Best Scope for AR 15 Under $100 – Ultimate Guide for You

Is your time spent or budget constraints an important factor in finding the right product to buy? Buying in this price range can be an almost impossible task for you, but even for this amount, you should not just randomly choose a random sight. This will be the wrong decision. Despite the cheapness of the presented models, if you choose the wrong sight, you will be tormented by remorse for a long time.

But, fortunately, in this article, we will help you decide and tell you about the best sights in this price category, which are affordable, high-quality and reliable. We have selected several models for you that were able to pass our tests and we can say with confidence that these sights are worthy of your attention. In this article we will tell you about best scope for ar 15 under $100.

best scope for ar 15 under $100

Best scope for AR 15 Under $100

We all understand that money is not so easy to get, so manufacturers think about us and create products that you can buy for no more than a hundred dollars. Just for fun, look at the huge number of reviews on the forums confirming the purchase of an excellent optical sight in this price category. The market for low-cost optical sights will always be in demand, so it does not fade, but only develops. So, how do we separate a good product from the numerous garbage? You just need to decide what you want from buying an optical sight. Attempts to go beyond your capabilities without paying attention to all the necessary tactical functions can be a failure for you in terms of such a purchase. Instead, we recommend that you only invest in useful optical sight features. The main functions we have identified three: build quality, fine grid and the transparency of the glass.

You could easily call us liars if we were to claim that a $ 100 sight can do anything, but it won’t. But in any case, even it may be enough for you to achieve your goals. The well-known saying about getting what we pay for works very often in the optical sight industry. However, even in this case, if you carefully look at the available market, even in our price category, you can pick up a lot of interesting copies. Some perfect apps can come in handy for some types of hunting craft, regular target shooting, security, or protecting your home. If your requirements are not too high, then even a sight that costs less than a hundred dollars you will like. It doesn’t matter if you are a novice or a seasoned shooter. Let’s start analyzing the sights themselves on the example of specific models selected by us specifically for you.

UTG 3-9X32 BugBuster AO Scope

best scope for ar 15 under $100


This best scope for ar 15 under $100 is not just included in our list of the best-augmented reality sights worth about a hundred dollars, it was created in order to be named the best. This is also confirmed by numerous positive reviews from hundreds of satisfied customers. But our vocation is to review this sight in detail with all its pros and cons, and not just write to you to buy it. We’ll probably start with the advantages and disadvantages.

·        Decent price

·        Convenient reticle with mil-points

·        Illumination of a grid

·        The goal can be adjusted

·        Lockable or resettable turrets

·        The problem was revealed in quality control


You got it right. This model carries lockable and resettable turrets. For such a price range, this find is absolutely incredible. Having the ability to block turrets will give you a lot more confidence while aiming. When you set the settings, you will no longer be able to accidentally hit them or knock them down while you are working with this scope. The mil-dot range of sighting tracks accurately with adjustments, and there are hash marks along the entire height and horizontal crosshair corrections for multiple aiming points and within your target. Like most high-quality sights in this price range, it is equipped with double illumination, red and green, but this model is clearly visible even without its inclusion. The brightness is easily adjusted using the side disk, which is made neatly and conveniently, than it is possible to do on the eyepiece.

The very presence of illumination is not particularly relevant, but mildots are very convenient. First, you can use them to determine the distance to the goal (the corresponding table is included), and second, more importantly, it is easier to take the wind and height correction for them. Made a test shot-saw how many miles went to the side-transferred to this number of miles sight and all the business.

The kit includes a lens hood, front and rear lens caps, two quick-release rings for the weaver, a spare bolt for the ring, two batteries, a cloth with the manufacturer’s logo for wiping the optics, three hex keys (fixing the “zero” point of the drums, setting up quick-release rings, fixing the sight in the rings).

The drums are tactical, i.e. they can be adjusted directly on the battlefield without additional do this, the lower ribbed part of the drum must be turned a quarter turn, after which the drum begins to rotate. After making adjustments, the drum is fixed in the same way. The hexagon hole in the drum cover is designed for setting the”zero”.

The multiplicity on the scope varies from 3 to 9. it is Best seen on a multiplicity of 3. On the nine, the small details in the picture are already slightly blurred, but not as much as those of Chinese brands.

Of the disadvantages of the sight, it is worth noting that the back cover of the lens sits loosely and tries to jump off. It comes with a 2-inch sun visor, flip-down covers, and sturdy mid-height QD rings. UTG series sights are covered by The Leapers lifetime warranty.

