Best Cooler Under $100 – Ultimate Guide for You

There is a wide variety of best cooler under $100 on the market today. Understanding which cooler up to $ 100 is more suitable for you will depend on what you need it for. We can’t just write in this article: this is the best cooler under $100. We can say that this cooler is great, it’s high quality and looks cute, but it may just not fit your personal needs. Some of you may want to buy a cooler that is compact, others often hold parties and the capacity of the cooler is important to them, and some want to buy a cooler for their car with electric power. Therefore, in this article we tried to find coolers for each category of people. Just read it to the end and make a conclusion which one is more suitable for your personal needs.

best cooler under $100

Best Cooler Under $100

Coleman Xtreme 5-Day Cooler

best cooler under $100


If you are looking for a simple, reliable, convenient and high-quality cooler, then this model opens our top for you. In recent years, there has been a real explosion in the market for high-quality coolers, the price of which is about $ 500 more than this model. These coolers have a lot of cool features in stock, and the most important thing that they all advertise is the possibility of long-term storage of ice, up to a whole week. The line from this company is close to the performance of more expensive coolers, but the price is much lower than they have.

When searching for the best affordable cooler, we took into account a certain number of factors. Here they are:

  • First of all, it is the size that makes a big difference. The larger it is, the more storage options you have. The large cooler is useful for a grand party, family barbecue, outdoor picnics, and even for a long road trip by car.
  • The price for us in this article is the central factor, otherwise, our article would not be called so. The cooler should enter the price range of up to one hundred dollars, while it should not be inferior to more expensive models and not be an ordinary Chinese fake.
  • Another important thing in choosing the best cooler is its performance. How well it works without frequent failures and how long it can store ice. This model won this test.
  • If you choose a cooler based on a reputable brand on the market, you get a great chance to buy a really good cooler that can please you for a long time. If you decide to make a purchase from a brand that you don’t know anything about, there is a chance that the cooler will quickly fall into disrepair and your money will be wasted.
  • The design and build quality also influenced our choice. It is unlikely that you will want to buy something that looks like it came off the screens of a movie about America in the fifties or something that looks very fragile and assembled from cheap parts. You need a cooler that, despite its price, can work for a long time without interruptions.

It is much lighter than the other models in our selection, which gives you a chance to move it without any extra effort. It is equipped with a drainage channel without a slope, so it is quite easy to drain unnecessary water. If you need a decent cooler that can store all the things placed in it for about a week, then this is the best cooler that is in the price range we have chosen.

The lid is stable and strong, so you can easily sit on it and even make a makeshift table out of it, thanks to the built-in cup holders. And the last tip: this model has many varieties, look for the one that holds more than 50 liters, it is more good.

Coleman FlipLid 6 Personal Cooler

best cooler under $100


Small and compact coolers for the most part are usually in the price range of up to a hundred dollars, so if you are set up to buy one, then you are already in your budget.

We have often used just such miniature coolers, and mostly kept them in the car during small trips. They keep the cold well and in general, most customers are satisfied with them.

Small coolers are not suitable for storing a large amount of food for the whole family, they will not fit a lot of beer for a picnic or barbecue, but it is ideal for storing a couple of bottles of drink and a small lunch for one person. Of course, these coolers cannot boast of long-term cold preservation, as their larger counterparts. If you put an ice pack there for the whole day, it is likely that it will melt after this period. However, some models of such coolers can withstand this test for two days.

There are many beautiful small coolers on the market, so any one of them from a reputable brand that you buy is likely to work consistently. However, the model we are analyzing has several features that significantly distinguish it from a number of similar products.

To begin with, this is a great brand that has been on the market for a long time and has established itself there as a manufacturer of high-quality and inexpensive coolers. The chance to buy a defective item is very small, so you can be calm about this.

Further, the price of these coolers today is about $ 12, which makes this cooler acceptable and affordable for people with a very low budget. You clearly will not have to regret that you spent too much money on the cooler.

Finally, it has an amazing cover. Of course, you can say that the attached cover is quite an ordinary thing, but this is a very important feature of this cooler. Sometimes a bad lid can cause something to fall out of the cooler while you’re on the road, and sometimes sand or mud gets in if you’re spending the weekend at the beach or in nature. Therefore, the presence of a good lid not only prevents the cold from leaving, but also protects the contents, leaving it not contaminated.

But the advantages of this cover do not end there. Believe me, she has something else to surprise you with. If you turn it over, you will see that it expands and doubles. Having done this, you will have at your disposal a convenient tray with built-in cup holders. These cup holders are unlikely to be useful in your car, but if you take the cooler with you to work or on a picnic with friends or family, you will immediately understand the value of this feature.

