Armchair Under $100 – Ultimate Guide for You

Modern designs of the interior seem to take over, minimalism in decorating is thriving, but accent armchairs still manage to find their fans out there. We think, it is no surprise, after all, this piece of furniture can amp up any room! In this article we will tell you about armchair under $100.

It indeed does feel great to have a place to throw yourself onto after a hard long day; a soft, relaxing place, to meltdown on, stretch your legs, and have the nicest time with your favorite book, or newspaper, or smartphone. It indeed is a place that does not seem to be possible to be presented by a single piece of furniture, yet we have witnessed the opposite.

armchair under $100

Not only the right armchair will be your loyal partner in your time for yourself when watching movies, playing games, reading, or catching up with your friends, but also it will be a great contribution to your room’s special vice and design.

Sounds great, right? The challenge now remaining is: how do you find your perfect armchair, and do not spend fortunes on it. Sure enough, the more money you can afford to spend, the easier it will be for you to find your armchair, or maybe even get one made especially for you; however, if this is not your case, or if you prefer spending money cautiously, we have prepared for you the list “Armchair under $100” with 20 pieces that will sweep you off your feet, but go easy on your budget.

The Best Armchair Under $100

Ashley Signature Honnally Floral Accent Chair

armchair under $100


This floral cutie is definitely your choice if you look for something that would take not too much space, but rather add dimensions to the interiors. It appears miniature and delicate, but Ashley’s chair is way sturdier than it seems. With its classic medallion pattern and soft upholstery, it would be a wonderful touch to your living room or maybe a bedroom.

Once you receive the armchair, an assembly would be needed, however, that should not be a matter of worry. The legs are easy to set up, and no extra instruments are required for it since the package is already equipped with a wrench and bolts.

Roundhill Gray Wave Accent Chair

armchair under $100


If floral motives do not go well with your vibe in the room and you are looking for something more minimalistic and modern, we believe Gray Wave would fit in perfectly in your design.

With the elegance yet sturdiness of the Ashley Signature Floral accent chair, this one makes one durable sitting. And a great combination of grey with white would compliment almost any color choice for the interior design.

Being a fine armchair under $100, it sure makes a great deal to its new owner.

Roundhill English Letter Print Accent Chair

armchair under $100


For those appreciating small details and delicate styles, Roundhill came up with a special treat of a wonderful armchair. An English letter printed all over the armchair as a print and a creamy upholstery of the chair make it a perfect complement to an interior with darker shades.

Even though the subtle pattern of the print would not stand out too much, its contoured curves are a sure subject of attention. What’s more, the canvas used for the look contains a polyester blend that ensures the durability of this armchair under $100.

Another good news we got for you about this piece is that it comes with floor protectors put on the legs, and you will have no need to place a rug underneath or worrying about scratching your floors.

Roundhill Orange Contemporary Accent Chair

armchair under $100


This armchair under $100 looks indeed quite spacious and comfy, yet you will find it a great leisure partner even for a humble studio apartment. A special charm component of this chair is an adorable kidney pillow made in matching warm orange.

This vibrant color can light up the overall mood of the whole room and break the monotony if you accidentally have built one. Plus, the soft and fuzzy texture of this piece will bring your leisure experience to another level, and we are sure you will fall in love with it.

As great as the Orange Contemporary looks, it is not meant for long hours of sitting. It can be a great choice for your bedroom or hall, where sittings are used occasionally.

Roundhill Gray Contemporary Accent Chair

armchair under $100


Roundhill seems to have created the Gray Contemporary Accent Chair especially for those who are dreaming to become the best hosts: adding a rich look to the room, whether it’s home or office, with its sophisticated structure and giving an inviting and hospitable vibe, it seems like an ideal choice for those who loves inviting people over.

The barrel-back accent together with tuck-pleating design and thick padding makes a great composition of luxury and comfort all in one. It makes this chair a perfect piece to show off to your guests and to accommodate them during their visit. Not to mention that it will nail it both in the official interior, designed for the discussions of company-scale matters, and in a welcoming home-like space, that brings people to a calm and peaceful state of mind and make them feel at ease.