CVLIFE 2.5-10X40E Red & Green Illuminated Mil-Dot Tactical Rifle Scope

best scope for ar 15 under $100


It will be quite difficult for you to find a suitable scope at a price lower than this model since it is very popular on the market, as well as real optics. There is one very good reason why this model of sight has become widely known and still leads the market for budget optical sights for those who want to make a good deal. We will start with a brief selection of the advantages and disadvantages of this model.

·        Decent price

·        Double illumination

·        Built-in good quality laser

·        Reticle

·        Accessories are included

·        There are problems with the build quality of the model
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For a sight that costs less than fifty dollars in today’s market, it’s worth spending and buying Loctite to keep everything in its place. You will often see this advice in articles when buying budget optics, because for the most part the build quality of such sights leaves much to be desired, and this sight is no exception to this rule.

But, despite this, for this price, you will be pleasantly surprised, because you will have more at your disposal than what you could expect. The sight is equipped with dual illumination with five changeable brightness settings, which allows you to see the reticle itself in red or green – this is what you will perfectly suit at any time of the day and in any environment. This is what you wanted, isn’t it?

The reticle itself looks like a milli point grid with BDC holding points specially calibrated for cartridges .223 55 g for a distance of up to five hundred yards. You can also use it to accurately aim at a selected target, if you know the size of the final target, if, of course, you have such shooting experience. Fans of tactics will like the side laser built into the sight. Those who want to go the distance after buying a sight and attaching it to a rifle will like that the kit includes replaceable lens caps, a full set of batteries to power the replaceable backlight and side laser, as well as special mounts for a 20 mm sight.

There is nothing special about this model, and it has nothing to hide from you. So do we when we talk about this scope for you. If you’ve been looking for a low-cost targeting system that’s fun and fun to play with and accurate enough to load, you can follow the example of hundreds of other satisfied customers and make this truly great deal.

Bushnell Trophy TRS-25 Red Dot

best scope for ar 15 under $100


The Bushnell Trophy TRS-25 Red Dot collimator is perfect proof that best scope for ar 15 under $100 aren’t always bad, and that the “Made in China” label on the box doesn’t always mean You bought a bad thing. Take, for example, a very famous smartphone; where is it made?

Naturally, this collimator is somewhat inferior to the more “thoroughbred” and expensive collimators such as Trijicon MRO and even Aimpoint Micro T-1, but the price, which differs by about 4-5 times, is captivating. In addition, there are conditions for using a collimator when special accuracy and certain characteristics are not important in principle. The manufacturer counted on this collimator rather for high speed of throwing, compactness and low cost. On the official website, in a brief description, not a word about assault rifles, only about pistols/revolvers and shotguns.

·        Price availability

·        Adjustable illumination

·        Red dot

·        Suitable for all weather conditions

·        Great for AR 15 pistols

·        Too low profile for rifles

·        Problems with quality control


The red mark in the shape of roundels has a diameter of 3 MOA, to compare the two collimators on the links above brand 2 MOA and they are recommended as assault rifles and shotguns, the collimator Candice Bushnell TRS-25 brand designed for long distances and small targets as it is large and is only 100 meters away, will close the circle around 87 mm, and at 200 meters about 174 mm, respectively, at 300 meters 261 mm, so the TRS-25 is not recommended for rifles, although no one forbids putting it on a rifle, but it will be convenient to work only at short distances.

As many as 11 brightness options allow you to choose the best option from dusk to a Sunny day in the desert or on a snowy field. To be honest, 11 is a lot, considering that among them there are no modes for working with PNV and so on. But a lot is not a little.

The lens is 25 mm X1. Nothing unusual – the normal size for closed collimators of the compact class. Increase X1, i.e. without increasing. Which is understandable, because this is a collimator designed for fast jumping and short distances.

The price per click. One click moves the stamp by 14 mm at a distance of 100 m. Which is comparable to the step of 2 MOA collimators recommended for rifles, that is, a similar adjustment to the conditions of use of the Bushnell TRS-25-even with a margin. The range of adjustments for 100 meters is 1.9 meters, which will allow you to adjust even weapons with not the most ideal the geometry of the bar relative to the axis of the barrel.

Distance to the eye. Not limited, that is, the sight can be put at least on the back of the box at least at the end of the barrel, but there is a question of convenience and the width of the field of view.

Body. Aluminum with a matte surface, the case is sealed and filled with nitrogen to combat fogging. The manufacturer writes that the sight can be completely submerged in water for a long time and everything will be fine.

