3 Piece Patio Set Under $100 – Ultimate Guide for You

The word patio came to us from Spain. By its functions, it is a beautiful outdoor recreation area with furniture and decor, made in a certain style. The patio is designed for families to relax and receive guests. The patio at the cottage can be adjacent to the walls of the cottage. You can place the platform separately and mark it between walls or partitions. A patio usually has a canopy, especially if you need to place comfortable furniture with pillows and other textiles in the recreation area. In this article we will tell you about 3 piece patio set under $100.

The beautiful Spanish word “patio” came to us from the West. In the Mediterranean and Latin American countries, you just can’t do without a cozy place in the open air, because it is almost always very sunny and hot. The aesthetic appeal of furniture is important, but even more important is its practicality. Being in the rain, soft leather and fabric sofas quickly get wet and then dry for a long time, so they are not suitable for patio arrangements. For its design, you should choose something more practical. With the onset of winter, furniture is brought into the room, as recreation in the patio area is possible only in the warm season. It can be moved to the veranda or to the winter gazebo.

3 piece patio set under $100

This large article is a universal guide for choosing a terrace from 3 piece patio set under $100 category and will help you quickly find the perfect furniture for your patio or balcony. You don’t need to worry about the price, because we have tried to collect for you options that, despite the cheapness, look great and are made of good materials. Let’s get down to business.

3 Piece Patio Set Under $100

Cosco 3 Piece Outdoor Bistro Set

3 piece patio set under $100


Most often, customers in various online stores ask one popular question – what is shown in the photo, whether it really looks like this in reality. This 3 piece patio set under $100 answers this question quite simply: here the photo is quite true to reality. The table and chairs are simply folded to store them in any convenient place for you. It easily fits even on a small-looking balcony, easily accommodates two people for an evening or morning tea, and you can even view the news feed on your laptop by placing it on the table. This garden furniture is equipped with a powder-coated frame that can withstand all weather conditions, but we still recommend folding and removing the set in extreme temperatures or strong winds. The weight of the set is also not very large, only 350 pounds. Unfortunately, there is a small flaw, which we were informed by some buyers: furniture sometimes comes with unpleasant chips or with scuffs on the paint. However, this headset is very convenient, especially if you buy a couple of authentic small pillows. Here’s what the manufacturer promises us:

  • The furniture set is covered with a special powder coating, which makes it resistant to any extreme weather conditions;
  • This set is so compact that it fits perfectly even in a small cozy room. The chairs fold into compact dimensions of 16 inches’ x 5 inches’ x 36.5 inches high, and the table is 23.5 inches’ x 1.5 inches’ x 37 inches high;
  • The dimensions of the headset itself are as follows: bistro chairs 15.7 inches W x 17.3 inches’ x 31.9 inches H, bistro table 23.6 inches (diameter) x 28 inches high;
  • Chairs will be brought to you in a ready-made assembled form, but the table will have to be assembled, although it is quite simple to do this, because it consists of only two parts, and all the necessary elements and tools are supplied in the kit;
  • The chair can support up to 250 pounds, the table up to 100 pounds.
·        Easy to assemble and place

·        Despite the low price, it is very durable

·        It looks cute and is great if you have a small balcony

·        Convenient to fold to store

·        It looks great both outdoors and indoors

·        Because of the thinness of the metal, the edges are quite sharp and you can cut yourself on them

·        The paint can break off and is prone to rust


H&L Patio 3 Piece Wicker Resin Rattan Bistro Set

3 piece patio set under $100


Add jazz notes to your balcony with a beautiful wicker patio set from a well-known company. The frame is made of steel, but despite this, it is quite light and convenient for storage. If the width of your balcony does not exceed four feet and you are sorely lacking in free space, then this set will be very useful to you. The versatile hand-woven texture looks great both in the outdoor interior and indoors. The entire set weighs 280 pounds in total, so it’s easy to move from place to place without any extra effort. Many customers speak well of the elegant and beautiful design, which looks equally good on the balcony, in the courtyard and even in the living room. Here’s what the manufacturer promises us:

  • Beautifully crafted using hand-woven commercial grade material, virtually weightless and incredibly compact, this set includes a fairly strong, yet easy to carry frame made of steel from place to place. The frame is UV resistant and powder coated with a chic textured bronze finish in an espresso style;
  • This kit has an amazing balance: it stands firmly in its place while it is not being used by you. It perfectly fits into the interior of a patio, a small balcony, your terrace, a small apartment, as a decoration for a corner for a morning meal or a house on the beach, standing on the beach;
  • Each piece in this 3 piece patio set under $100 can be folded to make it easier for you to store it anywhere. The backs of the chairs, the base and the table top itself are made of demi-season woven resin, which has a pleasant and rich color in the style of espresso. Size: chair Sizes: 22 “* 22 “* 28,3 ” (D * W * C) table Dimensions: 15,5 “* 16,5 “* 31,5 ” (D * W * H);
  • It is easy to clean up after use, you just need a simple wet cloth and a few minutes to carry out the cleaning work. The set weighs 280 pounds. It will be delivered to you in a short time and in excellent condition;
  • You do not need to collect this set, as you will be brought it completely assembled. The set includes one table and two chairs made of high-quality materials, the company always tries to meet any customer requests, you will even have a one-year warranty. FedEx will deliver the set you purchased to the specified location within three or five days, depending on your location, after you place your order for this beautiful set.
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·        Very easy to clean with just a damp cloth

·        Despite its lightness, it has high strength

·        The finish allows you to withstand UV exposure

·        The set is brought immediately assembled

·        The chairs are very comfortable to sit on

·        Able to withstand any change in weather conditions

·        The screws are not strong enough

·        The table is small and you can hardly place more than two plates on it


FDW 3 Piece Wicker Chair Bistro Set

3 piece patio set under $100


While most of the items in our selection need to buy additional pillows so that you can sit comfortably and drink your morning coffee, this set includes pillows by default. These fairly soft pillows are made of sponge with a high bounce density. The table and chairs are light in weight, but have high strength. A remarkable design will be a great addition to your balcony, summer terrace, patio or cozy garden with flowers. The kit is very convenient to store, and it is able to withstand any conditions. The table is equipped with removable resistant glass, which can be placed on almost anything, from plates to various designer decorations. This glass is tempered and can withstand a much higher load than standard glass on similar sets. The best guarantee of quality for you is that this set looks exactly as shown in the photo. The back of the chair is made for your convenience in all the parameters of an ergonomic design, which allows you to sit on it for a long time without feeling severe back pain after that. This set costs less than $ 100, and it may not be able to surprise you with high quality, but it is very cozy and made in an ergonomic design that fits almost any situation. Here’s how the manufacturer describes its product:

  • It will be quite easy to assemble this set, thanks to the supplied equipment and tools necessary for high-quality assembly. The instructions are described in sufficient detail so that you can build this kit yourself without unnecessary nerves and effort. A little note: when assembling, make sure that all the parts fit snugly, but try not to tighten them quickly enough at once. Tighten a little at first, and then slowly bring to the desired level of density. This way you won’t damage the parts during Assembly;
  • Soft wicker chairs, made especially for your convenience, will give you incredible comfort while sitting on them. The garden set for a wonderful tea party is equipped with very dense and resistant legs that do not scratch the floor after installation and significantly increase the stability of furniture wherever you place it;
  • For a comfortable and long-term storage of this set of garden furniture, it is equipped with a strong frame made of powder-coated steel and all-weather rattan netting. The weave has high strength, while not increasing the weight of the furniture. The pillows are easy to remove and put on to create a comfortable Seating atmosphere. Also, due to the fact that it is very convenient to remove, you can easily and simply clean it from accumulated contamination;
  • The table in the set is made of high-quality tempered glass, so you can safely put food, drinks and various decorations on it as accessories to create comfort. This wicker furniture is suitable for installation in any weather conditions and for any outdoor space of your choice. This set looks modern and fits into any design style, it is easy enough to keep it clean, and it can be installed even where there is very little space for placing furniture;
  • In the production of pillows, a sponge with a high rebound density was used to provide you with a comfortable rest when sitting on the chairs from this set. The Patio bistro set consists of a high-quality metal tempered frame with a unique flexible polyethylene rattan and an artfully woven garden made of dark synthetic resin. It is designed for outdoor use, weather-resistant design and resistance to any kind of UV radiation.
·        The design can withstand any temperature and any weather conditions, and does not deteriorate under the influence of ultraviolet radiation