In fact, this model is not the only one that will leave you satisfied, just look for something else, but this cooler is tested by us and we can guarantee you that this is a quality product recommended for purchase. It comes in two colors: red and blue.

Igloo Polar Cooler 120-Quart

best cooler under $100


If you are looking for a bigger cooler, then in this market now in the leading positions are very expensive products that will cost you from $ 800 and above. If you suddenly found an extra thousand dollars, then you will not have any problems choosing the right one, but what to do for those people who want to keep within 100 dollars or less. We have an answer to this question.

We tried to find you best cooler under $100 with the most decent storage capacity for various products, while not exceeding the price range we put in the header. To meet your needs, it must have a decent capacity, and the price must fit into our amount of $ 100. Among other things, it should work stably and store ice for a normal amount of time.

This cooler is perfect for our needs, it is quite large. Its capacity is 120 Quarts, and the price varies within 60 dollars, so it is perfect for us. The cooler is painted in a nice white color, which in addition to a cozy appearance, is able to reflect excessive sunlight and heat, and given its size and good internal insulation, it is able to store ice intact for up to five days. Of course, most of the ice will melt at the end of this period, but for such a price, this is an excellent indicator, which not every cooler in this price range can boast of.

You need to understand one important thing: expensive models will significantly affect the state of your budget, while they will store ice for about a week, no more. This is only two days less than in this model, and the price difference is quite large. This cooler is equipped with special rotary handles, which you will find in the presence of many large models of coolers. Among other things, these handles have the function of binding the loop, so if you need to quickly attach it to the car, you will quickly appreciate the usefulness of this function. However, we want to note that carrying it when it is fully filled is not an easy task. You may even need someone’s help.

The big disadvantage of this cooler is that it has latches. Without a decent, heat-resistant seal, it will be able to get warm air quickly enough. At first, we appreciated the latches, but they are made of plastic and, if they are often used and left in the sun, they quickly become unusable and do not work as efficiently as before. Of course, you can buy special steel latches for $ 12 apiece and replace the standard ones.

Now let’s use simple math: you buy two sets of latches and metal hinges to them, while spending about $ 40 on this purchase. As a result, due to this purchase, you spend almost as much as the cooler itself costs. Although if you take into account this drawback in the design and use the cooler infrequently and try not to leave it exposed to direct sunlight, it will serve you for a long time.

All in all, this cooler gives you decent features at a small price. Now you can store a bunch of everything in one place (bottles or cans of beer, soda, any food, including frozen fish). It may force you to exercise when you decide to carry it filled alone, but it doesn’t hurt your budget much, which is important enough.

Coleman 100-Quart Xtreme 5 Wheeled

best cooler under $100


This best cooler under $100 will not be able to boast the same good ratio of units of volume for one dollar. It will cost you more than the previous model, about $ 90, so it is not at the top of our list. But it has one notable feature: the presence of wheels and a traction handle for movement with comfort. Why, in this case, is it not in the first place in our analysis? Because the handle is on the short side of the cooler. This means one simple thing: in order to move the filled cooler to a different location, you will have to lift this whopper to put it on the wheel. So, despite the presence of wheels, it adds little convenience. However, it is still more convenient than completely without wheels, so it also deserves attention.

Coleman 30-Can Soft Cooler With Hard Liner


The most important advantage, which is guided when buying a soft cooler, is the ease of moving such models from one place to another. The cute appearance, softness and shoulder strap makes carrying soft drinks while relaxing on the beach or going out to nature a simple and convenient activity, unlike a hard cooler with an uncomfortable plastic handle.

So if this item is in the first place when choosing a cooler, then a soft cooler will perfectly satisfy all your desires. The soft cooler we are considering has absorbed a good volume with a solid high-quality material, which makes it an excellent cooler and distinguishes it from other models.

And now a few nuances: we would not advise you to buy a soft cooler if you want to store food and drinks in it for a long time. Despite the fact that this model is equipped with a sufficiently dense plastic liner and heat-sealing seams to stably keep cool inside and warm outside, it still will not work as well as the usual consumer cooler. We also don’t recommend putting a large amount of ice in any soft cooler you purchase. Put ice in a bag, it can also effectively leave your food cold, but it won’t create much water when the ice melts. The softness of the bag will do her a disservice and it will just get wet through, consider this factor.

The distinctive features that we liked in this bag are the rounded top, which is able to provide you with a little more extra capacity and allows you to completely fill the cooler with the necessary things. We also liked the large enough front pocket with a zipper. There are also side mesh pockets for carrying various trinkets, but we would not recommend relying on the plastic that is put on them. You obviously don’t want to put your car or house keys in there and then find that they fell out somewhere along the way. Another great feature: you can transfer the cooler in different ways. You have access to both a shoulder strap and fairly comfortable side handles. Especially if you have filled the cooler completely and you need to carry it together.