Tacticon Armament Predator V1 Red Dot Scope

best scope for ar 15 under $100


This best scope for ar 15 under $100 does not apply to low-power adjustable optics, which we are fans of, it is quite a real sight with a blue and red dot, or in variations with a red and green dot. Due to the fact that this sight has an incredible number of positive reviews and the price is absolutely acceptable, we simply could not help but add it to this list. Let’s take a closer look.

·        Cheap for sale

·        Ability to switch between green and red dots

·        Brightness is adjustable

·        Witness with iron sights

·        Suitable for all weather conditions

·        The problem of quality control


Well, we won’t make a big secret of it. This scope is made in China, and there are quality control issues that range from not-quite-high-quality assembly to point failures. However, here you can use a couple of proven techniques that can correct this situation. You will need Loctite and a little patience to fix the problem with insufficient mounting screws.

In addition, since we have a budget sight, the dots may suddenly flash or glow too brightly after adjustment, this is the fault of V1. But, when it comes to various other problems with red dots, such as clusters or curved dots, it seems that many users don’t know how astigmatism affects vision when viewed through a scope.

In addition to certain design problems, the manufacturer still maintains its reputation by providing users with a lifetime warranty and the ability to return the entire amount paid for the product.

Predator V1 carries an interchangeable red and green dots with five different brightness settings. It in addition comes complete with a pre-installed mount for quick installation on the rail, although it can be removed with the supplied mounting device.

Despite the cheapness of this sight, we were very impressed with its water resistance, o-ring seal and the presence of protection from all types of weather conditions, which is ideal for field trips. So that you can fully use all the available features of this sight, its useful range does not exceed the mark of three hundred yards.

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Be more careful when installing the scope, check your vision and the red dot immediately after receiving the scope (so that you can quickly return it if necessary) – so you will get the most out of this purchase. For its low price, it’s worth your budget and a small amount of extra effort.

Bushnell 1—4×24 Trophy XLT

best scope for ar 15 under $100


The XLT series is a low-cost series of Bushnell sights. The solid, monolithic 30 mm diameter center tube has a matte anodized finish. Half a turn of the “zoom” ring with a large corrugation is enough to go from a single to a four-fold increase.

·        Inexpensive but effective

·        Rapid increase

·        Eleven stages of illumination

·        Anti-fogging protection

·        Reticle

·        Problems with quality control


The diopter setting is located at the end of the eyepiece, the brightness control is located on the left side of the Central tube, as the third drum. The brightness of the backlight is set with eleven steps; between the steps the red reticle mark of the reticle No. 4 is disabled. The reticle is located in the 2nd focal plane.

Setting the reticle with clear labels works with a clearly audible click. The scope is filled with nitrogen to prevent fogging. Bushnell provides a field of view of 23m by 100m at single magnification and 9M at quadruple magnification, which is not much. Removing the exit pupil of 89 mm is enough for a hunter.

This lens makes it possible to shoot up to 70-100 meters in a clear month (i.e., not yet a full moon), when the ordinary eye can no longer distinguish objects. But provided that the object of hunting is located on a free area, i.e. not against the background of the forest. Against the background of the forest, the aperture is not enough. Definitely need a night light.

In general, for your money, the sight causes only positive emotions. The aperture is due to the lens in 42 and the tube in 30. Very, very clear picture.

The UTG / Leapers Accushot 1-4 Power

best scope for ar 15 under $100


Multiplicity 1-4, for aiming, an illuminated ring is used around a point about two arc minutes in size. There are different levels of illumination in the green and red versions, such as the battery-CR 2032, i.e. it is absolutely not a problem to find it. Aiming can be done without illumination.

·        A good ratio to aim

·        Illumination

·        Tube for low light

·        Mounts included

·        The glass didn’t pass the quality check


We liked the 30 mm tube, which lets in more light in low-light conditions. With two adjustment reels, we figured out easily, setting the optics to zero was not difficult. There is a useful function for returning to zero. But one more feature of this sight can be recommended for use by all other manufacturers — this is a screw that fixes the settings of the drums so that they do not stray. The reels make an adjustment for half the angular minute.

When we unpacked the box, we saw quick-release fasteners for standard slats. This allows you to save a certain amount that we usually spend on expensive brackets, especially for 30 mm tubes. We installed this sight on our carbine.

We liked everything, the corrections were not lost. We can say that for this price, the sight is simply excellent. We have spoken with many UTG owners and they are all happy with the sight itself and the service. We have tried many sights and this one is one of the best purchases.