·        Thick cushions of sponges, which provide an extraordinary comfort while sitting on them

·        Strong legs for greater stability and safety of the floor

·        It is easy enough to clean because of the synthetic material

·        Despite the clear instructions, the assembly may cause some difficulties

·        Tables and chairs cannot be folded after assembly to store them somewhere


Giantex 3 Pieces Outdoor Furniture

3 piece patio set under $100


Furniture consisting of three components from this company has a stunning elegance and convenience, and fits perfectly into any street interior. Whether you place this set in an outdoor setting or decide to place it indoors, furniture will look appropriate everywhere. The chair is made of high-quality mesh, which will provide you with comfort both during entertainment and during a quiet evening tea with a newspaper in your hand. If you need space, you can simply assemble and hide this set for the terrace. Your pantry may be full of other things, but it doesn’t matter. The assembled kit doesn’t take up much space. The chairs are made of textile fiber, which will provide you with a comfortable seat without the need to buy additional pillows. And the frame of the table and chairs is made of strong steel tubes that make the structure strong and durable. On the table is a removable panel made of strong glass, which can be easily removed and cleaned, and it is resistant to scratches and light damage. Here’s what the manufacturer says about this kit:

  • This three-piece set for a bistro patio is ergonomic in design, but very attractive to fit into any home decor design. It will look equally good both on the street and inside your house or apartment.
  • The frame of the chairs and table is made of strong steel bars, and they are really strong. The kit has excellent resistance to weather and damage.
  • Sitting on this chair, you will be able to stretch your legs and your body, and this is an effective method to relax after a long working day. With this comfortable and beautiful patio set, which, although made in an unobtrusive design, it is nice to spend a morning Breakfast before work or drink a little tea after a hearty lunch in the garden or other open space.
  • The table top made of toughened strong glass increases its life for a long time in comparison with standard glass. This glass is easy to remove, so it is also easy to clean, and it is scratch-resistant.
  • The folding frame allows you to clean and drag from place to place without too much stress, fits perfectly into the patio, small garden, small terrace, pool and other home and outdoor spaces on your site.
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·        The frame has amazing strength

·        The set is easy to assemble so you can store it in the storage room

·        You don’t need to build it

·        The mesh is high-quality, and you do not have to buy extra pillows, all the comfort and so will be at your disposal

·        The countertop looks remarkable for its price

·        If you sit for a long time, you begin to understand that, no matter what the grid is not convenient, it is not intended for long gatherings

·        Another complaint about the grid: it will be quite difficult to clean it


Giantex 3 Pieces Outdoor Bistro Set

3 piece patio set under $100


Place in the back yard of your home a very affordable, yet suitable for any design 3 piece patio set under $100, consisting of three items and designed to be placed both outdoors and indoors. The set is perfect for a light break after lunch for tea with a friend or relative on a cozy veranda, in the fresh air or on a covered balcony. On a small balcony, it is often quite problematic to place beautiful garden furniture because of its small area. But the headset of this model is suitable even if the balcony, at first glance, looks very small and inconvenient to put on it an attractive table for Breakfast or afternoon tea. The table and chairs can be beautifully folded for easy storage or moving to a new location. The glass countertop is made in ergonomic dark gray tones, it is quite resistant to various types of contamination after eating and is easily cleaned after that. You will need only three steps to turn your balcony or backyard into a cozy place for gatherings – order this set online, open the box that will be delivered to you and simply place the furniture where you planned it. Here is what the manufacturer reports about its product:

  • The structure can be folded, which is incredibly convenient for transportation and storage. You can save a lot of space while you are not using the kit for its intended purpose. You can also take your garden furniture with you wherever you go.
  • The ergonomic square table with two chairs is designed for two people who can relax at it after a hard day’s work. You can also have a great time behind it during your weekends.
  • Cute and stylish material will fit perfectly into the framework of your home decor. It is suitable for almost any environment, and the chairs are very comfortable to sit on.
  • Thanks to the presence of a steel frame, the entire structure has amazing stability, and the table and chairs are quite strong. This strength will please you for a long time.
  • The table and chairs are simply cleaned with a regular damp cloth. You will really enjoy using this kit in your daily life and will quickly get used to it.
·        The assembly is very easy and relaxed

