Blade 720 Review Drone: The Best New Way To Take Photos?

Blade 720 Review Drone

When you want to design materials to release on your pages in the Internet social services or you just create your own assemblage of photos and videos, it is really helpful when you can make them yourself. It is said that modern smartphones can’t meet nowadays needs. The number of people who wish to purchase a drone is rising since they make amazing photos and videos. There are two things that can stop them: they are expensive and they can be challenging to apply. But today Blade 720 Drone has come to the world and acquires everything any customer needs: simple use, exciting quality, and small price! Can it be real? Let’s check it together. In this Blade 720 review, we will look through all the advantages of this amazing gadget.

The Drone Blade 720 Review – What It Appears to Be

blade 720 review


It’s a brand new transportable gadget with sophisticated features: a high-quality HD camera, intelligent maneuver control and optical flow sensoring which is really helpful when it comes to shooting in a place filled in with a lot of obstacles.

The Blade 720 is developed to be transportable but it doesn’t make problems with stability in the flight, easy control and recording in HD quality. This has become possible because Blade 720 Drone was precisely engineered for these aims. Its lightweight and foldable construction makes it a vital gadget on any occasion!

Pleasure in Use and Quality of Images

blade 720 pro drone

The Blade 720 Drone is a revolutionary model that is simple to be applied by anyone. This makes it ideal for taking amazing selfies!

We also have to mention in our Blade 720 Drone review that the Blade 720 was developed by two constructors from Germany who enjoy using drones but were dissatisfied with the heavy and problematic drones they had. Because of this they decided to create their own model which would be light, compact and would save all the needed qualities to make good photos and videos. All the features can be enjoyed by any person, even by those who have never tried flying a drone.

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Why Is Blade 720 Drone Named to Be a Revolution?

blade 720 price

During an immense period of time widely-known giants of manufacturing has promised ordinary consumers to provide a drone which would be outstanding in the quality or price. Their time is gone. The Blade 720 Pro Drone has an exceptional video quality, a really small parameters and a price which blows up everyone’s mind. Just imagine that anyone can buy and use this small gadget with fun and pleasure!

You can fold this drone when travelling, you can enjoy its HD quality, and you can control it easily and stably. And you also can save a whole lot of money! Besides, the producer gives you free shipping and the discount of 50%!

How To Use

blade 720 drone specs

It is very simple to set up: firstly, you should install the app. After that you put in the battery, connect to your gadget and open the app. It’s only ten seconds and you can shoot!

Controlling the drone is amazingly simple: the control is intuitive and very quick, and the whole process seems flowless.

Once the drone has risen in the air, we can use the camera which shoots shocking images and videoclips, using otherwise impossible angles!

Blade 720 Drone Features

blade 720 - performance foldable drone

  • Foldable – you can put the propellers inwards when you need to transport it;
  • Suitable for any smartphone – the application is available for various operational systems;
  • Enhanced time flight – the improved battery and the highest speed of up to twelve meters per second;
  • Altitude Hold Mode – you can set the location and the height of the gadget to stay at one spot and shoot perfect videoclips and images;
  • Anti-Collision Feature – sensors inside the drone help to avert any clashes with obstacles and the ground;
  • 3D VR – you can use the joystick and a VR to fly the drone;
  • An ideal design – the light weight and foldability makes it very practical in use;
  • Videos of high quality – the drone helps to shoot very sharp images;
  • Panorama – you can take 360-degree photos;
  • Simple set-up and use;
  • Size and design allows to put the drone into your pocket or any small bag;
  • Smooth and intuitive controlling system allows anyone to fly the drone;
  • 120-degree wide-angle lens;
  • The system of tracking plans the trajectory of the flight in advance;
  • An improved battery gives you the opportunity to apply the drone for ten minutes;
  • LED night light helps you to notice the device at night;
  • WiFi connection is simple to apply;
  • Several speed modes;
  • Durable and trustworthy construction.


