Best Dash Cam Under $100 – Ultimate Guide For You

Today we have prepared for you a list of the best dash cam under $100  that you will spend no more than a hundred dollars on. Of course, in today’s market there are a huge number of budget devices manufactured in China, but they often cannot boast of decent reliability and high quality, stable software and special sensors, video quality is also sometimes terrible, and sometimes there are failures in the system, and the video is not captured at all. This can especially hurt you when you need the camera to capture a crucial moment. Fortunately, we have found you budget dash cams from trusted manufacturers.

best dash cam under $100

Best Dash Cam Under $100

Rexing V1 Dash Cam

best dash cam under $100


Resing’s completely dark V-shaped DVR camera V1 is capable of recording high-resolution 1080p video at thirty frames per second. It uses a special sensor that allows you to capture video with stunning clarity, both in the light and in the dark. This camera uses a very wide lens angle, which is equal to 170 degrees, to cover as much space as possible on the road, while analogues of this device are able to cover only 140 degrees. You can watch the video itself directly on the camera screen, and you can also change settings.

Since the best dash cam under $100 has a built-in capacitor, not an internal battery, it can withstand both high and low temperatures. The device comes with a set of hard wires, so you can keep the device charged from the car battery. You can also use the Parking mode function, which will allow you to monitor your car during your absence. The device also has a built-in sensor that detects the slightest malfunction or interference, blocking the captured file and protecting it from attempts to overwrite.

Thanks to the built-in Wi-Fi system, you have a great opportunity to download and install a special application on your mobile device so that you can watch video files on it, download them to your phone or tablet and share them in your social networks. You can put any microSD card up to 256 GB in the camera, which is much more than many analogs. Thanks to this volume, you can record up to 35 hours of video before the device starts erasing data and updating it.


  • Stealth wedge shaped design
  • Wide 170-degree lens angle
  • Built-In WiFi
  • Large 256GB microSD capacity
  • GPS requires optional, separate module


Vantrue N1 Pro Dash Cam

best dash cam under $100



This video recorder is mounted on a suction cup, is capable of recording video in 1920×1080 resolution at 30 frames per second and gives you the opportunity to do it efficiently both day and night. It has a fairly wide lens angle of 160 degrees. You can watch and delete videos directly on your device. Any microSD card with a capacity of up to 256 GB is suitable for this camera, which will allow you to record and store video with total timekeeping of more than 30 hours. As soon as your memory card is completely full, it will start writing data on top of existing files, starting to replace them one by one. The time-lapse function is available for long trips.

The kit includes additional hard wires that allow you to connect your camera directly to the car battery to use the parking mode and track the status of your car while you are at a distance from it. The built-in sensor responds to movement, impact, collision, allowing the owner to find out what happened to his car during his absence.

GPS is not built into this model initially, but you can buy a special module that will cost you $ 20. Among other things, you have a one-and-a-half-year warranty and a good support service that quickly solves customer problems. Since the best dash cam under $100 is attached with a suction cup, it can be used as an additional one when you make a trip in a rented car or in the car of relatives and friends.

  • Excellent night vision mode that allows you to effectively record video at night without losing quality
  • Image sensor from Sony
  • Parking mode that responds to bumps and traffic
  • Large memory card capacity
  • A suction cup mount is used, which is not the best indicator. Suitable for temporary use, no more. But you can buy an adhesive mount.

YI Nightscape Dash Cam

best dash cam under $100


To support shooting at night, the recorder has a SONY IMX307 Sensor. Thanks to this and the integration of STARVIS technology (STARVIS — pixel technology with backlight), the recorder is sensitive to a wider range of visible light, which borders on the near-infrared range. Optics F/1.8 aperture 140WIDE Angle lens.

