Best Trail Camera Under $100 Of 2021: Comparison Review

Every passionate hunter knows how important it is to use quality hunting equipment. Often, hunters are willing to spend more money on a good gun or other equipment than on a trail camera. And this position is clear. But the truth is that for a profitable hunt a trail camera is a must have rather than an excess. If you think that a good trail camera is very expensive, then you probably haven’t read this article yet. Because here we bring to your attention a selection of 5 trail cameras that we recommend you to look at before giving up the idea of buying one. Read this review carefully and you will find out which is the best trail camera under $100 you can buy in 2020.

Best Trail Camera Under $100 Reviews

Rexing HD Trail Camera

best trail camera


If you have ever dealt with cameras – choosing or buying them – then you should be familiar with the name of Rexing brand. This manufacturer has released the new addition to its device range – the Rexing HD trail camera, which is one of the best trail camera under $100. The main update in this model is that its stand-by mode, which was made truly unique. It has the ability to save its power and keep the camera running on battery power for a whole year. And it’s all in tracking mode.

This camera is also designed so that you don’t have to worry about its safety. Once you mount it to a tree, it will not fall down because of the special strap mount it is equipped with. In addition, the camera is secured from thieves and unwanted movements by the lock with password security system. Weather conditions are also not a threat for the camera: it is able to easily withstand temperatures from -4 F to 140 F.

Features Review

This device is equipped with 5 options of resolution. You can choose from 3 to 16 megapixels mode to take photoshoots. It also has a built-in microphone, allowing you to record sound-provided videos in quality of 1080 full HD. This camera has a slot for micro-SD memory card where you can upload up to 32 GB of information.

This camera is capable of taking instant shots with a delay of just 1/5 of a second. This has become possible thanks to special RIP side and sensors of motion: they are triggered as soon as the animal moves past the camera. In addition, these sensors have about 120 different angles of detection.

The camera can recognize and record motion up to 64 ft from the place it is located. It is also able to take high quality pictures even in dark conditions. For this purpose, it is equipped with a special Infrared LED Flash, which is perfect for night vision and is absolutely silent and restrained.

What’s good about it:

  1. HD quality
  2. Extremely quick response
  3. LED flash for night qualified tracking
  4. Built-in display
  5. Power-saving ability
  6. Protective design

What’s bad about it:

  1. 8 AA batteries
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TEC.BEAN Trail Camera

best trail camera


This camera differs from others in its amazing ease of use and great image quality. It allows you to make very clear pictures at the daytime and reasonably good pictures at the nighttime.

An important advantage of such trail camera is its warranty service. The TEC.BEAN brand cares about its buyers. Therefore, it does not only produce hunting devices of an excellent quality, but also provides great conditions for the maintenance of their cameras. Thus, you may count on one-year warranty guaranteed service and a possibility to exchange your camera for another model in case the use of current one somehow doesn’t suit you.

Also, the manufacturer accompanies this camera with detailed operating instructions and is ready to answer all your questions.

Features Review

This particular camera is equipped with a 12Mp lens and can take 9 photoshoots in one detection period. It has the ability to shoot high-quality Full HD video. At night, the video is shot in black and white. The energy saving performance of this camera is also good: it is capable of continuous operation for 6 months. Also DC current in the camera lens can reach 0.3 mA, which is quite low.

The high-quality night vision of this trail camera is able due to the presence of 36 components of the 940 nm LED flash. That why the camera can detect moving animal up to 75 ft from its location.

What’s good about it:

  1. HD resolution
  2. High speed of the trigger
  3. Long range of night vision
  4. Unique gripping modes
  5. High level of protection
  6. Multifunctionality

What’s bad about it:

  1. Night capture could be better

CamKing E5 Trail Camera

best trail camera

When the CamKing company developed their model of camera, they wanted to make it not only of a high quality and versatile, but also robust and durable. That is why a special IP54 protective profile was built into the camera. This made it waterproof and dustproof. In addition, the camera body has been designed to be shock and corrosion resistant.

Even the most extreme conditions are not terrible for this device. The camera can safely withstand temperatures from -33 F to 122 F. It also is capable of working even in very wet conditions. This functionality makes this camera ideal for most hunting and tracking. Also, you can be absolutely reassured for the safety of your camera, as it is equipped with a coded lock.

Features Review

You will be pleasantly surprised by the quality of photos that this device is capable of performing. With 16 Mp resolution and 9 shots in a row during the trigger you are assured of bright and accurate high quality photos. In this camera model, the motion sensor functions perfectly both during the day and at night. Since the shutter speed is less than 1 second, it is able to capture the movement of even a very fast creature.

It also has the function of shooting video in full HD format. You can take a very high-resolution color video during the daytime, and black and white at night. The camera is capable of taking pictures from a distance of 65 ft. This is made possible by including the 40 PV black LED flash. Having all the above functionality, this trail camera is still capable of long-term operation: it can function for 4 months on battery power.

What’s good about it:

  1. 16 Mp-high resolution
  2. Extreme shutter speed
  3. Long distance trigger
  4. 40 PV black LED flash
  5. Water, dust and shockproof
  6. Multifunctional
  7. Multiple capture modes

What’s bad about it:

  1. Grainy quality of night shoots

Bushnell Trophy Trail Camera

best trail camera


The Bushnell company keeps up with its competitors and offers passionate hunters one of the best trail camera under $100 that is capable of taking very cool and clear pictures. One of the advantages of this device is the ability to take pictures and video of objects that are 80 ft from the position of the camera. This is the one of the largest number in this category among all the cameras considered in the review. It also has a high range of resistance to different temperature conditions: from -5 F to 140 F.