Special Features of the Device

blade 720 review

The feature which attracts customers the most in Blade 720 is its camera, cost, transportability and simplicity.

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The gadget is not bigger than any modern mobile phone. With the ability to fold the runners and small size you can keep it in any bag or pocket!

The control designed in the way that allows everyone to rule the drone. The Blade 720 also comprises a wonderful hovering ability, so you don’t need to think about the altitude.

A device with such title has to have a good camera, and so it does – it shoots wonderful photos and videos!

We also would like to mention that the gadget is constructed of ABS plastic, which gives it the light weight and the durable body.

The Blade 720 price will be enjoyed by any customer since it is less than one hundred dollars for this drone.

Blade 720 Application

To apply the Blade 720 Drone you need to obtain just your mobile phone. The application connects your phone straight to the drone and can be downloaded from the stores of any operational system. The application is free of charge and there are no hidden costs. You only have to download it and connect to the drone through WiFi. After that the phone is put to the remote control, and there you are – you can fly the Blade 720 to the air and see the picture on the screen of your phone!

Blade 720 Characteristics

blade 720 review

Though the drone is simple to use, it can do a lot of things you even can’t imagine what it can do. First of all, it can be folded – the wings go inwards the drone, so the drone becomes transportable. The gadget also has one-touch button for the take-off and landing as well as the return. The button of the height holding keeps the drone on one altitude to achieve the best quality of the photos and pictures, and there are also 3 speed modes are available. The drone gives you the opportunity to do 360-degree rolls, but you should have enough experience in controlling the drone.

Blade 720 Technical Specifications

Below you can see the list of the most important Blade 720 Drone specs:

  • 0MP 720P Wide-Angle Lens
  • 4GHz Tech for the Full Control
  • 6-Axis Gyroscope
  • 3 Speed Modes
  • Enhanced and Light Body
  • WiFi Connection Sends Photos and Videos to the Phone
  • Can go up to one hundred meters and fly up to ten minutes

Blade 720 Drone Regulations

blade 720 drone review

Many customers choose not to purchase drones since they believe that such gadgets are very challenging to use. Blade 720 is easy in use, and below you can see the instruction how to use your model:

  1. Take everything out of the box including the drone itself;
  2. Put the blades to the drone using the screwdriver;
  3. Download the application to your mobile phone;
  4. Synchronize the app with your flying gadget;
  5. Put your phone into the drone’s remote control;
  6. Make sure that the drone is fully charged and push the take-off button.
  7. Fly the drone and take photos and videos!
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We would recommend you to learn how to do basic movements and only after the practice try what the drone is able to do.

Blade 720 Cost

blade 720 review

The usual price of the Blade 720 is $199.99, but through the links in this article you will get a really good discount of 50% and buy at $99.99. Another offer includes a third throne free if you buy two gadgets. Any order will include free shipping delivery.



Blade 720 Resume

Of course, there have been developed many drones which have more functions than Blade 720 – performance foldable drone, but this one was particularly designed for novices who are not familiar with drone flying. This drone is little, compact, simple to use and has a small cost. This gadget will be able to introduce you to the world of drone shooting.

The Functions of Blade 720

blade 720 review

Firstly, 720 in the title shows that the drone shoots the photos up to 750 pixels. You will receive pictures of high quality in any case. And through the app you can control the gadget as well as download pictures directly to the phone!

In addition to this, various modes of the drone makes a lot of tricks possible. The Blade 720 Drone can fly really fast and even do a 360-degree flip. We are sure that the drone is perfectly suitable for beginners!

Places to Buy

The Blade 720 Drone can be bought on the official website of the company. A purchase can be made quickly and the drone will be delivered in no more than 12 days after the purchase.




We would like to say that this drone is definitely worth buying. You should imagine that this one is ideal for transporting, it is very durable, fast and smart. You will definitely enjoy taking huge amounts of pictures and videos to keep in your memory!



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