The video is written in mp4 format. The recorder can write in resolutions:

  • Full HD 1920x1080P 60fps/ 1920x1080P 30fps+ WDR
  • 1280 x720 P 60fps/ 1280 x720 P 30fps + WDR

The presence of WDR technology in the car recorder allows the device to automatically adjust all the main shooting characteristics by adjusting the exposure where required. In particular, in very bright lighting, the recorder provides darkening in the desired areas. When shooting in low light conditions, the frame automatically brightens. Maintaining this balance ensures a consistently high quality of the video. WDR translates as “extended dynamic range”. This is a function that is a special video processing algorithm that allows you to achieve a clearer image at any quality and level of lighting.

The presence of a G-sensor (GMA302U) allows the device to automatically detect any sudden changes in the nature of the car’s movement (impact, braking, acceleration), and then “block” the current recorded video fragment. The registrar accepts cards from 8 GB to 64 GB, (purchased separately).

As for the mobile app, everything is simple. Download Yi dash cam, connect to the recorder.

The app offers you to select the desired model from the list. The interface is simple and convenient. Here you can view recorded videos, download them to your smartphone’s memory, take screenshots, change the video resolution, format the map, and turn system sounds off. In general, full control of the settings of the recorder. Nightscape recorders have a built-in advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) that uses various precautions to minimize the chance of human error while driving. If a risky vehicle or unstable driving behavior is detected, the warning system sends a clear warning to the driver. The recorder has a super-capacitor for correct shutdown when the power is turned off. The lack of a battery allows it to work even in extreme conditions in the temperature range from -10 ° C to 60 ° C.

  • Sony STARVIS imaging sensor
  • Cute black design in the style of stealth
  • You can connect any mobile device via Wi-Fi
  • A condenser that perfectly withstands high temperatures
  • Uses a hanging mount, which can sometimes interfere with normal viewing

Roav DashCam S1

best dash cam under $100


This company has been producing high-quality cameras for many years while having an excellent reputation in the market. The DVR records in high resolution at a fairly high speed of 60 frames per second, which gives excellent video recording even at high speed. This can be very useful, especially when you need to see the car number. Sony’s image sensor helps you increase video clarity when shooting.

This is one of the best dash cam under $100 in the price category that has a decent built-in display and wireless connection. Many DVRs with Wi-Fi support do not have a screen included, so you have to use third-party devices to access the video. Here everything is quite simple: install an app on your phone, upload a video to your smartphone, and now you can transfer it or publish it on the Internet.

With another app called ROOF and a built-in GPS Navigator, you can track your location and current speed. You can also mark the speed measurement on the video with watermarks, and you can disable the tracking function so that this data is not saved. There is also a built-in special sensor that can respond to any impacts on the car and blocks the function of overwriting files on the device.

Another feature of this model, which for some is more of a minus than a plus, is the built-in lithium battery. This battery allows you to simply save the final video file when you turn off the car engine, and then the device turns off. Also, these batteries are very unreliable and easily overheat in hot weather. Therefore, many people prefer to buy models with a built-in capacitor, which do not bring such strong problems. Also included is a one-year warranty from the date of purchase of the device.

  • Sony STARVIS image sensor
  • Built-in Wi-Fi and GPS
  • Build quality at a high level
  • 60 frames per second is fast enough to capture small details during rapid movement
  • Uses a lithium battery instead of a built-in capacitor

AUKEY DR02 Dash Cam

best dash cam under $100


This is a wedge-shaped camera completely black in the style of stealth, which is not so easy to notice in the car, which reduces the chance of its theft for thieves. It records 1080p video in high quality and amazing clarity, while the license plates are clearly visible even at night. Some people call this feature night vision. From our selection, this is one of the rare cameras that have a wide viewing angle of 170 degrees, which gives you the opportunity to cover a large space when shooting. Using the built-in smart sensor, the camera can automatically calculate system failures, block and save the video it captures. You won’t find the original built-in GPS in the camera, but it’s sold as a separate $ 20 accessory. Thanks to the built-in capacitor, the camera works calmly at high temperatures and is more reliable than its counterparts with conventional batteries. It is also equipped with a screen that will allow you to view all the videos directly from it, change the shooting settings and adjust the lens. The parking function is available thanks to an additional set of hard wires that come with the camera. There is also a time-lapse feature for creating beautiful videos during a long trip. The manufacturer is quite reputable in the market of budget cameras and provides a two-year warranty, which is slightly more than the competition.