The disadvantages of this cooler can rather be attributed to all models of soft coolers. There is always a problem with cleaning the cooler, and sometimes we simply forget to do it. And if the hard cooler is not difficult to clean after a while from the remains of food, then with a soft one you will have a lot of unnecessary problems. It is very difficult to clean if you do not do it immediately after use. This is especially noticeable on small soft coolers, which are often bought for children at school. You will have to change them every six months, because even with thorough cleaning, they eventually acquire a persistent unpleasant smell, which is almost impossible to get rid of. Of course, this can be avoided if you take a minimum of food and try to handle the device carefully. But if you often forget to clean the cooler and leave this work for later, then soft coolers will definitely not suit you.

In general, the model presented by us is good enough for a soft cooler.

Black & Decker TC212B Travel Cooler & Warmer

best cooler under $100


Now let’s talk about another type of cooler, and more specifically about compact thermoelectric coolers. They are not very different from each other in our price range. But let’s get something straight first. These devices aren’t designed to cool your drinks and food, and they certainly aren’t designed to freeze anything for you. Then why are they needed? To help keep items placed there at a stable cool temperature.

If you want to buy a simple electric cooler for your car, you should consider several things that will play a big role in the purchase.

  • Size and easy accessibility – there are large and sophisticated electric coolers, but if you are going on a long journey, you do not want to make another stop to get something from there. That is why simple and compact coolers that are always at your fingertips or conveniently located in the back seat will be your best choice.
  • Noise during operation – electric coolers are equipped with a fan that periodically or constantly turns on, making the car a nasty and annoying noise. Of course, most models are equipped with fans that do not create noise that drowns out the sound of your engine.
  • Power, energy, and chord – electric coolers can periodically waste a lot of energy on their work. Also, according to audience surveys, some chords heat up very quickly in a number of models and have to be changed very often, which we would not really like.

You can find quite a large number of models on the market and choose from them, but we recommend this one, even though it is more expensive than other representatives of this category in this price range. But this is the case when the money will not be spent in vain. First, it has the highest rating among similar coolers, which already suggests that this is not just so. We have not found any complaints about a strong heating of the cable and frequent replacement unlike other models. So, we can say that this is the best product that is assembled with high quality.

It has a capacity of almost three gallons for convenient placement of two cans of drinks. But it is worth considering the principle of its operation, and it is such that the cooling element is located in the lower half of the storage space, so what is at the bottom will be cooler than what you put above. Therefore, we recommend that things that you want to always consume cold, put at the very bottom, and what may be just cool, put closer to the very top.

Despite its thinness, it is very wide and will most likely not be able to fit between the two front seats in a small car. It is best stored either in the back seat, on the floor of the car in the back, or in the passenger seat when there are no passengers. All such devices need time to perform freezing, so you can put an ice brick to speed up this process. We do not recommend using ice without packaging, as even a small drop of moisture can turn the device into a hopelessly damaged one.

Choose the right adapter – statistics show that many people simply break the device when using the adapter. Buy a Converter from this company, although it will be more expensive than its analogues, and connect it to a regular outlet. This cooler also has a preheating function, which can be quite convenient if you take food with you and want it to be hot while you are driving home. Today, taking out food has become a very popular activity, so this function simply follows modern trends. But there is one thing: after the warm-up procedure, you will have to wait long enough for the device to cool down again, so if you think that you will first prepare a hot dish, and then immediately put something to cool down, then you are mistaken.

The best cooler under $100 has a low battery detection function, so you can monitor the charging process. Here is an excellent small electric cooler that looks more stable than many other analogues on the market today. It looks very nice and has a number of great features. We recommend it to those who spend a lot of time on the road and want to keep food and drinks in the cold in their car, without using ice.

Wagan (EL6224) 12V Cooler/Warmer – 24L Capacity

best cooler under $100


As soon as you move from miniature compact coolers to large electric models, you will find that their cost goes far beyond our price range. But, we hasten to please you, there are models that fit our chosen budget, while they have a good reputation in the market and are praised by many users. We will consider one of these models in our article today.

This company’s cooler includes almost all the features you would expect from an electric cooler. It is able to cool the temperature inside itself by as much as 35 degrees below the temperature outside, and can also keep you warm if you suddenly need it urgently. There are several things that we recommend it to you for. Let’s take a closer look at this cooler.