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This device also comes with an easily adjustable mesh strap and a portable power socket. It is equipped with high quality night vision. In addition, each camera shot is accompanied by a date and time recording. The camera also has the ability to scan the territory using time-lapse technology.

Features Review

The characteristics of this camera meet many of your expectations. Here you will get a resolution of 12Mp, a trigger speed of 1/3 of a second and the possibility to shoot video with a resolution of 720 HD.

The camera can operate on battery power for an entire year, as it has an efficient power saving mode. And as mentioned above, its feature is the ability to scan the field in time-lapse mode. This allows you to take pictures automatically at specified intervals.

What’s good about it:

  1. Adjustable image trigger mode
  2. HD photo and video resolution
  3. Fast detection trigger speed
  4. Time-lapse mode
  5. Huge flash range

What’s bad about it:

  1. Poor quality in fog
  2. Confusing interface

Wildgame Bottomland Camera

best trail camera


This is another great long range camera with the ability to take pictures at a distance of 80 ft. All photos taken by this device are accompanied by information about the serial number, date, time, place where it was taken, and even the current phase of the moon. The camera flash is able to illuminate the environment on a long distance and to avoid illuminating antlers, if there are any.

This camera is very easy and efficient in use. You can use this camera not only for hunting, but also as a means of monitoring your household.

Features Review

The characteristics of this trail camera also deserve your attention and approval. The device is capable of taking photos with a resolution of 16Mp and video in 720 HD format. All photo/video and other types of data can be placed in an 32GB SanDisk memory card, for which the camera has a special slot. It is equipped with 36 components of IR LED flash, so you’ll be sure to get high-quality day and night-time pictures from the distance of up to 80 ft away.

The high-speed shutter is capable of capturing movement at a speed of half a second and taking a series of great photos in all weather conditions. In addition, the camera is secured with a special lock system to which a python cable can be connected. At last, this trail camera has a sufficient margin of performance to work without interruption for six months.

What’s good about it:

  1. 16 Mp of resolution
  2. Large distance of illuminating and detecting
  3. High speed movement response
  4. Day and nighttime photo shoots
  5. 32GB SanDisk SD card

What’s bad about it:

  1. Small display
  2. Grainy photo quality

How To Choose The Best Trail Camera Under $100?

best trail camera

After we have reviewed possible variants of the best trail camera under $100, let’s take a closer look at some of the features that are important to consider when buying such a device. There are listed some particular qualities, which you should pay attention to when choosing:

Trigger speed

Most good quality cameras have a trigger speed of less than 1 second response. All the camera models discussed today have this speed of less than half a second. However, 1/5 of second is considered the best. If a camera has its trigger speed faster than 1 second, keep in mind that it will be useless for tracking fast animals.

Image quality

This feature directly affects the image quality: the higher the resolution, the better it is. A good resolution is one between 10 and 16 Mp. However, high quality photos also take up a lot of memory card space, so your camera must support a large SD card.

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Camera Range

best trail camera

This feature allows you to take pictures at a great distance. However, the image quality will not always be good if the capture distance is too long. The best option is a pickup distance of 30 ft or more. A shorter distance range is usually not that useful and also inconvenient.

Night Vision

This allows you to take black and white pictures in the dark using the LED flash. All listed cameras have this function with the only difference in image quality.

Video recording quality

This function is as important as photographing. It’s better if the camera can shoot video in 720 HD format and above. Otherwise, you simply will not be able to recognize the objects in the video. Also, a trail camera with the ability to record video must have a large amount of memory, since video files usually take up a lot of space.

Storage space

This feature has already been mentioned several times. You should already know that it is better if the camera has the ability to insert a memory card with a large amount of storage. Thus, you will be able to take high quality pictures and videos without limits.


Water and moisture are a major hazard to a camera designed for outdoor use. All cameras are equipped with a minimum water resistance. And it will be even better, if a trail camera also has dust and shock resistance, as this will provide a much longer period of use.

Battery life

best trail camera

The larger the battery, the longer your trail camera can work nonstop. All listed cameras have a performance margin from 4 months to a whole year. This is enough to satisfy the needs of almost any hunter. You just need to choose the option that suits you best.

Final Verdict

best trail camera

As you can see now, a budget camera doesn’t have to be a low quality camera. In this review, we tried to find the best trail camera under $100. We looked at 5 selected models, which have different characteristics, allowing you to take high quality pictures. Some of them are so good that they can be compared to regular full HD cameras.

All of the listed trail cameras are designed to work in difficult weather conditions from several months up to a whole year continuously. All of them have excellent resolution levels and are capable of taking high-quality pictures both in the dark and at a great distance.

If after reading this review you still have not decided on the choice of a camera, then we are ready to give you one hint. Despite the fact that all the cameras on this list meet high quality requirements, we have selected one model that we consider to be the best option. The CamKing E5 trail camera is our choice, since there are a lot of positive user reviews on it. With this camera you get excellent quality of high-resolution day and nighttime images and video, the ability to quickly capture the movement of an object, a good margin of performance and tracking distance. And all this in a budget trail camera.

Hopefully, this review was useful to you and you’ve finally decided on the best trail camera under $100 for yourself.


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