  • Completely dark design, made in the style of stealth
  • Sony Exmor Sensor image sensor
  • Perfectly shoots video at night
  • Parking mode with shock and motion sensor
  • GPS comes as a separate accessory


best dash cam under $100


The DVR is made in a non-standard form, it is a form factor of a beveled trapezoid. The case is made of black matte plastic, which is perfect for hidden installation. It features full HD video, recording 1440p at 30 frames per second. If you want to capture 60 frames per second, you need to drop the video quality down to 1080p, which is still plenty of resolution to capture license plates and crashes among other things.

On the sides, there are: a microSD memory card slot, a reset button for resetting, a mini-usb input for 5v 1A power supply and an analog video output for a 3.5 mm Jack. There are ventilation holes on all sides of the case. The exterior of the Viofo A119 has a built-in 2-inch TFT screen. This is not much, but it is enough to make the necessary settings or view the recording in Express mode without details. There are 5 control buttons under the screen. You can use them to stop recording, enter the menu, make an emergency recording, turn off the screen forcibly, or turn off the microphone on the fly. The course of the buttons is quite tight, the clicks are clear, with a click.

The ergonomics of using the screen has a drawback: after installing the recorder on the glass, you can only use the screen to switch options by stopping the car and leaning forward, since the screen is partially hidden.

The inner side has only a pad with a retainer groove and contacts for attaching the GPS module pad. A simple and convenient solution that keeps the device compact. A rotating lens is located on the front oblique side of the device. You can adjust it to the desired angle by simply rotating it in the vertical plane. Switching the angle of the object is fixed by clicking, spontaneous displacement is excluded. All settings of the viofo a119 recorder are made via the menu directly on the screen, control is performed by pressing one of the 5 keys at the bottom of the screen. Navigation is simple, but not intuitive. The functionality itself is quite rich, I would like to note the useful functions of automatic formatting of the memory card (which is necessary for the safety of the card) and timelapse mode. For particularly prudent drivers, there is a stamp of GPS coordinates on the video, although this is not a mandatory condition for submitting materials in court in a controversial situation. There is a manual firmware update, the firmware is posted on the official website of Viofo and is periodically updated.


  • Parking mode that responds to traffic and bumps
  • Special stealth design to make the device invisible from the outside
  • 1440P HD video
  • A capacitor that allows the device to operate at extreme temperatures
  • There is no possibility to connect via wireless network


2017, 2018 and 2019 Best Dash Cam Under $100


best dash cam under $100



G1W is quite popular and is known for its excellent combination of price and quality of shooting. G1W-C features a 2.7 inch display that can play recorded video and act as an interface to change settings on the camera. And it has a 500 mAh lithium battery. The prefix ” C ” in the name just means that there are capacitors on Board, not a lithium battery. For this money, the video quality is very decent. Both the car numbers are readable, and the picture itself is in focus.

At night, it is normal to shoot, if compared with competitors for the price. In conditions of illuminated city streets, car numbers are also visible.

The Novatek 96650 chipset provides decent video detail. By the way, the same chip is in the popular action camera SJCAM SJ4000. In dynamics, it may seem that the detail is not enough. But when you stop the video, the elements become clear and readable. And this is clearly visible in the freeze frames. A 120-degree viewing angle is enough. Many budget competitors have a lame sound. Here, the sound is fine.


best dash cam under $100


This is the younger brother of the A119 model, which differs from it in its compact design, while retaining all the main functions of the 119 model. This device focuses on size, allowing you to hide the camera behind both the rear-view mirror and the dashboard. The body is painted in a nice black color, which perfectly fits into the overall design of the car interior. The kit comes with glue, which is a nice little thing and makes installation easier. Instead of a standard lithium battery, there is a capacitor, which is also a big plus. The capacitor, as we have already mentioned, extends the life of the device and allows it to work in conditions of different types of temperatures.