Summing it up, if you need to go for something presentable that would spare your budget, this one very well can be the one.

Lansen Furniture Modern Accent Chair

armchair under $100


For those who loved the idea of the barrel-back accent, but looked for something more vibrant and colorful rather than a classy white chair, Lansen has made just the perfect one.

With nicely aligned with modern aesthetics curved silhouette, Lansen’s Modern Accent Chair is made in rich yellow that leaves it no chances to be left unnoticed. Do not worry if you have kids who like to draw on everything that they can reach; this chair’s cover can be unzipped and machine washed, making maintenance a piece of cake.

Assembly will be quite easy too; all the tools you will need are provided together with the chair.

The bad news is, this piece of sunshine has padding that is not thick enough for long-time sitting, so we would suggest enjoying it with moderation.

Cortesi Home Black Script Accent Chair

armchair under $100


Black Script Accent Chair is a great choice for those who appreciate little details yet do want something modern rather than classic. The print with the writings in different fonts in quite strong contrast between black and white can bring some action to any corner, and its color choice would fit in almost any room.

The proportions of this armchair are close to perfect, and plush upholstery together with the cushioning on the seat will make sure you have a good rest. Also, the structure of the chair allows you to easily stretch out while sitting.

While the legs may appear bugie, they are quite durable and robust, allowing the chair to support the heaviest weights. Also, they are available with an exclusive cappuccino finish.

As a finishing touch to your own place where you can relax and lounge for hours, we suggest complimenting Cortesi Home Black Script Accent Chair with a small table, or a cozy lamp, or both, or some other elements that will create a peaceful home-like vibe.

Belleze Gray Mid Century Modern Accent Chair

armchair under $100


If you find yourself attracted to mid-century furniture pieces and like to experiment with styles and elements of various time frames, we have an armchair just for you. Perfectly proportioned, this piece blends in extremely well with modern designs, spicing them up with a note of antiquity.

The dignified mixture of the rich blue and deep walnut wood finish gives a great mid-century appeal. Besides that, the structure of the legs ensures the chair’s durability.

HomePop Chunky Textured Accent Chair

armchair under $100


Moving closer to modern times, people have come up with new designs for armchairs to spice the space up a little. HomePop introduces to you a chair of wonderful barrel shape and deep cold blue. It will offer exquisite comfort to your back and provide plenty of space to sit.

Talking about comfort, Chunky Textured Accent Chair is soft to touch, thanks to a high-quality fabric. You do not have to put yourself into much trouble assembling it too since it is quite easy.

All in all, if you are looking for something to combine a comfy space and elegant style, this is the one for you.

Duhome Modern Accent Chair

armchair under $100


Duhome sure had modern elegance in mind when creating Modern Accent Chair. It was given golden chromed metal legs for impressive looks and premium velvet fabric for the seating, which has a hint of the classic barrel back which evolved and gained a more geometric up-to-date shape.

Whether you are looking for a piece to put in a modern design house or a business office that looks forward, this chair would work just perfectly in both environments. You could put it in the living room, or place it in the waiting area where people would entertain themselves admiring it while waiting for their appointment.

Such style is suitable for cozy home long-time sitting too, thanks to ergonomically curved sitting and the high back. Whether you want to enjoy your dinner in front of the TV or take your time alone with a captivating book, Duhome Modern Accent Chair ensures you will have quality time.

Red Hook Contemporary Accent Chair

armchair under $100


If more sharp angles and symmetric geometry is what your heart desires, we have a thing just for you. Red Hook presents you a Contemporary Accent Chair to lighten up the mood in your house with a stylish geometric wave and gentle comfort. Additionally, the choice of colors – a composition of white and brown – ease the alignment with the rest of the interior and let the chair blend right in.

Even though the design is quite minimalistic and simple, this armchair under $100 can also work on its own as a stand-alone piece. It would be perfect for places with no much space since the geometric print would add more perspective to them.

This armchair would fit best to the house atmosphere, to our vision, however, its lucky owners said it also suits well in the entryway and the office. In any case, we would indeed recommend it for long Netflix sessions or knitting.