·        Despite its lightness, the kit is highly durable

·        It is convenient to store and carry thanks to its folding design

·        Elegant material and color of the set design

·        The table top looks quite presentable for its price

·        The table has a square shape and is large enough for two people to have a comfortable breakfast

·        Unfortunately, the design is not suitable for a dense person

·        The table glass may come off slightly from the bottom after a few damages


BCP 3 Pieces Outdoor Patio Bistro Set

3 piece patio set under $100


This set, which includes three items and is designed to be placed outdoors, complements the cosiness and comfort of the exterior on your balcony or patio. The 3 piece patio set under $100 is made from a fancy weave of polyethylene resin that allows you to sit comfortably on the chairs without buying special pillows or sponges. The frame, made of aluminum and powder-coated, makes the set UV-resistant, protects it from discoloration when exposed to sunlight, and allows it to be on your balcony in all weather conditions. The design of the weave itself is made in the form of a cute pattern in the form of diamonds, and a pleasant brown color of the espresso shade looks attractive against the background of any environment. This set will be able to last all four seasons without losing its color or the appearance of rust, and at the same time will look just purchased thanks to the correctly selected color scheme. Usually, when you order furniture, you have to spend time assembling it, but this set is delivered ready-to-use. This simply made, but elegant set will make your patio cozy, able to please with excellent quality and inexpensive price. Here’s what the manufacturer tells us about their product:

  • A simple but cute bistro set consists of a round table and two chairs with a diamond pattern weave for a cute design for your balcony.
  • It is made of resistant braided resin and a strong aluminum frame with a special powder coating, which makes it hardy in all weather conditions, protects against UV radiation and fading, so you can safely place it outdoors.
  • The set is very compact and looks attractive, it is perfect for lunch with a friend or a romantic evening dinner with your beloved spouse.
  • The set is designed so that you can easily fold all three items to conveniently store them in your pantry or move them from one place to another.
  • Chair dimensions: 23 inches (L) x 20.25 inches (W) x 28 inches (H); table: 26 inches (diameter) x 29 inches (H).
·        You do not need to assemble a set, it will be delivered ready-made

·        It is resistant to all weather conditions, fading and UV rays

·        Protected from scratches

·        The metal frame is not affected by rust

·        All elements fold up for easy transport and convenient storage

·        Four seasons later it looks like a new one

·        Metal racks do not support heavy weight and bend under it

·        Slightly smaller than the average set


BCP 3 Pieces Outdoor Table and Chairs Wrough Iron

3 piece patio set under $100


We offer you the following set of bistros that you can buy at a great price and make your balcony or courtyard a more welcoming place. A distinctive feature of this set is the ability to adjust the chair in five available positions. You will no longer need to adjust the position of your body yourself. When you are sitting on a chair, let the chair adjust to your preferences. This set is perfect for those who like to spend breakfast and dinner outdoors. When you are caught in bad weather, you can simply collect the set and take it to the storage room. Most of the elements were made and woven by hand, which makes them different from other available sets. Manual processing may carry slight disadvantages, but this is always implied when you buy something like this, made by hand. Anyone weighing less than 260 pounds can sit on the chair, and items weighing up to 150 pounds can be placed on the table. Here’s what the manufacturer tells us about their product:

  • Chair dimensions: 21.3 inches (L) x 18 inches (W) x 36 inches (H); chair Capacity: 250 pounds (each).
  • The design is very compact and great for a light outdoor meal on your home balcony, patio, cozy terrace or in the beautiful garden.
  • Easy to fold so that it can be conveniently stored and moved from one place to another.
  • All chairs are adjustable in different positions and at different angles, so that everyone can choose a comfortable chair position.
  • The metal is based on a dense and resistant to rust. It will last you long enough and will delight the eye with a pleasant Shine. It is also quite easy to clean.
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·        You don’t need to build it, the kit comes ready-made