  • Size and comfort of use – the fact that this cooler is slightly smaller than its other counterparts in this price category, and although at first it may seem that this is a big drawback, in fact, you will understand that this only contributes to the convenience of its use. Other electric coolers will either need to be placed in the trunk of your car, or it will be difficult to place them somewhere in the back seat. However, not every car can accommodate the second option. The same model is small enough to easily fit on the floor in front of the passenger seat in the front or back of the same place, while there is still a little space.
  • Top cover – this model has a top cover, which again makes it easier to use the cooler, because you can simply pull out of the cooler everything that is in it, without stopping. Other devices have large doors that give more complete and convenient access to everything that is inside, but while driving, you are unlikely to be able to get something out of them, which, to be honest, is not very convenient for those who need to go with a minimum number of stops.
  • Two-year warranty – the company offers you a full two-year warranty when purchasing this product. If you are persistent and like to carefully study reviews before buying devices, then after reading the reviews on this cooler, you will see that the probability of problems here is higher than that of an ice cooler. But, thanks to a long enough warranty, all problems will be fixed completely free of charge, providing you with protection from unnecessary expenses in case of problems in the device.

Coleman 50 Quart Xtreme 5 Wheeled Cooler

best cooler under $100


Have you ever tried to move the cooler to the right place when it is filled to the brim? Or even at a time when it is at least half full? If you have tried it, you know that it is quite difficult. If you need a good capacity cooler and you want to pull it out of your car when you arrive at a camping or picnic, we recommend that you buy a cooler that is equipped with wheels, like this model.

First, let’s look at the two types of wheel coolers that exist today.

  1. Suitcase cooler – it is named for a reason, but despite this, coolers of this type are our personal favorites. The handle extends to a sufficient length, and the wheels are on the longer side of the cooler. Thanks to this, you get the feeling that you carry less weight and walk quite easily, and this is important.
  2. A cooler with a pull-out handle is a cooler in which the wheels are located on the smaller side of the cooler, and one of the two side handles can be extended and turned into a traction handle. Although this looks like an excellent solution compared to a cooler without wheels, they still have a number of problems in terms of comfortable movement of the filled cooler from place to place.

There are several reasons why we strongly recommend that you choose this particular device.

  • It is very easy to move from place to place – it has a telescopic handle of sufficient length, which has good strength. With it, it will not be difficult to move even a very full food and drink cooler, while not feeling uncomfortable and protecting your hands from excessive load.
  • Keeps ice for a long time – the manufacturers of this device claim that you can safely store ice in it for almost a week, or more specifically for five days. This turned out to be true if you live in a cool area and rarely use this device, but most people write that it is not always possible to detect normal ice after five days of storage. However, with frequent use, you can still get full ice after three days of storage.
  • Turns into furniture – the cooler is equipped with a very strong lid that can withstand a weight of up to 250 pounds. So whether you decide to have a barbecue in your backyard or go camping with your family and friends, you can turn the cooler into a comfortable enough seat. You will also have four cup holders built into the lid, so the lid of this cooler can be turned into a small improvised table. According to surveys, many people enjoy using this feature, which is why it is appreciated.

Altogether, it gives us a well-designed cooler that is able to work more stable and better than its counterparts in this price range. The system of pulling the handle is much more convenient than the system of the second type, which we have already described above. Even girls and men who do not have sufficient power capabilities can easily cope with moving this cooler to the right place for them. It is still quite heavy when you fill it completely, but it is quite feasible to move it, and you do not risk to earn a hernia from the load. A very nice device that we recommend for purchase.

Igloo Marine Ultra Cooler

best cooler under $100


This best cooler under $100 comes in several sizes. 25 to 36 quarts will cost you $ 40, 72 quarts will cost you $ 99. There is even a huge option of 162 quarts, but it goes beyond the price range we have chosen, so we will not consider it. If you spend another $ 15 on a mounting kit, you will get the perfect fishing cooler that can keep your bait or your snack stable in the cold, while you will not worry that it will slide all over the surface of the boat while driving. It is equipped with strong reinforced handles for moving, which do not slip during when you load it on your boat. If you are an avid fisherman and have been looking for a great cooler for a long time, then this one is perfect for you.


best cooler under $100

Many people in the warm season often go to nature to relax from the city noise and heat. Some people prefer the trip to the country, and someone who likes picnics and Hiking. Both of them have to take a lot of food on the road, which can quickly deteriorate when exposed to high temperatures, which will lead to poor health or even poisoning. To avoid this, you should buy a decent cooler. These products allow you to keep food fresh for a long time, so they are suitable even for long-distance travel. The devices are containers with double walls made of impact-resistant plastic, between which there is a thermal insulation layer. Maintaining the cold is due to special batteries. I hope after reading our article you have chosen a cooler that will easily satisfy all your needs and will please you for a long time without interruptions. We have selected for you those coolers that are suitable for any category of people, it is enough to study our large review in detail. Now your picnic or long trip will be even more convenient, because you will be able to please yourself with fresh food and cool drinks without any extra effort.



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