Christopher Traditional Fabric Accent Chair

armchair under $100


Filled with elegance and sophistication, this Traditional Fabric Chair is ready to make a statement for you. This armchair, while saving you a fortune, will bring in some perfect curves and deep seating for you and your guests to enjoy. As a stand-alone piece or in an ensemble, Christopher’s Traditional Fabric Accent Chair is a perfect representation of VIP arrangement.

Thanks to the top quality fabric used for the seating, the maintenance is a piece of cake – it does not allow the material to snag and keeps the charming outlook the longest possible. The construction of the armchair, though, is quite sturdy and has the perfect amount of gravitas to ensure the durability of the piece.

But in this whole collection of top qualities, the one that makes this chair so noticeable and outstanding is the print on the seating. Delicate grey and blue flowers with fine sprigs give out all the details on the snow-white background. So, forgive your guests if their attention would be driven towards this exquisite armchair and give them a moment to admire it.

Sauder Harvey Park Occasional Accent Chair

armchair under $100


Yes, you got it right from the name – this piece is designed to be used for a short period of time, yet it does not mean that it cannot make the best out of this fugacious experience. After all, we all have the short moments of a break between running for one affair or another, just several minutes to catch our breath, clear our minds, stretch out legs and get ready for a new accomplishment.

Made in medium grey and with a modernized barrel back, this armchair under $100 would blend right into almost any design of a room. If we had to come up with one word to describe it, it would be “casual”, however, “relaxed” sure suits it well too. Not only the shape but also the seating fabric contributes to the experience – it adds comfort and offers extended wear.

Not to mention that solid steel legs, while contributing to the overall look with an elegant shape, can support weights over 200 lbs.

However, be cautious: the short-time seating was mentioned in the beginning for a reason since overuse of the chair can trigger low-back pain.

Yaheetech Modern Club Accent Chair

armchair under $100


Yaheetech must have had the credo “beauty in simplicity” when crafting this chair. Take one look at it, and you will understand what we are talking about.

This down-to-earth little piece does not possess any tiny details that would make an appearance for it, but it is highly functional and effectively lures you in with its superb velvet upholstery and foam padding. Not to speak of a wonderfully curved barrel shape that would make you want to curl up there with a book or a blanket and stay put enjoying a nice time of your own until it would be time to return to the real world.

The texture of the velvet fabric on this piece is one of the features of the design that would attract your attention – it gives the grey in which it made that special dignified shade and is quite soft to touch.

The only thing you would need to do when the chair arrives at your place – attach the four legs underneath the seat corners and the chair is there, ready to serve and charm.

Belleze Black Faux Leather Accent Chair

armchair under $100


If the previous piece looked too “fluffy” for you, but you liked the structure and functionality, here is a piece that will sweep you off your feet. Having the same foam padding for relaxed seating and solid wooden legs for durability and strength, this little vamp is made of faux leather with high-quality stitching and gives indeed a significant appearance boost to space around.

The “limbs” of Belleze Black Faux Leather Accent Chair are flared; such legs make the cleaning underneath convenient, and the arms with this quality offer extra comfortable armrest to its users. Meanwhile, the tub form of the back will ensure strong support to your back.

We personally would use this piece in the office interior, thanks to the authoritative appearance it makes it would look perfect in the personal cabinet; though if this is the kind of vibe that you are trying to create at home, this is the one for you too.

Homegear Tufted Faux Leather Accent Chair

armchair under $100


A piece made of leather and wood does not have to look sturdy and give out vamp vibes, Homegear proved in the creation of its Turfed Faux Leather Accent Chair. This chair is made in a timeless design and floaty white color leather, which makes the solid structure of the chair lighter in appearance.

The frame of this armchair can bear the weight of up to 250 lbs. And the only thing you would need to do to maintain its rare appearance is an occasional wipe (unless your kids would fancy it as a drawing surface, in which case its protection would take more effort of yours).