·        The table and chairs are strong enough to last you a long time

·        The backrest can be placed in one of five adjustable positions

·        Manual work guarantees the originality of the product

·        Black unobtrusive color is perfect for any environment

·        Easy to fold for storage in the pantry or moving to a new location

·        There is no available space for the headrest


Living Express 3-Piece Outdoor Folding Bistro Set

3 piece patio set under $100


Add brightness and color to your outdoor yard design with this set, which will come to you in a cute light green color with cute flower prints applied to the tabletop. This unusual 3 piece patio set under $100 looks elegant, yet it can support up to 300 pounds, which means it’s incredibly durable. The folding table and chairs are great for outdoor installation, because they can easily withstand the test of weather conditions of any kind. Keeping the kit clean is also quite simple: you can simply wipe it with a damp cloth or easily wash it with water from a bucket. The frame structure is made of steel with a powder coating applied to it, which can easily fit in any small space. We warn you that during the assembly of the product, you may damage your fingers, so be careful when connecting the parts together. Here’s what the manufacturer promises us about this set of furniture:

  • The set includes one table and two chairs. Table: 24Lx24Wx28H Chair: 17wx20lx31h inches
  • All furniture elements in this set are one hundred percent made of steel parts and are designed for outdoor installation.
  • The structure is strong enough to support a weight of up to 300 pounds.
  • The kit is easy to fit even in a limited space, and the steel structure is protected by a powder coating.
  • It will require almost no effort from you during maintenance: just send a stream of water to the furniture and wash them, if you are used to doing everything manually, then any detergent will do.
·        Protected from weather conditions and rust formation on the table and chairs

·        The assembly is quite simple

·        Thanks to a strong frame, it has high resistance

·        Both the table and chairs are compactly folded to make it easy for you to store and move them

·        The footboard is made anti-slip to give more stability to the table and chairs and prevent scratches on the floor

·        The set is very weighty, so it is somewhat difficult to move it even when assembled

·        Chairs are not suitable for overweight people


OC Orange-Casual 3-Piece Patio Bistro Set

3 piece patio set under $100


If you are actively looking for a set for your terrace that can simultaneously be very functional and at the same time can enliven the design of your home, this set will suit you in these two main parameters. Despite the name, the color of the set has a pleasing light green light shade. Despite the apparent fragility, the set is quite strong and resistant. You can use it in any small room, without being afraid of the effects of bad weather, it is quite resistant to any weather conditions. The unique friendly design of this set is able to make a positive impression on your guests. The chair is equipped with an ergonomic back that allows you to feel as comfortable as possible during long gatherings. The entire set weighs only thirty and a half pounds, which makes it much easier to move it anywhere.

·        Despite the harmless appearance, the set is quite strong

·        You don’t need to assemble it; it comes assembled

·        The table and chairs can be folded to move to another location or to store in the storage room

·        Rich bright color is not suitable for any room design


Flamaker 3 Pieces Wicker Patio Furniture Set

3 piece patio set under $100


This set for the terrace is made of high-quality rattan, made by hand, which is able to withstand all weather conditions and is not subject to destruction when exposed to ultraviolet light, as well as quite resistant to fading. The strength of this set is added by a tabletop made of tempered glass. All chairs are equipped with pillowcases that can be easily removed and washed using a washing machine. The steel frame is coated with a special powder paint that protects it from rust. Here’s how the manufacturer presents its product:

  • The special closed design of the armrest and legs turns the chair into a normal, but modern one, and you don’t have to worry about the material falling off after a long time of use. The material is perfectly protected and strong.
  • The frame is made of strong steel and covered with a special powder paint that is resistant to rust, and the weave, made at a high level, does not burn out when direct sunlight hits it. Each chair can support a human weight of up to 250 pounds.
  • The chairs are very wide and comfortable, in addition, the set includes pillows, which will help you forget about the fatigue accumulated during a difficult day and will allow you to fully enjoy the long-awaited rest.
  • The set is made quite simply, but with a sense of style. It is perfect for adding to your yard or patio as a wonderful decoration. You won’t regret purchasing it.
  • The pillows come with cute dark covers made of polyester. They can be removed and washed in the washing machine. Tempered glass is also created for greater convenience when cleaning, you can easily get rid of an ugly stain if you accidentally spill any drink on the table surface.
·        It easily tolerates any weather conditions, is not exposed to UV light and does not rust

·        The set includes pillows to create favorable conditions for a comfortable stay

·        Fits perfectly into any small room

·        The table is very small and sometimes you have to squeeze

·        It is very difficult to assemble, and it will take a significant amount of time to connect all the parts well


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