This model has a small but high-quality display that shows everything you record, plus a small interface with several options for settings and navigation. The camera in it is also decent: it has a viewing angle of 170 degrees with 1080p video quality and a recording speed of 60 frames per second. There is also a night vision system and automatic response to detected movement. The system is able to start recording every time it detects movement using a special sensor. You won’t be able to put a large map there, but there is a system for changing the recording resolution and setting the frame rate so that you save space when recording. The camera itself has an impressive thermal stability.

YI Dash Cam

best dash cam under $100



Let’s talk about the already quite old (it has been on the market for several years), but that is why the well-deserved model of the Yi Smart Dash Camera DVR, which, according to compatibility, is the most popular DVR known under the Xiaomi brand.

Lens aperture is high-F1. 8, all 6 lenses are glass. The electronics are represented by an AR0230CS CMOS matrix manufactured by ON Semiconductor with a size of 1/2. 7″ with fairly large pixels (3×3 microns) and a top-end 2-core Novatek NT96660 chipset for this class of devices.

Video storage using a card format microSD capacity from 8 to 128 GB (not below 10-th class at speed records, but it is better UHS-1), for video it creates four folders – the first (MOVIE) for ordinary records, the second (EMR) for “emergency” – if built-in 3 axis G-sensor (aka accelerometer) senses the impact or concussion, the current file is saved in EMR. The third and fourth folders contain copies of files from the first and second, but with a reduced resolution – when viewed on the registrar’s display, these files are opened. The video is saved as MP4/H264 files with a duration of 3 minutes on a removable memory card. if there is not enough space, the oldest recordings are erased. When you enter the settings menu, the recording is interrupted and a new fragment is read after you exit it. The Registrar requires a card of at least class 10 with a capacity of 8 to 64 GB. The available space on the card is distributed between normal and emergency videos in a ratio of 7/3. The accelerometer, which selects the “emergency” recording, has three levels of sensitivity. At the maximum level, it is triggered by the slightest concussion, on average, there are fewer false positives, but still a lot, and only the minimum level was suitable for use. The camera has a WDR dynamic range extension (e-HDR) function. The video is actually always shot with a resolution of 2304×1296 pixels and a frequency of 60 frames per second, but the frames are combined in pairs. As a result, we get 1296p 30 fps, but with double exposure, so the image is less noisy, more detailed and with better elaboration of dark areas, especially at night. The remaining resolutions (1080p and 720p) are obtained by interpolating the original video shot in 1296p.


best dash cam under $100


The video quality of the Thinkware Dash Cam F50 is declared by the manufacturer as “premium” and comparable to much more expensive models. The Thinkware Dash Cam F50 has a high-quality 2-megapixel CMOS matrix manufactured by Sony (Japan). The viewing angle is 130 degrees diagonally. A wider viewing angle (say, 150-170 degrees) can distort the frame and round objects around the edges, which can be very inappropriate if you need to consider the license plate of the car or other details in the video.

Video shooting in the Thinkware Dash Cam F50 is performed in Full HD 1080p resolution. Clarity is high across the entire field of the frame, the numbers of cars in front are clearly distinguishable during the day at a distance of 15-17 meters, at night – from 10-12. We should also mention the possibility of shooting at sub-zero temperatures. It’s all about the built-in supercapacitor, which guarantees the start and operation of the Thinkware Dash Cam F50 even at -15°C. Another feature of the Thinkware Dash Cam F50 concerns shooting in Parking mode. This model has a built-in battery power controller function. If you directly powered the camera from the car’s power supply (“from the ceiling”), sooner or later this will lead to the discharge of the car’s battery. In the desktop application, when making settings to the recorder, you can set the voltage level below which the recorder will be “disconnected” from power. Otherwise, you will have to face an unpleasant situation when you get in the car and can’t start it. And it’s good if it happens near your home.


best dash cam under $100


The most important thing in the DVR from the Chinese manufacturer Viofo A119 is the Omni Vision 4679 sensor, which allows you to shoot in high-resolution 2K (higher than 1080). The firmware for the device is not updated as often as we would like, but at least it is done regularly.