We should also mention, the faux leather used for the chair is cruelty-free, and no animals were harmed for its production. So, if you feel like owning a leather piece of furniture, but were stopped by an unwillingness to harm animals, now it is your chance to nail two birds with one stone.

BestMassage Urban Style Accent Chair

armchair under $100


For those who were missing some detailed designs, this piece would be just for you. Made out of a sturdy wooden frame, filled with high resiliency foam, and wrapped into fabrics with imitation of fragments of old letters and newspapers all around it, this throne is ready to provide you the experience of ultimate relaxation.

It is highly suitable for a living space or study, a piece on its own or in a group of those alike. Comfort is essential when it comes to long-time sitting, after all. If you find the design suitable for your office space, a seating area, a recreation zone, or a break room would be the perfect spots to accommodate it.

The color choice of this armchair is universal and will blend just right into both warm and cool tones of the interior. What’s more, you will not need to look around for instruments to assemble this sofa chair, all the necessary tools and hardware are provided together.

Aodailihb Modern Armless Accent Chair

armchair under $100


If the name reminded you about the far lands and fascinating discoveries, you were not wrong, because this chair will take you on board for the great sailing around the world on the patterns of its print. So sit right on, hold tight, and let the texture of thick linen and soft cotton blend lull you as the journey begins.

You will very likely find the armchair resembling your private boat thanks to spacious and deep-cushioned seating and internal spring reinforcement, which would ensure a superior experience.

Moreover, the strong wooden legs and compact seating will make sure your “ship” will sail for years without drowning.

With such a design, we suggest using this chair as a stand-alone piece or as a complement to minimalistic furniture, for example, a sofa. It could work as well in the entryway or living room, just make sure that it has its space to shine and be adored.

Marrying lavish comfort and pop culture with the elements of the antique exterior, this armchair is the right choice for those seeking to attract attention.

Art Leon Modern Upholstered Accent Chair

armchair under $100


Add some jazz and retro vibes to your space with this Modern Upholstered Accent Chair brought to you by Art Leon. A solid black wood frame and arms growing out of it sure add appearance to it.

This piece can support over 250 lbs, even if you could not tell it from its lightweight structure and design. Do not worry if it crashes under you, just go and try it yourself.

The cushioned chair is suitable for long rest, and the armrests, which are made of wood unlike the previous models we reviewed, are wide enough to support a cellphone, a TV remote, a book, or a box of snacks. We still suggest you yo put a little table next to it and finish the look with a small pillow for ultimate comfort.

Bonnlo Mid-Century Retro Accent Chair

armchair under $100


This piece continues the line of furniture with a solid wooden frame and wooden armrests that would bring you back in time in your own house. This Mid-Century Retro Accent Chair has a cushion upholstered in PU leather and filled with high-end foam and durable springs, which will do their best to ensure you have an enjoyable rest experience.

Looking after your back health, this chair is not too soft, though quite comfy, which makes it a great fit for long-term sitting, whether you look forward to completing a TV series or finishing a thick book.

And once again, the wooden armrests are wide enough to hold various stuff for you, though their primary mission is to provide support to your arms. We suggest therefore to put next to the chair a coffee table or a laptop support table to let them handle the stuff for you.

Last words

Whether it is a home space or office, whether the vibe you create is comfy and calming or strict and authoritative, it is always a good idea to have an accent chair to add some dimension whilst maintaining or even enhancing functionality. It can be a single piece on its own or a group of similar pieces, right in the epicenter of the space or somewhere closer to the side, the one with many little details or the one that expresses itself in the overall structure and texture.

armchair under $100

And the best news: this luxuriance does not cost fortunes! We just have shown you 20 different pieces you can acquire for less than $100 and start building the space of your dreams right now.

After all, the sense of home comes from the investment you make to make a certain space your own one. And the investment does not mean just money; it is also time, effort, a sensation you put into the place while creating it. So listen to yourself, listen to your heart, pick the one that feels just right and go for it. We are here to help you to create the place where you would feel exactly the way you want to feel, the place you would look forward to coming to, the place where you would be able to let go, to unwind, to leave your troubles at the door and have some truly quality time with yourself and yourself only.



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