As for the disadvantages, the only thing we noticed is the imperfection of the glass, along the perimeter there are some small distortions. However, while aiming, when the eye is focused in the center, this is not noticeable. In general, the sight is easy to handle and quite accurate. It is slightly heavier than its counterparts (16.9 ounces = 479 grams), but the reliability pays for this weight.

Pinty 2.5-10×40 AOEG Mil-Dot

best scope for ar 15 under $100


The Pinty 2.5-10×40 aoeg optical sight belongs to the line of sights with variable multiplicity. Its main distinguishing feature is a variable multiplicity with a range from x2. 5 to X10. The letters AO in the designation of the sight indicate that it has parallax correction, the letters EG indicate the presence of a two-color illumination of the reticle.

Despite the lens with an average diameter of 40 mm, the sight, however, collects a fairly large amount of light, has a good field of view and allows you to get a fairly clear and bright image even in poor light. The field of view changes from 12…5 m/100m as the multiplicity increases.

·        Multi-layer antireflection coating for lenses that allows you to increase light transmission and improve image quality

·        Two-color illumination of the reticle with brightness adjustment

·        Red Laser sight provides fast target acquisition

·        Not suited for night shooting


The main purpose of the 2.5-10×40 AOEG is to conduct accurate shooting at any distance – from small to long. The device is recommended to be installed on firearms with a muzzle energy not exceeding the value of 3700 j and Pneumatics not exceeding the value of 7 g.

Pinty 2.5-10×40 AOEG is equipped with a reticle type R 12. It is a crosshair with ballistic millimeter dots in the center (Mil-Dot). This grid allows you to enter additional visual corrections in accordance with the ballistics of the bullet, as well as allows you to determine the distance to the target and the linear dimensions of the target.

This best scope for ar 15 under $100 is mounted on a weapon with a standard weaver/Picatinny bar using special rings-brackets with a diameter of 30.0 mm

Simmons ProHunter Truplex Reticle Handgun Scope

best scope for ar 15 under $100


As smart readers may have already concluded, the Simmons Truplex ProHunter gun sight comes with a Truplex mesh, which is essentially a General-purpose diplex mesh. For some reason, each telescope manufacturer has its own name. Leaving aside the sample nomenclature, this area is really a big investment: optics are surprisingly good for the price range and are durable enough to withstand the recoil of any type of firearm, from guns, rifles and shotguns.

·        Shock resistant and waterproof

·        Great field of view

·        Great quality magnification range with locked in 4X

·        Only one magnification level


Another great feature that adds to its versatility is the ability to customize. In addition to the standard adjustable wind lift and lift range, the telescope also has adjustable magnification (2–6x) and generous adjustable eye removal (3.75–20 inches). Going back to wind and elevation for a short time: this range comes with what Simmons calls the TrueZero system, which allows you to lock in range and maintain zero even with strong recoil.

Speaking of which, it’s important to mention that the range has been thoroughly tested and certified to work with rifle recoil .375 HH magnum, and also with a 3.5-inch shell fired from a 12-gauge.

What to Look for Best Scope for AR 15 under $100

Every hunter after five years of owning the first smoothbore weapon, faces the choice of purchasing a rifled carbine. Along with this solution, it is worth considering how to choose an optical sight. Although the sight is acquired and then again, and maybe even more than once. But each time the decision is associated with the complexity of the choice for different reasons.

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best scope for ar 15 under $100

The first reason is what kind of sight to choose: collimator, optical, night? Yes, and you also need to be reliable, good, so that you don’t feel ashamed in front of your friends… When a decision is made to purchase an optical sight, many questions arise about its characteristics and various technical properties.

Dimensions and weight when selecting the scope

When shooting in a shooting range or stationary conditions, the size and weight of the sight and weapon do not play a role, but the situation changes when it comes to hunting. Every gram counts here! If you take into account all the equipment carried by the hunter: weapons, ammunition, equipment, backpack, everything you need for hunting for a day, and if you multiply the weight of the inventory by kilometers, and over rough terrain, with hills and hills, you begin to appreciate every extra gram taken.

Therefore, if we are talking about running, it is better to choose a sight with less weight, and for the corral also with smaller dimensions.

Selecting the illumination of the sight

best scope for ar 15 under $100

The presence of illumination is important, especially for corral hunting, as it reduces the aiming time if the hunt takes place in the forest and the reticle merges with branches and bushes when hovering. But, illuminated sights have more weight and are much more expensive. Therefore, when choosing it, you need to understand its necessity.