Daytime shooting is excellent and detailed — no complaints can be made here. However, it is worth noting that all direct competitors Viofo A119 daytime shooting is also their strongest point due to the very high resolution. The Registrar copes better with illumination and counter sunlight than its direct competitors. The video doesn’t show any overexposure. The detail of UN-highlighted areas remains visible and high. In this respect, the Viofo A119 can compare to the transcend DP220 recorder, which also has a good picture when you have to shoot against the light. The recorder has a very good case in terms of quality and design — it is actually not noticeable. The second advantage of this case is that it is easy to remove and it is easy to connect the power cable, which does not need to be constantly pulled out and inserted. It is permanently inserted into the pad. All you need to do is remove the recorder itself.

Slimtec Alpha XS

best dash cam under $100

The Alpha XS model from Slimtec is the leader in the rating of video recorders. The device has a classic form factor and compact size. The case is made of a nice matte plastic, which practically does not leave fingerprints and various dirt. In the central part of the front panel of the recorder is a lens that includes 6 glass lenses. Its viewing angle is 170 degrees. There is amount on the upper end of the Alpha XS. In this model, it is implemented using a vacuum suction cup. It is convenient that after fixing the DVR on the glass, you can turn it in any direction, as well as change the angle of the device. The main advantages of the device include high recording quality, WDR (extended dynamic range) function, and an excellent 3-inch IPS display.

Muben Mini C

best dash cam under $100

Very successful model of the DVR from the middle price segment. It boasts not only high – quality recording – you can clearly see the numbers of all cars, both on a sunny day, and on a cloudy day or at dusk-but also a well-thought-out design. For example, the Velcro is very high quality, which allows you to securely attach it to the glass or dashboard – many analogues have serious problems with this. An additional advantage of the Muben Mini C is the large viewing angle of 170 degrees, which allows you to capture almost everything that happens in front of the car. You also don’t have to complain about the quality of audio recording – it records everything, up to the noises in the car.

Artway AV-601

best dash cam under $100

Next in line is the only DVR in the form of a mirror in our review. The AV-601 model from Artway allows you to secretly record video and not clutter the interior with unnecessary elements. The device is attached to the standard mirror with elastic bands, and the additional camera included in the kit is fixed on screws or 3M tape. In addition to the main camera, the DVR is equipped with a second, waterproof rear-view camera with a Parking assistance system. As for video, the main module has a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels at 30 frames per second, and the additional module has a resolution of 480p and 25 fps. The diagonal viewing angles of each matrix are 120 and 90 degrees, respectively. In addition, a high-quality budget DVR Artway pleases with a large bright screen with a diagonal of 4.3 inches.

Xiaomi 70mai

best dash cam under $100


Budget DVR of good quality with the ability to sync with your smartphone via Wi-Fi. Specifically for this purpose, the manufacturer has developed a mobile application with an intuitive interface. The device has a light-sensitive sensor manufactured by Sony, which copes well with shooting in poor lighting conditions. The car DVR also captures clear and detailed video in daylight.

Manufacturers of car recorders go to various tricks in order to reduce the cost of products. This applies not only to the case materials and overall build quality, but also to the components used. It seems that the recorder has good technical characteristics, but it does not work stably, “buggy” and “freezes”, the battery does not hold a charge, the device turns itself off in extreme heat or cold. There may be other problems. You need to learn about the weaknesses of the car DVR before buying by reading customer reviews. It is also important to find a “middle ground” between the price and consumer characteristics. It is better to avoid too cheap devices from little-known manufacturers. First of all, you should not buy budget car recorders with functionality and characteristics comparable to premium models. This is a clear deception. It is better to pay attention to products from well-known brands that have been sold for several years.

best dash cam under $100


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