As well as right here’s what nana claims:
“The squirrels attempted to climb up the pole for two days. After they diminished sometimes, they gave up. A few are now trying to leap from the tree to the top of the bird feeder. If they land it, I let them stay on the feeder for a snack.”

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You can not criticize slinky for loss since it shields bird feeder from listed below!

Likewise, please note that some gifted squirrels may jump 5 to 6 feet to the side as well as putting feeder beside the trees is a significant “no-no” technique. Even the most effective and the most costly anti-squirrel bird feeders lose a good deal of their squirrel evidence capability if put near squirrels launching pad!

If you ‘d like to know more tips like this, please read my anti-squirrel bird feeding technique. Please see to it you get a massive mug of coffee first because it’s a long read … but it will certainly pay if you are fed up with squirrels as well as you do not wish to make the same errors as gran did.

Right sides of slinky anti-squirrel security

Slinky is effective against the squirrels. It acts like an anti-squirrel baffle of some sort.

It’s easy to use: get your bird feeder dressed with slinky, fasten slinky on top, and that’s it. However, do bear in mind to change slinky with brand-new one if it gets extended under the squirrel’s weight.

Slinky is made in different colors as well as aside from maintaining the squirrels away, and it can be a good accessory to your bird feeder.




Now let’s see the real world example just how efficient slinky is against the squirrel. Enjoy!

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