Types of sights by constant and variable multiplicity

Sights with constant multiplicity have less weight, they have better light transmission, better visibility at dusk, since they do not have a device for changing the multiplicity of the sight, so there are fewer lenses. Better light transmission is especially important for hunting in low light conditions, such as at dusk.

These sights are better suited for measured hunting, but when shooting at medium stable distances, for example from a tower. When choosing a “permanent” you need to know in advance how far You plan to shoot. An additional advantage of such sights is the important parameter – “removal of the exit pupil”, which is unchanged, to which the shooter gradually gets used, which increases accuracy and speed.

The sights with variable magnification have a special ring for setting the desired magnification. They are more versatile, as they can be used for different types of hunting. For example, for corral hunting, you can set the minimum magnification, and when shooting at long distances-a large multiplicity, in accordance with the required distance.

Types of optical sights mounting

best scope for ar 15 under $100

As a rule, optical sights are mounted on a tube with rings or on a bracket. There are three types (diameter) of optical sights mounting

  • Rings with a diameter of 25.4 mm
  • Rings with a diameter of 30 mm
  • Rings with a diameter of 34 mm

There are other mounting options – on brackets with rings. Such brackets are produced by many companies, they are monolithic and the cost can vary significantly.

Rings and brackets are divided into three main types

  • Low
  • Medium
  • High

The lower the height, the better for further investment in the sight.  But if you buy a sight with a large lens, you will have to buy high rings. When installing the sight should be aligned horizontally carefully tightening the screws with a force of 15 to 30 kg 2.5 cm When installing, it is necessary to use the thread retainer. It is better to entrust this work to a professional installer. Thus protecting yourself from errors, and you do not need to spend money on the tool.

Often, when purchasing a sight, they “chase” a large lens diameter and a large magnification. In fact, this is not necessarily quite enough for a diameter of 40-42 mm. When shooting up to 350 meters, it is usually enough to increase 4-6 times. More is extremely sharply used. To choose a sight by the diameter of the lens, you need to know that the light passes through a lens with a diameter of 50 mm by 42% more than in a 42mm lens and this is almost no noticeable. At the same time, a sight with a 42 mm lens will be much lighter than a sight with a 50 mm lens.

Setting the exit pupil diameter

This is an important indicator that is calculated using the Formula: the ratio of the lens Diameter to the magnification. What you need to know: if the diameter of the exit pupil is small, for example 4 mm or less, then with a quick shot, when there is little time for aiming, you can miss, since it is difficult to clearly see the target mark without darkening (crescents).

Remove exit pupil

best scope for ar 15 under $100

This indicator shows two important things. The first is safety-the distance from the shooter’s eye to the eyepiece, the higher the indicator the better. This indicator should not be less than 90mm, so as not to get hurt when recoil. Second – if you remove an eye more than this parameter, you will not see anything. When choosing a sight, you need to take this indicator into account, especially when installing it, if the sight is close or far away, you may encounter problems. The distance from the eye to the eyepiece must be equal to this parameter. The shooter should not “reach” for the sight, this may lead to a miss when firing.

Field of view

This indicator is important and the higher it is, the better. The better you can see the goal, and it will be easier to find it. For corral sights, this indicator can be 40 meters or more (at 100 meters). When choosing sights with a field of view of less than 2.5 meters, you need to be careful, because it will be difficult to “catch” the target.


best scope for ar 15 under $100

Common sighting nets are:

  • Mil-Dot, one division of such a grid is equal to 1 MOA=10 cm per 100 meters. It is convenient and versatile. There are varieties of HalfMilDot with a division price of 0.5 MOA and even less.
  • Horus, such a grid has many divisions, usually below the crosshair. The division price is 0.2 MOA. This is convenient for shooting at remote targets, taking into account the distance, wind correction, etc. Such nets are used for long-range target shooting, for example, in “Warming”. For such shooting, a ballistic calculator is usually used. Careful use of such a grid, calculator with proper skills allows you to maximize the use of the shooter’s existing weapons.
  • Ballistic – ballistic. This grid has the form of a cross with divisions in hundreds, vertically and horizontally. At the same time, the sight is aimed at: 100 meters in the center, 200 meters-1 divisions to the bottom, 200 meters-1 divisions even lower, etc. This grid is used for shooting up to 500-600 meters.

I hope our article helped you find a high-quality and inexpensive sight for your rifle. Use our tips and you will definitely succeed.



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